Gay Civil Rights

In Gay News No 10 the article on the “New Gay Movement” (Gay Civil Rights Council) was the result of a very early meeting. Since then a modified programme has been developed. We see ourselves primarily as a service — legal, counselling, information, accommodation and a place to meet and chat.

At the same time we would hope to work with CHE and GLF in propaganda and education. We would talk to schools, colleges and medical schools or any other institutions where necessary. We believe in developing a sense of self respect and pride amongst our community; but we are a non-political organisation and we are not into publishing any particular line about liberation. To do all this we are trying to get people to invest money in buying a building. Anyone with expertise or who is willing to work, or who has money to spare, should contact Frank Honore, Room 405, Hughes Parry Hall, Cartwright Gardens, London WC1, or Telephone 01-387 7501.

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