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Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you, and us, if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

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Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS: when replying to a box ad please write the box number on the envelope, and send it to Gay News, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Box number replies cannot be discussed on the telephone. If you wish to send a stamp with your box. no. reply, please do not attach it to reply.

Northern guy, good personality, average looker, varied interests, soul of discretion, wants noncamp friends, 28-40. Professional types pref. Box 822.

Gay passive father figure, roomer, seeks over 21 son. North London, possible sharing, genuine friendship. Box 823.

Young couple anywhere sought for friendship and holidays by couple in mid-twenties living in suburban Essex. Contact box 824.

Cambridge guy (28) tall slim passive seeks active friends. (21-45) for uninhibited relationships etc. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 825.

Young gay over 21 offered free summer holiday Majorca in return loving companionship. Dates and place mutually agreed. Must be non-camp and keen swimmer preferably London area. Full details of interests with photo. Box 826.

Two young gays (affair) wish to meet others 21—30 for mutual friendship. Own flat near north London. All letters with photo answered. Box 827.

Nottingham gay guy, 27, own car seeks sincere companion 21-30 for lasting friendship. Photo appreciated. Box 828.

Writer (north London) young-looking, middle age, quiet, musical slim, sick of ranting racialist partner, seeks someone quite different to live with. Nice disposition more important than brains or beauty. Box 829.

Urgently wanted in Morecambe area, boy, 21 — 28, blond if possible for uninhibited relationship and loving. Interests photography. Send photo mine by return. Box 831.

Non-swimmer male age 29 seeks guy over 21 with whom to learn at suitable Inner London baths. Box 832

Man age 30, with £1,500 requires backing to open new menswear boutique in London. All replies to Box 833.

Any gay badminton players? I would like to take it up again, but don’t know where to go. Willie, 534 6911.

Is there a gay girl perhaps inexperienced with men who would like to meet this gay guy (33) who is inexperienced with women but would like to try? Box 835.

An opportunity to live and work in sunshine abroad if you are strong, willing and adaptable, non-effeminate, 20s (over 21) not afraid of hard enjoyable work, or real enjoyable friendship, of affection and sincerity. Box 836.

Gentle, active, slightly bearded, 25, seeks sincere , friend 21—23; interests music, travel, chess, stamps, mildly into giving CP, prefer slim working class or country boy. Experience not important. Photo please – returned. Box 837.

Male 36 active good looking very sincere wants partner younger (over 21). Can travel and acommodate. photo please returned with mine. ALA Box 838.

Young (masculine) male (over 21) actor and/or model wanted by television executive for occasional outings, show-biz parties, etc. Please send photo and phone. Box 839.

Lawyer/lecturer (34) slim, dynamic, non-camp and affectionate, living in delightful cottage in a beautiful part of Wales, seeks presentable young man (over 21). Photo appreciated and guaranteed return. Box 840.

Married gay girl 44 (with husband) but has own private life would like to hear from any gay girls (butch preferred) 40-50 age group. Box 841.

Gay guy 30 seeks friends in central and north west London aged 23—27. Send full details with photo. All letters answered. Box 842.

Ian. I’m 25 and need a kind sincere honest man (25-30) all ! have is the future. Box 843.

Hand-reared Narcissus, 36, 6’4″, slim, well-built, fascinated by autoeroticism seeks like-minded pen-friends over 21. Box 844.

Young man 21, slim, tall, seeks genuine relationship with masculine young man (over 21). Photo please. Box 845.

Young male 30 seeks active older male for friendship and possible partnership ladies hairstylists or gents accomodation required. London—Suffolk Box 846.
ED: Would the person who placed the above ad please contact Gay News as soon as possible. TA.

South Wales — lonely gay male late 40s sturdy build, non-effeminate, sincere, seeks like minded friend/s share weekends/holidays at secluded Carmarthenshire cottage, any age over 21, photo appreciated (returnable) with frank letters please. Box 877.

