It’s a Man

19720901-07The only male shorthand/typist of the main Staff Bureaus’ lists in Glasgow and in Edinburgh is blond-haired Ian Bitters.

Ian has a shorthand speed of 120 w.p.m. and a typing rate of 50 w.p.m. His regular magazines are MEMO and GAY NEWS. He is fluent in German (his course at Stirling University majors in German) and French. He has a well-stocked library of writing on Germany in the 1930’s, his favourite period. He is keen on opera, especially Wagner.

As he says; “the offices I work for get such a shock when their new shorthand-typist turns out to be a male! I get landed in some very strange situations.”

Author: Ian Dunn

1943-1998. One of the founders of Gay News, Ian Campbell Dunn was a leading gay liberation campaigner in Scotland. He took the UK government to the European Court of Human Rights over its failure to extend the 1967 partial decriminalisation north of the border. His action helped force the government to accept an amendment to the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1980 that partially decriminalised male homosexuality in Scotland. A Labour Party man through and through, he planned to be a candidate for the Scottish Parliament but died before he could be selected.

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