Please And Thanks

In the last edition of Gay News, our Editorial told you of the financial crisis we’ve found ourselves in. Antony Grey expanded on the problems and the way that these were in common to all sections of the gay community in his article ‘1973 – Make Or Break Year’.

As a response to what was said, we have received a number of donations. We said in the Editorial that we needed £500 to solve our immediate difficulties, and a further £1500 to ensure our continued existence.

If we can raise this much needed capital, we should, within months, be able to stand on our own feet and make appeals such as this a thing of the past.

In the near future we will include a financial statement in Gay News to let you all know the ups and downs of the paper since we started publishing last June.

The joint editors and collective of Gay News would like to sincerely thank the following life-savers who sent in donations etc, no matter what the amount was.

We leave you to work out how much more we need to guarantee that the paper will keep on publishing.

National Federation of Homophile Organisations £50
Robert of Pluckley £50
Challenge £25
Tony & Eric, London NW6 £25
CHE (London) 6 month loan £75
Friend, 3 month loan £50
Scottish Minorities Group £10
Austin, Kirkeudbrightshire £10
Sidney, Challenge £5
Peter, London SW7 £5
G & J, Rochester £5
Arthur & Henry £5
Richard, London £5
Stuart, Glasgow £5
Anonymous, (given at Coleherne) £5
Anonymous £5
Richard, London SW11 £2.70
S, London £1
Peter, London £1
Nick, Blackburn £1
Phil, Cheshire £1
Richard, Malden 70p.
And thanks to George for paying for the hire of our first electric typewriter for six months. £54

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