New Gay Movement

The inaugural meeting of the GAY CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT was held on Thursday 28 September, with the view to creating a movement able to effectively change the law.

It is in no way a rival to GLF or CHE which we believe have a place in the political spectrum, CHE certainly has its uses; it gives sympathetic help, but is ineffectual politically. GLF can be an effective political organisation but at present seems to be primarily concerned with such vague terms as ‘Sexism’, while seemingly ignoring the vast majority of unliberated gays.

The aims and ideas of the Gay Civil Rights Movement can be summarised as follows:

  1. General Legal Reform
    1. With particular reference to police harassment;
    2. All operations designed to alter the patient’s sexuality, such as lobotomy, to be undertaken only with the full written consent of the patient, regardless of their age;
    3. The age of consent to be lowered to 14;
    4. A new and effective law to halt any form of discrimination in Housing, Jobs and Education.
  2. A General Emphasis on Youth and Education Sex Education – the subject of homosexuality/bi-sexuality should be included in the sex education programme at all schools and medical schools.
  3. Restriction and Protection viz advertising, which promotes heterosexuality as a materialistic gain, etc.
  4. Counselling
    A special counselling service for gay people, just coming out.
  5. Integration with the Population En Masse
    To create a situation whereby the majority of the population, which is bisexual, can express its homosexuality openly and naturally, without necessarily losing its heterosexuality.

David Seligman and Frank Honore

ED: Though a member of the editorial collective is associated with the Gay Civil Rights Movement, it is in no way affiliated with Gay News.