‘Someone So Beautiful’

04-197208XX 10“STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING” starring Rita Tushingham, Shane Briant, Tom Bell. Colour, directed by Peter Collinson. A Hammer Production from Anglo E.M.I. released by MGM-E.M.I.

“Straight on till Morning” is something of a departure for Hammer, not being a horror film in the usual sense of the word, but a kind of anti heterosexual, anti swinging London, anti plastic relationship film. Plain looking Brenda (Rita Tushingham) leaves Mum in an industrial Northern town to come to London, in search of a man who’s going to love her and give her a baby. She arrives and wanders through Earls Court bewildered by the frightening, rushing horror of London. She answers an ad., goes to work in a boutique run by a girl crazy, sterotype, boring het., and after a few non events goes to share a flat with the het’s girlfriend, who spends her time unemotionally screwing and throwing parties. Not Brenda’s scene she’s the awkward emotional type who’s awful at trendy parties, so she gets really cheesed off after one of them, and rushes through the streets crying. She finds a dog, an extremely scruffy one, takes it home and next morning goes round to the address on its collar. The door is answered by a very pretty blonde young man (Shane Briant), who much to Brenda’s surprise, asks her to come and live in his house and look after him. You see the poor boy is so tired of pretty women only wanting him for his body, that he’s murdered two such ladies, and he murders the dog too, because Brenda has washed it and made it look beautiful. He wants emotional love and he thinks an ugly girl can give it to him, and Peter Collinson the director really quite credibly shows the agony of someone who is so beautiful, they can never trust their love to anyone, because the other is always likely to only want their body. Unfortunately Brenda goes and gets a face lift and a fancy hair style, so our pretty little murderer, goes and does her in too.

The whole thing must sound quite wierd to the humble reader, but I must implore each and everyone of you to see the film. Peter Collinson manages to make it really eerie and thought provoking:- The sad futility of the straight Kings Road scene, and for the first time in any film I’ve seen, an attempt is made to be anti sexist. Sexism is the love and worship of physical beauty alone, without regard to the inner person.

Playing with “Straight on till Morning” in this double bill is a much more regulation Hammer horror, “Fear in the Night”, with Peter Cushing, and Judy Geeson. Strange, mysterious and entertaining goings on in a boy’s public school. Trouble is no boys, and that phrase is relevant to the film.

Hi Jacker Reveals Himself

04-197208XX 10“SKYJACKED” starring Charlton Heston, Yvette Mimieux, Walter Pidgeon, James Brolin. Screenplay by Stanley R. Greenberg, Directed by John Guillermin. Colour. Panavision, An M.G.M Presentation Distributed by M.G.M. — E.M.I.

“Skyjacked” is a wholly successful attempt to show the hijack of an intercontinental jet, factually, entertainingly and suspensefully. The film works magnificently on all these three levels, from the opening scenes at Los Angeles Airport, where the passengers embarkation is shown with good documentary accuracy, through the early stages of the film as the hijacker reveals himself and his plan, and how the passengers react to the situation; through to thrilling climax after thrilling climax, as the plane is forced to land in impossible weather conditions at an Alaskan airport, before being directed by the hijacker to Moscow, and en route being buzzed by Russian jets. Here as throughout the film John Guillermin’s direction creates genuine tension, and his realistic cross section of characters always behave in very much the way I suppose you or I would.

The aerial scenes are outstanding, and the film even contains several pieces of very subtle humour. I emerged from the cinema, totally satisfied, immersed in the film, excited and entertained.


Love Knoweth No Laws*

04-197208XX 11Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you, and us, if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

* Chaucer.

