Big Boys Only

19721001-04LEEDS: The city is getting its first ‘adults only’ play in the shape of Mart Crowley’s ‘Boys in the Band’.

The play, which starts as a comedy and becomes tragic as it moves on through the lives of a group of homosexuals is being performed in Leeds by the city’s Cosmopolitan Players, who usually put on trivial farces and such diversions.

The Boys In The Band is the first time that an ‘adults-only’ restriction has been put on any play at the Civic Theatre, where the play is being staged this week, according to Mr Fred Mower, who’s been designing sets for the Civic for the last 20 years.

Mr Nigel Peacock, a member of the Cosmopolitan Players said he wasn’t worried that the restriction might reduce the group’s box-office take.

In fact, Mr Peacock, who has a part in the play, feels that the ‘adults-only’ restriction may attract audiences.

He said: “Certainly with films, an ‘adults-only’ billing seems to attract audiences, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work with plays.

The Leeds production will not be pulling any punches. “It will all be there, as written,” Mr Peacock promised.

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