Doctors Stay Away

READING: Out of 90 doctors invited to a lecture on “Homosexuality and Doctors”, none turned up. But enough people did go along to make for a lively discussion on the medical profession’s treatment of gays.

The discussion’s leader was Dr Schlicht, a consultant psychiatrist, with two general practitioners.

It was generally agreed that homosexuality was not a medical condition to be treated by prescribing medicine. The doctor’s role was more that of a friend and adviser, helping homosexuals face their situation in an otherwise hostile society.

Some in the audience felt doctors should do more to change society’s hostility towards gays, but the doctors pointed out that they had limited time and resources and homosexuality was just one of several problems they dealt with. But, they said, facilities for homosexuals had much improved recently.

Boy Blackmails Shopkeeper

MARLOW: The juvenile court in this Berkshire town was told that a 15-year-old boy tried to blackmail a shopkeeper with a ‘poison pen’ letter.

Prosecuting Mr Colin Cleugh read a letter he said the boy had handed to the shopkeeper. It said: “I know what you are and want you to do with me. You are a homosexual. If you don’t want me to tell the police put £10 in an envelope. What’s £10 to five years away?”

The letter, he said, referred to an incident at a shop where the boy had worked, when “the man very foolishly placed his hand on the boy’s trousers – nothing more.”

Mr Ronald Kentisbeer, defending, said the letter was the act of a ;‘young, frightened boy”. An older person would have acted differently.

The case was adjourned for reports.

Jail For 72yr Old

NEWBURY: A 72-year-old Berkshire man remanded by Newbury, Berks, magistrates for medical and psychiatric reports earlier this month was jailed for a year and ordered to pay £16 costs for ‘committing gross indecency’.

He had admitted the offence and said that he had committed about 100 similar offences over a two-year period.

The chairman of Newbury’s magistrates said: “But for your age, we would have been justified in sending you to Crown Court for sentence”.

A second man, aged 35, who admitted two offences of gross indecency was put on probation for two years.

Source: Reading Gay Arrow