Personal Ads

  • SOUNDS. Drag-Mobile Disco/lights. Simply the best. Built-in drag show or male floor show if desired. Pete: 01-743 9930 15-7 pm)
  • Scottish Batchelor Clan. If you live in Scotland and want good company, send stamped addressed envelope for details to The Secretary. S.B.C., 1070 Dumbarton Road. Glasgow
  • Hardworking young man, 21, looking for an older, steadier person to live with in London. Versatile, well educated and refined, and am not ‘camp’ or ‘kinky’, just happy. Box 11.
  • Genuine Gay, and 40 but lonely for young friend under 30 who enjoys older mens company. Am not camp, effeminate or kinky and seek similar. Own flat Knightsbridge. Sincere genuine replies answered. Box 71.
  • Genuine. Near Brighton. Lonely businessman, slim young 40. not camp or kinky, offers home and security to sincere younger man. Photo appreciated and returned/exchanged. All letters answered. Box 72.
  • Older Man, CHE member, passive, resident Sussex, offers occasional hospitality and mutual fun to active male Send recent snap. Box 73.
  • Batchelor, 47, wishes to meet gay masculine friends between 21 and 30 in Midland area. Box 74.
  • It is an offence to conspire to incite males to commit homosexual acts – The Law Officers Department. Box?
  • Wanted by Martin, a poor member of Gay News. A T.V. engineer to repair my T.V. cheaply, any early evening. Phone 01-960 0314 or 01 -402 7805.
  • What about the Gay Life in Golders Green then? Box 34.
  • Eccentric Queen requires urgently an Eccentric Pad. Low rent please. Write (only) to Claudia, to Gay News, 19 London Street. London W2 1HL.
  • Professional Composer seeks Younger Guy, car-camping holiday view prolonged relationship. Beauty unimportant, good legs desirable, brains essential. Box 36.
  • Young Man (21) wishes to meet male 21-30 for sincere friendship and mutual pleasures. Photo if possible – returned with mine. Box 75.
  • Man, thirties, Huddersfield, seeks mature male friend No age limit if sincere. Letters/photos appreciated. Box 76.
  • I need a crew/friend to help me sail my 16ft Sharpie. It means early starts, being wet and tired but with a compensating sense of achievement. If you like boats, are 15-25, about 9st. and interested please phone 352 1607. Ian.
  • Lonely male student (24) seeks intelligent masculine young guy for intimate friendship and emotional support. London area. Box 77.
  • TV Director/journalist (29) fairly square type, interested in people, conversation, music (operatic, G & S, vocal) and travel/sightseeing/motoring in Gt.Britain, would like to meet similar aged up to about 27 with view to touring holiday. Write fully. All answered. Box 78.
  • Sophisticated Young Londoner, own Kensington Pad. needs youthful raw material for new friendship. Box 79.
  • Amputees (Male, A.K.) please write! I am a kind, attractive male (37) who genuinely needs another one-legged pal to share country cottage, triumph vitesse and life generally. Box 80.
  • Skinhead & Leather Boy, aged ██⤺Ed. and 25. would like to meet young friends of similar age and every lasting friendship. Please send photos, all letters answered. Box 81.
  • Gay Girl, 28, independent but friendly, own flat in Central London fancy meeting for drinks, chat, etc? Box 51.
  • “Lets Get Together With Music” – Gay songwriter (male 27) wishes to meet gay composer (28-35). S.W. London area For music and other interests!! Box 82.
  • East Midlands Gay Male 22, seeks young friends, interests include railways, sport, motoring, pop. Photo’s please Box 83.
  • Batchelor 40’s Tall Slim, offers share of flat, well equipped, close to town, to another tall slim same age group or younger. Nominal share exs. A.L.A. Box 84.
