Chilling Evil

DEVIL DADDY by John Blackburn. Published by Jonathan Cape, £1.60.

To anyone interested in the Supernatural and the Occult, and who enjoys a good thriller, this new book “Devil Daddy” is a MUST. Written by one of today’s masters of the macabre, it tells of an Evil the world never dreamed existed outside of fiction.

Fighting this evil are Marcus Levin, Bacteriologist, and his pretty Russian-born wife, Tania, who have featured in previous occult thrillers. But none as frightening as this new one. Together they face great danger to discover a fanatical group of Satanists who have opened one of the Gates of Hell and released on the world a plague more frightening than the black death.

Who brutally raped pretty Elsie Kerr? What turned her into an eighty-year-old hag overnight? Who fed a naked body to a farmer’s starving pigs? Many more spine chilling questions arise before the most exciting and breathtaking climax is reached and the reader left shocked and shaking in his chair.

Thank God it can never happen … or could it?

John Blackburn’s previous novels have all been connected with the occult and one earlier work has now been filmed “Nothing But The Night” directed by that horror star we all love, Christopher Lee. Look out for it.

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