19720914-04The women in Edinburgh SMG have long been complaining that they are “ignored, or rejected by the men in SMG”. On August 28 ten women and fourteen men met to sort out the situation.

There is the age-old dichotomy in Edinburgh SMG: do we go for “mixed” (male-female) meetings, or do we hold our meetings separately? In the ideal and liberated world we are all aiming for, the choice will be easier … men and women gay and non-gay will be relating in a natural “no-sexism” way. But the caucus of women at the August 28 meeting wanted “100% gay women and no men, please!” Chairman Ian Dunn agreed that the women should grow to love and trust each other first of all, and then extend their consciousness later. It would be unsound to pretend to welcome straight women, and then mistrust their motives afterwards.

The meeting agreed (at least, the men’s side offered -) to arrange “neutral events embracing both men and women in the forthcoming Autumn programme”. Help with funds was offered for a national ad in the SCOTSMAN. The women talked and listened and worked through some of their organisational problems. A fair meeting this.

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