  • “Like to get away for a weekend!” I’m 28, own house, and willing to accommodate suitable male under 25, No (camp) or (effeminates) please. Genuine, Photo please. All letters answered. Box 85.
  • Would the person who placed Box 85 please contact Ads Dept.. Gay News. 19 London Street. London W2 1HL. Tel: 01-402 7805 Thanks.
  • 27 Tall Dark seeks permanent young friend to play DAVID to my JONATHAN. London/Brighton. Write fully with photo if possible. All letters answered. Box 86.
  • “Peter – see you at the Drag Discotheque Aug 9 or any Wednesday after – Pontrefact Castle. 48 Chapel Street. London NW1. (Edgware Road tube station.) — am doing wild go-go dancing there. John.”
  • Socialist, Young, Jewish, looking for under 30 and 5’7″, with London Pad Reciprocal hospitality for Provincial Weekends. Box 87.
  • Gay Male. 26, spends most weekends m Brighton, would like to meet somebody there with whom to move around and/or relax. Roughly same age and sex. Box 88.
  • Gay 38, seeks longhaired gay up to 28 for close and lasting friendship. No Beards. London or 15 miles away. Slim build. Recent photo please, no time wasters, all letters answered. Box 89.
  • Exciting Suedehead. 29, easily switched on. Letters to Roy from masculine guy. Photo ensures reply Box 92.
  • Leaving Mid-August for Majorca. Will any knowledgeable reader supply address(es) of Gay Rendezvous to prevent the frustration I had for past two holidays. Grateful. Box 93.
  • Gear Wanted by Leather – Lover. 24. Also friends under 30 with similar interests. Photo please, (returnable). Box 94.
  • Calling All Gays (Male & Female) in the Belsize Park area. How about coming together for a drink and social evenings. Write to: Garry, 40 Belsize Park Gardens. London NW3.
  • Man, 30, wishes to meet other male 21 -30, for genuine friendship. Interests films, theatre, folk/country music. Photo appreciated. (Oxford area) Box 95.
  • Business executive, 34, transferred to London shortly seeks young social contacts, maybe roommate. I’m young looking & thinking and love & can afford the nicer things in life. Lets correspond! MAX, PO Box 26017. Los Angeles 90026, USA Airmail.
  • Longhaired gayboy seeks
    young shorthaired friends
    Photo. Box 100.
  • Gay Guy (32) looking for friends around my age or younger to enjoy life with. Please write soon and send a photo. Box 101.
  • Gay Girl, Late 20’s. Recovering, and lonely seeks warm patient, animal-loving fairly slim feminine friend. Possibly older. Hopefully lifelong. Photo if possible. Sincere answered. Box 102.
  • Batchelor, 50, of quiet disposition seeks companion, 40-45, for theatre trips and friendship. Box 103.
  • London N.8. Quiet domesticated young man required to share comfortable small flat. Own room. Available September. Box 104
  • Black, Young, Gay? Then young white guy (Brixton) wants to meet you. Box 96.
  • HELP!! Is there in Dublin a 30/40yr young opera fanatic interested in trills & big crescendos?? Box 97.
  • A R E T H E R E A N Y S U G G E S T I O N S
    F R O M O U R R E A D E R S W H A T W E
    S H O U L D D O W I T H B O X 69 ??????
  • No Rent — Refined Man late 20’s wants to meet financially stable man under 45 for companionship send photo, replys in confidence. Kevin Holt, 97 Belgrave Road. Westminster, London SW1.
  • Batchelor, 46, seeks young companion for holiday next year to Tangiers. Pen friends also wanted. Box 106.
  • Could the person who placed Box 106 please get in touch with the Ads Dept., Gay News. 19 London Street. London W2 1HI. Tel: 01-402 7805. Thanks.
  • Homeloving 43 year old, active continental wishes to meet someone over 30 to share home and life. Phone number if possible please. Box 105.
  • Any personal ads containing any form of racial prejudice will be immediately rejected, and money paid for insertion will NOT be refunded. Gay News collective.