Gay, 25, bearded (lightly) seeks boyfriend 21-22, interested in receiving mild CP. I am active, gentle and like music and theatre. Write fully with photo (returned). Box 856.

Presentable, professional type, 38, south London, tall dark, dependable, kind affectionate, seeks lasting friendship with someone any age, 21-28 preferring older person. Car, willing to travel. Box 857.

Denim/leather bloke, 26, wishes to meet the same, with gear. Skinheads and rubber fans over 21 welcome. Details with photo (returned) ALA. Box 858.

Young male aged 24, good sense of humour, interested in all aspects of the arts, seeks genuine relationship with male 27-32. Box 859.

My place, non-active, passive male 40, slirp, discreet, needs gay active casual weekenders, lovers, friends (over 21). Box 860.

Life begins at 40? male 40s own flat, cultured, sympathetic, good physique is ever hopeful. Seeks friends 21-40, actively motivated non effeminate, hirsute (non-facial) welcomed. Write fully, confidence respected. Photo appreciated. ALA North London. Box 861.

Gay woman, sincere, wishes for genuine friend. Box 862.

Young 30 years in tight blue levis, seeks jeans fans over 21 with denim, surfer or leather jacket and sports shoes. West Midlands Box 863.

Gay active male 33 seeks younger friends (21-25) for fun at my flat. Photo please. Box 864.

Young London Polytec teacher who was at Speakers Corner in October, listening to woman on words, please contact. Black Velvet. Box 865.

Actor, tall, very slim, blond, 24, tired of one-night stands would like to meet demonstrative passive guy 21— 24.(London) Photo please. Box 866.

Male 32 seeks muscular, well-built partner (over 21) interested in SM and bondage. Photo please. ALA. Box 867.

25, central London, tall slim, blonde, intelligent, non-effeminate, seeks friends (21-30) My interests are reading, weather, music, the great outdoors and old Scandinavian languages. Box 868.

Indian bachelor, 35 tall, well built, seeks passive partner over 21 for permanent relationship. Age, nationality immaterial. Box 869.

Quit the ghetto – come to Berkshire (only 45 minutes from London) to work as personal assistant (over 21) to property man. Box 870.

Gay guy 33 6’1″ tall, bearded, hairy own flat, wishes to meet friend over 21. Colour creed, age, looks unimportant to share life and eventual flat. Box 871.

Jersey. Gay 32, passive, wishes to contact active type over 21 with view to eventual permanent lasting friendship. Nothing kinky, own flat and car. Box 872.

All I want is sincere young friends aged 21-26. I am slim, long hair, age 26. Only letters with photo answered. Box 873.

Leather lover, rubber kit, masks etc wants to meet mate with good gear. Own place central London, late 20s early 30s. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box 874.

Young man athletically inclined easy going, non materialistic (versatile) who also likes: yoga, serious music, natural goods, the occult, meditation, discussions; is interested in: people, human conditions, portraits, crafts, nature, likes to meet easy going versatile guy over 21 with an optimistic radical outlook who appreciates things physical and shares some of my other interests. My height 6ft, hair and eyes dark brown, 11 stone. ALA photographs exchanged and returned. Box 875.

Two gay guys visiting Copenhagen in July request information re accommodation, bars, clubs, shows, contacts. Also interested Holland, Tunisia, Morocco Letters acknowledged and postage refunded.Box 878.

Skinhead (friendly forty) slim, shortarsed denim type. Exchange mags, photos, letters. Where have all the skinheads gone? No bovver — just mates over 21. Write Sparky Manchester, Box 879.

Leather mid-twenties interested in motor-cycling seeks similar over 21 for friendship. Own pad. Genuine replies only. Recent photo appreciated. Box 880.

Passive male 45 is hoping to meet someone, any age over 21, who he can serve or please in any way. Box 881.

