Mario Goes Straight

NOTTINGHAM: Northern gays are being hit by a crack-down in Nottingham’s one gay bar, where the manager has now refused to sell Gay News, as well as refusing to pay for copies of the paper which he has received.

The manager, who also owns Mario’s club, in Castle Gate. Nottingham, is James Heatherington. He told Gay News he was not gay.

He agreed originally by post, to sell the paper in the club, but since then has refused to put it on sale. Questioned by Gay News he refused to advise us to stop supplying him with the paper.

The saddest thing is that Heatherington’s club is described as the “nearest good club” by a lonely gay from Leeds who wrote to GN.

Quite apart from not paying Gay News for any copies he has sold, Heatherington has refused to return any unsold copies.

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