  • Young man in twenties (with large dog) requires immediately furnished flat in Central/North London. Up to £12 per week Box 67.
  • Urgently Needed. 2 Large free or inexpensive rooms in Central London for Gay Social Activities, for both men and women. They will be needed continuously, but for at least 3 nights a week. Contact Gay News. Tel: 01-402 7805.
  • Ilford Area. Batchelor offers share of flat. Prefer shared cost basis — any age/nationality considered. Permanent or short-term. Box 91.
  • Andrew offers share of Trendy South Kensington Bedsit, £4.50 p.w., to trendy dishy butch fella for long or short let. Ring 373 2781, ask for Room 8 only.
  • Young Man 20’s to share luxury garden flat in Hampstead, colour TV etc. £8 per week. Philip 794 8041 after 6.00pm
  • Designer, 26, would like to share in gay flat/house towards the east end of London, or Islington. Box 88.


  • HAIRY? Hirsute (body) young men required for small film. Any nationality/colour. Send fullest details and photo if possible. No previous experience necessary. Box 90.
  • Young Photographer requires attractive young models London area, top rates. If interested please write to Bob. Box 70.

Classified Ads

  • Gay News, wishes to thank the management and staff at the Colherne and the Boltons (at Earl’s Court) and the Champion (at Notting Hill Gate) for their help in letting us sell Gay News in their establishments. Gay News will regularly be on sale in these three pubs in West London.
    Bold catalogues describe and show
    (For just a 20 pence p.o.)
    Gay, virile, naked, handsome guys
    Of every type, shape, age and size
    In crisply detailed shots and scenes
    From gayest films and magazines.
    You’ll get one magazine quite free
    With your first order. Write and see!
    PO Box 10269, Amsterdam, Holland.
  • Gays Dance Close Together at Dicks Inn.
    See Information Page.
  • Have A Clean Up !
    For General House Cleaning or Spring Cleaning. Phone : 723 8842 or 402 6881.
  • 6 Berth and 4 Berth Caravans Vacant. Dover Cliff’s Caravan Park. Lovely Van’s, Reasonable Charges. ‘Leros’, 71 Myddelton Square, London EC1.
  • Wanted for feature (now in preperation) pictures of 1940s and 1950s radio stars, at work and play. Contact David Seligman, GAY NEWS, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Tel: 01 402 7805.
  • David Delacey for your Drag or “Special” costumes. My designs or yours. Sequinning a speciality. 38 Somerfield Road, London N4. Tel: 01-226 8980 (evenings – weekends).
  • Gay Nude Mags £1. Gay Lists S.A.E. Johnny : BM/FBGH : LONDON WC1V 6XX.
  • York. Gay News available from Woof’s Stall, Newgate Market, York, on Thursdays and Saturdays. We also sell all kinds of alternative/ underground/radicel/ hippy newspapers/mag-azines/ leaflets as well as joss sticks, incense and perfume oils (vast range), nice indian sheets/ bedspreads, home-made clothes, jewellry, trinkets, leatherwork, candles, and anything else anyone makes and would like selling. Come and have a look !
  • Gay Books & Novels.
    The Other Love by H.Montgomery Hyde, 75p.
    The Unrecorded Life of Oscar Wilde by Rupert Croft-Cooke, £3.50.
    The Wild Boys by William S.Burroughs, £2.50.
    Oscar Widle by Philippe Jullian, 60p.
    The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall, 50p.
    Death in Venice by Thomas Mann, 30p.
    I Give You Oscar Wilde bv Desmond Hall. 40p.
    All obtainable by post from: Books, 84 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds 2. Tel; 42483. Ad 10 % to cover post and packing.
  • Gay Films-Books-Fotos-Slides-Sex Aids-Etc.
    Free llustrated Lists S.A.E. New World Sales, 1581 London Road, Norbury, London SW16.
  • Oppose Imperialism, Demand Communication. For details on Esperanto, write – Brian Barker, 55 St.Peter’s Avenue, Maldon, Essex.
    50 Gloucester Road, Brighton BN1 4AQ. For many literary delights, and regular stockists of Gay News. Send for lists (enclosing SAE) or pay them a visit.
  • You can regularly buy Gay News at Bookends, 23a Chepstow Mansions. Chepstow Place, London W2. Send S.A.E. for their lists of fantasy/sf/comic books.
  • Composer Available, widely experienced all fields, film, pop, stage, avante garde, etc. Sympathetic Commissions. Phone 01-603 364b or Box 40.
  • Latest Soul Singles: 20pence Each at Dicks Inn Every Monday.
    Each pretty boy (and girl) expects
    To sample every kind of sex
    And in our films and mags you’ll find
    Their naked beauty well defined
    In heterosexperiments.
    A postal order (20 pence)
    Brings photo-catalogues to you
    With vouchers for a free mag too !
    NETCO (Dept. GNU).
    PO Box 10149, Amsterdam, Holland.
    A Gay Manifesto 5p.
    Gay Manifesto (GLF London) 1Op
    The Sexual Struggle of Youth 37½p
    Oscar Wilde 60p.
    Come Together 5p.
    and many more books, pamphlets, papers and posters at the shop or by post from 248 (GN) Bethnal Green Road. London E2.
  • WANTED. STREET-SELLERS to sell, you guessed it, GAY NEWS. You make 3p a copy. We can’t sell them all ourselves. Contact Gay News, 19 London Street, London W.2. Tel: 01-402 7805.
    At the HILTON HOTEL Park Lane,
    Miss U.K. Drag.Dinner/Dance. 8.30 pm to 3.00 am. Saturday September 30th. Blomfontein Road. London W.12.
    Tickets from J.Watson, 55
  • Wanted. Press cuttings from all national and local newspapers concerning Gay People. Gay News, 19 London Street, London W2. Tel: 01-402 7805.
  • WANTED. GAY NEWS, information and articles. Tel: 01-402 7805.
  • VIRGIN RECORDS at 130 Notting Hill Gate, W11, 24 Oxford Street.WI, 62nd Precinct .High Street Kensington (opp. Barkers) and 90 Bold Street, Liverpool; as well as selling you records at reasonable prices, also will be regularly selling GAY NEWS.