Lean, active, gay Taurus guy, 27, black/grey hair, seeks gentle leftish gay/bisexual guy 21-25. 5’6″, living London. Seaside weekends possible. Please send photo with first letter and give phone number if available. Box 882.

Will the blonde who sat next to the guy with the case in the Bio on Sat 6th Jan please write to Dave 225 Franklands Village, Haywards, Heath, Sussex.

Starved of worthwhile experience, attractive male (22) seeks warm, sensual and intelligent friends over 21, to share life with. Exchange photos. Box 883.

Mid-Essex, 23, straight gay, nothing fantastic but intelligent and fun loving, seeks masculine friends aged 21—30 for friendship etc. All letters answered but photo would be an encouragement. Box 884.

Wanted advice please for gent who is meeting a gay chap for the first time. Jim. Box 885.

Scooterist planning Continental camping (tent) holiday to Germany, S. France or Spain. Any Levi/leather person over 21 interested. Preferably with own bike but not essential. Box 886.

Attractive, Scandinavian graduate 27, good physique non eff, fed up with dolly boys with nothing to say seeks friendship with adult guy 25-40 who has reasonable looks, and body, but more important, a mind and a soul. Interests the arts, driving, good food and drink, sport. Photo. London. Box 887.

Sexy 21 year old guy attractive and well built, affectionate intelligent. I would like to meet active, tall, well-built young guys aged 21—30. Box 876.

Student, young 29 tall, good appearance, versatile, interests: art, theatre, music. I am bisexual, warm and friendly, seeks friends 21—31. Free during daytime and some evenings. Photo returnable with mine. London. Box 847.

Norwegian, 26 attractive, non-eff, good physique, very keen on all in wrestling, especially in levis or shorts, seeks friends of similar age who also like heavy wrestling but not SM. Photo, weight and height. Box 848.

Gay businessman living in west London offers free accommodation and possibility of small wage to student or similar, over 21, in return for light duties in modern flat. Box 849.

Young man, 26, lives Maidstone, friendly, affectionate, seeks compatible guy over 21 for deep, lasting relationship. Interests music, photography, travel. Photo exchanged. Box 850.

Ken, 27, 6’1″ good looking and lonely. Seeks passive friend camp or otherwise 21-25 to share flat. Permanent relationship invisaged. Newcastle upon Tyne. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 851.

Married gay guy wishes to meet similar or unmarried guys, London area. Herts. Essex. 25-40. ALA. Box 852.

Guy wants friends in or near Manchester — gay, straight or kinky (over 21) State your tastes. ALA Box 853.

Attractive young man (23) into female attire, seeks masculine males 21-30 interested. Box 854.

Anyone having gay reading material pictures of magazines they don’t want, please send to V. Jones 36A Queensborough Terrace, London W2.

Mutual security and share of comfortable flat offered by gay male (32) to small, dark, versatile type of similar age. Race and campness immaterial. Sincerity important. Photo and phone no appreciated. Box 888.

I would like to hear from intelligent slim, good looking boy over 21 who is looking for home abroad. I am slim good looking young bachelor. Photo please and all details. Box 897.

Gay Scot 40’s, active, smart, dean, sincere, lonely in London. Own home. Seeks genuine good natured chap (Scots welcome) any where, who is aching for reliable, permanent, loving relationship, aged 21-45. Write fully. Photo appreciated and returned with mine. Box 796

Lonely, inexperienced, nice looking gay guy, 21, seeks friendship with another 21-26, London area. Photo please. Box 898

Homosexual Male Nurse (Lonely) seeks pen friends and lasting relationship. North East or anywhere. Photo appreciated. Box 899

Good Looking Gay, young active 29, seeks active, longish hair boy, aged 21-25, who desires active and happy relationship. Interests: social and general. Live in Derbyshire, but am mobile. Box 900

21-year-old Blonde Athlete – interests: most sports, wishes to meet well-built similar in London area. Photo please. Box 901

