19720914-04The Fleet Street offices of the musical paper Disc have allegedly been threatened with a protest march and invasion by London’s Gay Liberation Front.

GLF members were irate about the paper’s constant use of the word “queer” in recent weeks. Also, headlines, such as “David Bowie Bent on Success” and “David Bowie’s Back Up Men” were said to be lacking in taste, although the Sub-Editor excused himself out of this by claiming that these were standard phrases used by the paper.

A recent news item in Disc explaining the situation to readers, was headlined “… back at the camp!” which one would have thought would only make matters worse.

GLF’s argument is “Every week in your paper (Disc) we read something which takes our cause in vain. It’s hard enough as it is, without you being snide and making fun”.

It does seem as if some members of GLF are being somewhat over-sensitive, but the childish attitude of Disc doesn’t particularly help the situation.

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