BACK NUMBERS of GAY NEWS are still available. Send 13p (which includes postage etc) for each back issue. Write Gay News Oldies, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL, stating which issue(s) required. Did you miss out on a ‘Het’?

The Biograph, Wilton Road, Victoria, SW1.

  • Thursday 10th August
    Brother John AA : with Sidney Poitier
    Brotherhood of Satan : X : with L.W.Jones & Strother Martin.
  • Sunday 13th August
    Not With My Wife You Don’t : A : with Tony Curtis
    First to Fight : U : with Dean Jagger
  • Monday 14th August
    Three Sisters : U : with Laurence Olivier & Alan Bates
    Wild Kurdistan : U : with Lex Barker
  • Thursday 17th August
    Chisum : U : with John Wayne & Forrest Tucker
    Dirty Angels X : with Lino Capolicchio
  • Sunday 20th August
    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf : X : with Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton
    Seven Golden Men : U : with Rossana Pedesta
  • Monday 21st August
    The Man Who Had Power Over Women : X : with Rod Taylor & Carol White
    The Tiger & The Pussycat : A : with Vittorio Gassman & Ann Margret
  • Thursday 24th August
    Macho Callahan : AA : with David Jannsen & Jean Seberg
    Riders on the Rain : AA : with Charles Bronson & Marlene Jobert

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NON COMMERCIAL ADS. 2p a word. Box Numbers 30p.
PERSONAL ADS.2p.a word. Box Numbers 30p. (Owing to lack of space, we ask users of the Personal Ads to try and not use more than 30 words.)
SEMI-DISPLAY (Boxed Classified)
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04-197208XX 12This corner is really a long list – of places, eople you might like to know about or one day need. We can only, of course, publish the information that comes to us. There’s a limit to what we can find out for ourselves, and too many pubs, clubs, movement offices and so on for us to visit. So – if there’s something we should know about, then you should ALL know about it. If your favourite pub or local gay group isn’t mentioned, write and tell us where it is and so forth. You can see from the listings themselves the sort of thing we think is of use and interest. These aren’t ads – we print all information free. The page is all yours!

Sussex GLF Summer Dance on Saturday 26th August, 8 12pm. at Co-op Hall. London Road. Brighton. Live Groups/Disco. Admission only 50p. Crash pads available.

GAYSOC. For London University students. Meets regularly in term. Send s.a.e. to Gaysoc, ULU, Malet Street, London WC1.

It hopes to have an introduction and accommodation service eventually. Write to Box No 99 (do Gay News) or ring: (01) 769 7965 anytime.

Meetings Wednesday 8.00pm, at the South London Women’s Liberation Centre, 14 Radnor Terrace, SW8. All women welcome.

‘CHALLENGE’ is a London based homosexual group (recently heard on ‘Speakeasy ) that meets each week for a drink and a chat – why don’t you join us? Ring Martin at 427 8175 or Sid at 328 4647.

Meetings Fridays 6.00pm. Gays interested in classical music, theatre, discussions on homosexuality and society. Starting Friday 28 July. Telephone 01-450 4318.

GAY UNITY, Harrow. For details phone Jamie at 863 1184 or Alex at 422 7890 Meets on Mondays

New CHE group at BARKING, c/0 George Jordan, 39a Mansfield Road. Ilford Tel 554 3337.

CAMPAIGN FOR HOMOSEXUAL EQUALITY is urgently seeking office premises in or near Central London, preferably with telephone already installed. 300 square feet approx, required. CHE would be happy to share with another organisation if necessary If you have, or know of, a place vacant, write to : Derek Brookfield, 7 Bruton Grove, Crouch End, London N8 9EX.

FRIEND is the advisory and befriending service of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality Call (Mon

Friend, Centre. Broadley Terrace. London NW1.

CHE. An All London Political Action Group is in the process of formation. Will anyone who wants further information on this campaigning group write to: Derek Brookfield, 7 Britton Grove, Crouch End, London N8 9EX.

Women’s Disco Benefit in solidarity with The Fakenham v Brannon Women. On Friday 1st September at Sols Arms. Hampstead Road. London (Warren St. Tube). Admission only lOp + collection. Bar — Bookstall – Film. Organised by Gay Socialist Women’s Group.

Sussex G.L.F. Disco every Friday 8-11pm at Stanford Arms, Preston Circus, Brighton. Only 15p.