Aberystwyth Gay Male, (24), slim, sincere, noneffeminate, seeks similar young male (over 21) for permanent friendship, living together. Offer and need love, tired of being alone. Box 902

Male, 28, seeks younger friends over 21 with own place in London. Photo’s exchanged. Box 903

Lonely Young Man, 27, basically passive, reasonably attractive, seeks companions aged 21-45, preferably in London and home counties. Own flat an advantage. Box 904

Dusky 22, brown hair, sea blue eyes, slim, 5’8″, seeks sensuous beautiful people of same age in London. Photo essential, returned. Box 905

Hampshire. Young goodlooking guy (29) discreet, own pad. Likes swimming, water ski-ing, music, wishes to meet non-effeminate males, similar age or younger (over 21) for friendship and pleasure. Photo appreciated. Box 906

Slim, uninhibited leather chap, 29, own London flat, seeks similar type but no strings attached. Photo for exchange ensures immediate reply with phone number. Box 907

Maeteur Photographer would like to hear from handsome young males over 21. Fee and copies of photos. Please send photograph (London) Box 908

30’s passive male seeks active friend for lasting friendship. Active males around 40-45 only reply. Photos exchanged, genuine replies only. Box 909

Chris, 31, seeks comapnionship of older educated partner, London. I’m new to this, but friendly, genuine, intelligent, interested arts. Sexually submissive to dominant personality, but genuine companionship equally important. Box 916

Novice gay guy seeks gay “Mr Universe” type for lunchtime or afternoon wrestling. Details and possibly photo to Box 910, Bob Daws, WC1. Please write. Must be within 15 mins W1.

40 yr old Queen Transvestite requires butch transvestite. Accommodation offered in return for light duties. Permanent relationship for right person. Photo. Box 911

Holiday Companion (attractive literate young man in late 20’s preferred) sought by similar for Summer Holiday Abroad. Box 913

Attractive young male graduate, intelligent, seeks similar or professional man aged 21-32. Phone number appreciated. Box 914

Drama Student (30) new to London, has almost given up hope of finding sincere young friend over 21, for warm loving relationship. Box 915

South American Guy 32, Kensington area, would like to meet young male over 21 for fun, with views to a sincere relationship. All letters answered. Box 917

Married male with kids wants to meet similar to chat over shared problems. London area. Box 918

Very attractive, intelligent graduate (27), not camp but trendy appearance. Serious, sincere. Enjoys theatre, travel, fine things of life. Seeks similar, 24-29, who believes in love for lasting, meaningful relationship. Box 919


Two young gay guys offer share of comfortable house near Tilbury to one or two others, either sex. Nominal rent. Ring 037566389.

S/D flat to let rent £15 per week for two males SW8. Box 890.

Young sensible guy 21—25 offered good home in new lux flat central area. TV, stereo, food £6 or assist in flat. 373 4604,

London pad offered weekend exchange Cornwall February. Box 891.

3rd guy needed immediately to share friendly flat in Finchley. Non-effeminate. Box 892.

Nice room available now, another available soon. Interesting job offered. Paul — 01-732 6724 evenings.

Gay Freak/Head seeks own room in flat, or something for about £6. Please write: Sutton, 93a Golborne Road, London W10.

Gay Flat Mate (not effeminate) to share newly converted house. Own bedroom No restrictions. All facilities including central heating. W3. Age between 25-35. Phone Ron – 749 3698

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01 -402 7806 or write to: 19 London Street, London W2 1HL


Male/female hair stylist required. Holborn/City area. Phone 405 7499

Active young guy wants to move from home town needs job and home anywhere or anything legal considered. Box 889.

Young amateur physique photographer seeks young models over 21 for free posing sessions privately in jeans etc. Phone Anthony 01-222 4686 evenings.

Athletic Young Man seeks genuine part-time modelling work. Some photographic experience. Acrobatic nude studies a speciality. Trained as dancer Box 912

Graduate, 24, seeks interesting responsible work in small firm. Box 894.

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