A Statement From Angie

Angie Promotions Limited is a new company, formed recently by three London gays:

Mark Fenigstein, Public Relations Consultant;
Paul James, Interior Decorating Consultant
Steve Newman, Theatre Promotions.

We are tired of being ripped off by promotors who capitalise on gay people. We have formed the above company for the purpose of providing entertainments and events for gays of all sexes. We feel that for too long gay entertainment has been a second class substitute, badly presented, badly catered and poor value for money.

We also feel that most entertainment has solely been aimed at single sex audiences, not in the tradition of gay togetherness. With all the above in mind, we have arranged a series of events aimed at brightening up the gay scene, starting with an April Gay Ball to be held at one of London’s top hotels, on the last Friday in April.

The ball will present a buffet supper, two top cabarets presented in full cabaret style, plus a live group with full light show, and a galaxy of famous star guests, all at an inclusive price.

As this will be our first major venture, we are limiting the number of tickets available to the first three hundred applications. A form for applications will be included in the next issue of this paper.

So watch out for Angie!

Angie Promotions Ltd.,
5 Martindale Rd, SW12
Tel: 673-2433

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