Sappho meets every first Monday in the month, at the Museum Tavern 7.30pm. upstairs room. Great Russell Street. London WC1. All women are welcome. Sappho magazine is available at 2Sp for single copies, plus postage,(Subs rates are unchanged) from Sappho Publications Ltd., BCM/Petrel, London WC1.

Women’s Liberation Workshop – 22 Great Windmill Street. London W1. Tel: 437 6118.


Bournemouth. Swansea/Carmarthen.
Birmingham. Teeside.
Blackburn/Burnley. Windsor/Reading.
Brighton. Wirral.
Bristol. Wolverhampton.
Cambridge. Shropshire.
Chesham/Amersham. Tunbridge Wells.
Croydon. Tyneside.
East Kent/West Kent. Stoke on Trent.
Guildford. Crouch End, N8.
Halifax/Huddersfield. PROPOSED GROUPS:
Ilford. Devon.
Leeds. Bath.
Lewisham. Cornwall.
Liverpool. Taunton.
London: Central-Kensington, Highbury/Isligton, Ealing/Acton, and Kilburn. Leicester.
Manchester. Southampton
Newport/Cardiff. STUDENT GROUPS:
Northampton. Liverpool.
Norwich. Manchester.
Nottingham. London.
Oxford. Oxford.
Sheffield. Reading.
Basildon. Kent.

Many local group organisers are wary of having their anmes and addresses publicised, so for the time being please contact all CHE groups via the national office: 28 KENNEDY STREET. MANCHESTER 2. Telephone 061-228 1985


At present there ere GLF groups in operation in the following areas:

Aberystwth Essex University Reading
Bath Folkstone Sheffield
Bristol Greenoch Swansea
Brent Guernsey Sussex
Bedfordshire Higham Ferrers
Birmingham Hull LONDON
Belfast Keele University South London
Bradford Lancaster West London
Cambridge Leicester East London
Cheltenham Leeds Notting Hill
Canterbury Manchester Hackney
Cardiff Newcastle Youth Group
Colchester Norwich Religious Group
Derby Oxford Women’s Group
Durham Portsmouth
Edinburgh Potteries

The addresses of these groups may be obtained from the G.L.F. Office at 5 Caledonian Road. London N1. Tube Kings Cross. Tel: 01-837 7174. Also contact here for other G.L.F. information.

Gay Women’s Liberation Group, Contact Gillian 837 4502. Meets Wednesdays 7.30pm.

G.L.F. Youth and Education Group meets on Mondays. Phone 837 7174 for details.

Religious Gay Lib Group, meets various Sundays at 2.30 pm. Phone 278 1701 for details.

West London G.L.F. meets every Thursday at 8 00pm upstairs at the ‘White Lion’ pub.

Putney High Street, just south of Putney Bridge Tube Putney Bridge. Buses 93. 220 and Green Line 718. BR Putney. Disco there every Wednesday.

Sussex GLF meets Tuesdays at 8.15pm upstairs/back bar Stanford Arms. Preston Circus Brighton. Contact: Doug Coupe. 40 Ashford Road. Brighton, or phone Ray at 686939

Reading Gay Alliance. Room 7, 30 London Road, Reading

Bath Gay Awareness Group. Contact Richard or Teresa at Bath 29437.

Bristol Gay Awareness Group, c/o Tony, 200. West Mall. Clifton. Brrstol. Tel: 0272 32669

Leicester Gay Awareness Group, Contact John Page, 126 Nansen Road. Leicester LE5 5NJ. Phone Leicester 738832

Leads GLF, Liberation Office. 153 Wood-House Lane. Leeds 2. Tel: 0532-39071 Ex 57. Meets every Friday 7.30pm at O.S.A. Lounge, University Union, Ring Phil 0532 782270 for details.


EDINBURGH, from 7.45pm to 9.00pm on Mondays. m the basement of 23 George Square. Check with Mike Coulson at 031-225 4395 between 1.OOpm and 10.00pm. Women’s Group at 7.30pm Saturdays from 9 30pm to 12.30 pm, coffer food/dance at the same address.

GLASGOW,meetings every Tuesday at 8.00p at 8 Dunearn Street. Glasgow C4. Women’s Group at 184 Swinton Road, at 8.00pm. Third Friday of every month at 214 Clyde Street (library of community house) invited speakers, from 8pm.

DUNDEE, every Friday at Dundee University Chaplaincy Social. Details from 041-771 7600.

ABERDEEN. Weekly social meetings. Details from 041-771 7600


THE CRICKETERS, Battersea Park Road, SW11.
(BR Battersea Park).

