Drug Cure Fails

19721001-04ALDERSHOT: The town’s magistrates have sent a London man for sentence at Crown Court for an alleged indecent assault, which they agree did not happen.

George, of London NW10, admitted “assaulting” a boy behind the Aldershot police station. He has spent 27 years of his life in jail for indecency offences.

During his jail terms George had been subjected to drug treatments to curb his sexual impulses, his solicitor told the magistrates.

George had been on parole since March and had been released from his latest ten-year jail sentence in July.

Mr John Cottrell, George’s solicitor, said that George, a driver for Kensington and Chelsea Council, admitted the offence, but it was “nothing more than an erotic fantasy”.

Since leaving prison, George had stopped taking the anti-sex drug.

Mr Cottrell said: “Compared with the previous offences, this matter before you is of a very minor nature. It’s not a serious offence taken by itself.

“Although the record is very heavy, George was cured by that drug after his last term of prison, and is anxious to resume treatment.”

Mr John Ellis, for the police, said that George drove up to three boys who were playing in a sandpit. He started talking to them and showed them his moped. He gave them rides on his moped.

Later the conversation turned to sex and George “assaulted” one of the boys. Then it began to rain. The boys ran for shelter and George drove off. The boys took George’s number and reported him to the police.

He said that George had five previous convictions, once for assaulting a girl and the others were matters concerning young boys.

After they had retired the magistrates said: “We agree nothing happened, but the intention was there.”

George, whose application for bail was refused, was sent to Winchester Crown Court for sentence.

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