Best Bet

In the USA at present a popular feature in some magazines is to have a ‘best bet’ page or section. This means the article features products, services and new ideas that are available and are considered to be by the editorial staff superior in their presentation, capabilities and inventiveness.

We at Gay News thought that it might be a good idea to have such a feature in our pages. The items and services selected would range from electric kettles to motor cars, beds to lubricants, record shops to milkmen and clubs, and anythinig else we considered worth recommending.

We, of course, would be completely impartial and honest in our appraisals of the goods etc. and it definitely would not be just an excuse to attract advertisers. GN has no intention of ever selling out just for the sake of an ad.

It might be useful to also have a ‘worse bet’ column as well. So many products available today are shoddy, badly designed, even dangerous, and a lot of services leave a good deal to be desired.

We would welcome your comments on this suggestion, as well as asking you for your opinions on good to outstanding products and goods on the other end of the scale. Think it over.

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