‘My First Time’ Is Obscene

Sentencing a publisher to nine months gaol on obscene publications charges, Middlesex Crown Court Recorder Mr Rodney Bax QC, said: “I regard this as a bad case of trading and trafficking in the most revolting and filthy pornography for gain…”

James Wrate, former editor of ‘Sun & Health’ naturist magazine, was convicted on charges of publishing and sending through the post, obscene articles — copies of Sun & Health and Private magazines; and a book called My First Time, which dealt with “the homosexual experiences of boys and young men.”

In a statement, Mr Wrate said he and his family were naturists, he had never seen copies of My First Time and Private, and was concerned with providing information about naturism for people who were “genuinely interested”. “I have petitioned the House of Commons twice, and the House of Lords, to have the importation of pornography looked into,” claimed Mr Wrate. “I don’t want any change in the law, only the present laws enforced… and the shady, foul set-up looked into.”

The court nevertheless accepted evidence that Mr Wrate was concerned with advertising, ordering and selling the books, and Mr Bax said that, in his view, the worst part was found in “the repulsive publication My First Time… | which glorifies every kind of perverted, homosexual activity,”

Yet again, law-enforcers say, if it’s homosexual, it must be the worst kind of obscenity – we are used to being singled out for extra victimisation, but how much longer will we accept the dirty end of the stick from both profiteer-pornographers and the powers-that-persecute?

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