Roundhead or Cavalier

A gay male has many roles to enact during his existence upon this earth. For example the pretence of normality in the company of heterosexuals, and his appearance, physically and mentally, with his fellow gays. His main attribute is the thing between his legs that plays such an important part in his make-up, and comes under many varied titles and headings ie dick, tool, weapon, etc. This comes in many varieties, large, small, thick, thin, with foreskin, circumcised — many permutations of these are available. There seems to be varying ideas and thoughts as to whether circumcision is better or not, but it is usually agreed that it is more hygienic and makes personal hygiene easier.

There are, however, certain instances where the growth of the foreskin lags behind and does not follow the same rate as the penis. This prevents the foreskin being drawn back easily and subjects you to discomfort during sex, not to add that personal cleanliness can suffer.

For some unknown reason gay persons with this complaint rarely seek advice or medical help, in fact I too was reluctant to obtain help until a friend who had been in the same situation as myself had just come out of hospital after having a circumcision operation. Because of his help and persuasion, together with his recent knowledge and explanation of all that was involved, I too am now the proud owner of a new cock.

The operation itself lasts for only about thirty minutes under a general anaesthetic and the stay in hospital lasts only three or four days. When you return from hospital careful attention has to be paid to certain aspects to ensure a quick return to circulation. Loose fitting clothing has to be worn for about two weeks, bathing twice daily in salt water and the changing of dressings was all quite simple. The only pain experienced is during the first two or three erections but after this only slight discomfort is felt. When the last of the soluble stitches has disappeared the wound heals very quickly and the new weapon now starts to take on its new shape. Trying out your new toy cannot be hurried, but after about a month we both found after comparing notes that we had at the same time tried a little wank.

Progression after this comes in gradual stages but about two months after the operation, all is back to normal, excuse the pun! When I think back that for years I put off having the operation, and with the knowledge that I now have, I can only say that any readers with the same problem should go to their doctor and get advice. The operation itself is not pleasant, and you will suffer discomfort, plus the fact that you’ll be off the scene for a while, but believe me I wouldn’t have my foreskin back even for a night in with Steve McQueen.

The writer of this piece has requested to remain anonymous but has offered to help any genuine person whom he can assist with any further details from his own personal experiences. Any correspondence will be forwarded to him by Gay News. Write to Box R/C, c/o Gay News, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL

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