05-197208xx-5Sterlings bookshop, St Martins Lane, London has refused to stock Gay News because our covers are “disgusting” and cannot be displayed in a shop like this, which has been established since 1920”. 1. The manager has never displayed the paper – “I’ll sell it,” he said when he saw issue one, “but I’ll keep it for my regulars, I can’t put it on show”.

2. Sterlings is one of the best-known purveyors of gay-wank, near-porn fiction in London – seen the covers on a lot of current paper and hardback novels now cashing in on the ‘queer-is-fashionable’ media boom? Of course Sterlings has every one of these on open display.

Please – every time you have a lunch-time drink in the Salisbury, every time you cruise down St. Martins Lane, go in and ask for “The latest Gay News, please.”

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