“Buggery Clubs”

02-197206XX 7Reprinted with love, from the Evening Standard
Thursday 22nd June, 1972

A Government scientist today calls for a radical change of attitude in British society towards homosexuality.

Dr. John Loraine, head of the Medical Research Council’s Clinical Endocrinology Unit in Edinburgh, is at pains in a new book* out today to puncture what he describes as the “conventional wisdom” about orthodox sexual relationships.

In what is undoubtedly the most horrifying picture yet of “the global spectre of over-population”, Dr. Loraine acknowledges that society today is less vociferous in its condemnation of homosexuality than it was in the days when Lord Kilmuir was Home Secretary and “continuously denouncing the evils of ‘sodomite societies’ and ‘buggery clubs'”.

The scientist says: “Yet intransigence on this issue persists, for within the conceptual horizons of the wisdom there is no room for the thought that a proportion of men and women actually prefer homosexual to heterosexual relationships and they will obstinately persist in such activities in spite of the most strident calls for sexual orthodoxy.

“Indeed, the wisdom finds it exceedingly difficult to judge a man or woman by parameters other than his or her sex life; not does it see fit to stress the contributions to civilisation of men such as Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar Wilde, John Maynard Keynes and Ivor Novello”.

*The Death of Tomorrow, by John A. Loraine, Heinemann, £3.75.

Gay News would have reviewed the book in this issue, but unfortunately Heinemann’s are still keeping us waiting for our review copy. Maybe they think that the book is of no interest to a paper such as ours.