Legal Discrimination

The Campaign for Homosexual Equality has recently set up a Legal Standing Committee to coordinate efforts to fight discrimination in the implementation of the law by the Courts, the police and the prison service. The committee would like to ask you for your help in two ways, whether or not you are a member of CHE.

First, any offers of help with our task would be most welcome, particularly from anyone with special knowledge in the legal area and from those willing to undertake a definite job of work such as writing letters or articles, speaking to individuals and groups of people, assisting in the organisation of teach-ins, etc.

Secondly, despite several recent appeals for information concerning specific cases of discrimination, information of this type is still very scanty, although we are aware that many documented cases do exist. We should therefore like to ask anyone who knows of such a case to contact us as soon as possible since without this vital information we shall be severely handicapped in our work. Any information will of course be absolutely confidential unless specific permission to divulge it is given.

Would anyone who feels able to help in either of these respects, please contact the Committee at 17, Oxford Terrace, Gateshead, Co. Durham NE8 IRQ.

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