Sun. The Trollettes. Fri. Various Artistes.
Tues. Steel Band. Say. Singalong & Dancing.
Wed. Various Artistes. Compere/Organist
Thurs. Talent Night. Kenneth Mancell.

THE DORSET ARMS, 124 Clapham Road, SW4 (Oval Tube)

Tuesdays. Michael and Bow. Thursdays. Michael.
Sundays. Michael and Bow.

THE GREEN MAN 383Euston Road., NW1.
(Great Portland Street).
Drag Every Night Downstairs. Supper Licence to Midnight Small Enhance Fee after 11pm
Friday. Tony Page and Norman Cabel.

THE NEW BLACK CAP 171 Camden High Street, NW1 (Camden Town Tube) Drag Every Night.
Featured artists include Mark Fleming, Bow, Mrs Shufflewick, Jean Fredericks, New Dumbells, Sandy Graham, Chris Kay.

THE FATHER RED CAP 319 Camberwell Road, SE5. (Camberwell Green)
Featured Artists include Lee Paris and Lettuce, Michael and Bow, Sandy Graham
On other nights there are Boys Only, Girls Only, and Mixed Disco’s.

372 Kennington Lane, SE11. (Vauxhall).

Thursday (Alt.) Mr.Tammy or Lee Paris with Lettuce.
Friday. Mr.Tammy. Monday. Bow.
Saturday. Lee Paris. Wednesday. Lee Paris.
Sunday. (Lunch) Bow. New Act Starting Soon.
Sunday. (Night) Mr.Tammy.

ROYAL OAK. 62 Glenthorne Road, W6 (Hammersmith). Drag every night except Tuesday.

ELEPHANT AND CASTLE’. South Lambeth Place. SW8 (Vauxhall). Every nght except Tuesday.
Friday Mark Fleming

OXFORD TAVERN 256 Kentish Town Road. NW5 (Kentish Town) Drag on Tues. Wed. and Thurs.
Resident host Perri St Clair.

309 Harrow Road,W9 (Westbourne Park)
Drag on Wednesday and Sunday (Lunch & Eve)

THE BELL. Pentonville Road, N1 (Kings Cross).
Every Alt. Friday. Derek Rees. – Sandy Roy

THE BUSH HOTEL. 2, Goldhawk Road, W.12. (Goldhawk Road). Every Thursday.

Alexandra Road, St.John.s Wood, NW8
Wednesday’s Mr Angel. Friday’s Derek Rees.

UNION TAVERN. 146 Camberwell Road, SE5 (Oval). Drag on Wednesday. Thursday and Sunday.

KINGS ARMS. Liverpool Street, London.
(corner of Pinder Street) Tube/BR Liverpool Street.
Dicks Inn, Gay Disco every Monday
Compere Tricky Dicky.

THE ARABIAN. Cambridge Heath Road, London. (corner of Bishops Way) Tube Bethnal Green/Bus 277. Dicks Inn, Gay Disco – closed for the Summer. Re-opens early October.

KINGS ARMS, Liverpool Street, London.
(corner of Pindar Street)
Tube/BR Liverpool Street. Buses 8,8A,22,6, 47,97.
Tricky Dicky Show on Saturday Nights. 8.30-11 00. Admission Free. Saloon Bar Disco. Impersonations etc. Gay Atmosphere.

This is a list of some of the pubs in London that regularly have Drag Acts. Information of out of London pubs featuring drag will be added to this list as we receive it. So if your local has something good happening at it, let us know; and that goes for you landlords as well.

Nottingham – Roebuck, Mansfield Road, room upstairs & Mario’s Club, Stanford St off Castlegate.

GAY NEWS will always be on sale at the following pubs:

MARSH HOTEL (Mike & Eileen) Canute Road, Southampton.
Semi Gay. Disco every Thursday night. Also: THE ANCHOR (Pat & Geoff) East Street, Southampton. Gay girls and boys. Disco every Fri & Sat

THE ANCHOR (Pat & Geoff) East Street, Southampton, Gay girls and boys. Disco every Fri & Sat

MARIO’S CLUB, Stenford Street, off Castlegate, Nottingham.


I don’t know if it would be of interest to your readers, but it is a curious fact that, in spite of being in the thick of the “riot area”, the older-established of Belfast’s two gay bars has never, to date, been bombed, raided or threatened by any faction. Nice to know somebody loves us. S.Fruizzell.

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