Cruising Down The River

Beefeaters at the Tower of London last Wednesday evening were quite taken aback by the constant stream of young men heading for Tower Pier to board Tricky Dickys’ River Boat Shuffle. I never did find out who eventually broke the Bottle of Champagne over our bows but we were finally ‘Launched’ at about 8.15 pm, to head up the river towards Richmond.

The Captain of the boat was delighted to see about one hundred and twenty of us enjoying the merriment accompanied by the flow of beer, river and music. Dancing ranged from the Valeta, cha cha cha, charleston, and limbo, through to the latest dances including reggae. I am not sure what the significance of our ‘turning’ at Putney Towpath was but the result was our arrival back at Tower Pier at about 11 o’clock and the end of a very happy party. Right on, Tricky Dicky, let’s have some more of these too few happy events soon.

Incidentally, Tricky Dicky has Disco’s every week, details of which appear on the back page – well worth a visit if you are feeling like a lively, happy night.

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