“Moody Jr.” —J unior Walker and the All Stars – Tamla Motown STML 11211
“Bump City” – Tower of Power — Warner Bros. K46167
“MF Horn 2” – Maynard Ferguson – CBS 65027

05-197208xx-8The last month has seen the release of three albums whose basic ingredient, although used in different pop/musical contexts, is the use of horns, in the form of both trumpets and saxophones.

The first of the three is Moody Jr. by Junior Walker. Released last year in the States, Motown have finally acknowledged the small but ardent following Junior Walker has in this country. It is bound to please some, but I found it lacking in the ‘guts’ and ‘funk’ that has made his past albums so enjoyable. Gone apparently have the days of Junior Walker’s exciting ‘dirty’ sounding sax solos, that made albums like Road Runner such a success and which still remain immensely enjoyable despite the amount of time they have been available.

Jr’s latest offering is comparatively tame, with an over-indulgence in the use of strings and girly-group backings. Once in a while Jr’s unique blues/soul playing comes through unhampered by the excesses of over-production. This is more an album for late-night listening, unlike his hits from the past, such as Shake and Fingerpop or How Sweet It Is, which are still some of the most irresistibly danceable records Motown have ever produced. Moody Jr. is worth a listen if you have liked his last couple of albums. Standout tracks are Way Back Home and Don’t Blame The Children.

The second horn dominated album I’ve been listening to is Bump City by an American band known as Tower of Power. The band has a following in the States but is virtually unknown over here. This is their first release to be issued here, apart from a track or two on the Last Days of The Fillmore triple album set.

Tower of Power unfortunately don’t live up to their name though. The playing is good, as is the production, but it is all without anything original to distinguish them from the many bands into brass backed rock. Blood Sweat & Tears have done all of this before, and that particular band, by the time they had finished their first two albums, had run out of anything musically interesting to say. And why does every American band of this kind have a vocalist whose singing is so embarrassingly similar to that of B.S. & T’s or Chicago’s vocalist? (as it is the last two mentioned groups singers have always sounded extremely alike to me.)

Tower of Power’s music is a mixture of rock/soul/jazz, just like all the other bands working in this popular musical area. Give this a miss and wait for Chicago’s new album or try and get a listen to an import copy of one of the sadly under-rated Sons of Champlin records.

The trumpet playing of Maynard Ferguson is the main ingredient of MF Horn 2. This is not strictly a rock album, for the music is of the big band jazz variety. But much of the material Ferguson is working with here has been successful in the pop world. Numbers like Hey Jude, Lennon’s Mother. B.S.& T’s Spinning Wheel and an outrageous version of Theme from “Shaft” are included on the album. I’m not a big band devotee, but I found the record had a consistency in it’s inventive arrangements and the production is faultless. My only complaint is that after hearing the album through a few times, one track tended to sound much the same as another; possibly because I’m not into jazz enough to appreciate the finer points of Maynard Ferguson’s playing.


05-197208xx-8The Campaign for Homosexual Equality has been given two hours of air space on Radio London. On August 30 it will take over the regular Wednesday evening programme, Platform, which gives minority and pressure groups a chance to sound off about their aims and objects and particular points of view.

Though the programme will clearly act as a recruiting opportunity for Che, it does have much wider reverberations and will cover most aspects of the homophile situation. In particular special attention will be paid to the age of consent, the implications of the IT judgement and the extraordinary situation of the female homosexual and the bi-sexual. Real people will spell it out and there will be several authoritative voices in the studio including representatives of the Gay News collective.

Platform is one of those programmes during which listeners are invited to telephone questions in as the discussion continues. This is a vital part of the programme and it is hoped that gay people throughout London will gather round their VHF wavebands and phone in. August 30th. 8.15 pm. The studio telephone number will be given regularly during the course of the programme.

The Queens’ Delight

“What’s Up Doc?” Directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Starring Barbara Streisand, Ryan O’Neal. 93 mins. Distributed by Columbia-Warner

05-197208xx-9Have you ever seen a funny film and then attempted to repeat it to your friends. You stand there explaining every funny moment, working yourself to a frazzle doing it, and all the time having a ball reliving those moments. Then you glance at your friend’s face, sitting there with a bored expression, and you realise you’re “dying a death”. Well each of us has surely done this in the past, and therefore I’m not going to waste time repeating each and every gag that occurs in this very funny film. Suffice to say that it involves four identical travelling bags and the chase that ensues involving a large cast of mostly new faces to the screen.

First and foremost one must mention Peter Bogdanovich the director of that telling saga of mid-West America ‘The last picture show’. This is about as far removed from that film as can be. Its almost as if he intentionally proves he can handle a comedy as well as he handled the latter drama.

The picture stars the delightful, delectable (apply your own adjective according to your admiration) Barbara Streisand again playing a crazy kook of a girl which she managed to perfection previously in ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. She’s lumbered with Ryan O’Neal for a co-star and as rumour has it that he left his wife for Miss Streisand in real life I suppose we must expect to see him again in other films whilst the romance is on. He might be dishy to look at but personality he hasn’t.

But SHE has . … and how. Wearing some pretty ghastly outfits she manages once again to confuse the brain in that she looks one moment a raving beauty, and the next moment downright ugly.

These days she is known as ‘The Queen’s delight’ and indeed there are precious few personalities around in films to rival her. With the passing of Judy Garland, the rare screen appearances of Bette Davis, and mere memories of Mae West in her hey day, we are ever hopeful that other new personalities might emerge in the coming years.

Apart from her brilliant comedy playing she warbles Porter’s “You’re the tops” over the credit titles, and later on a few bars of “As time goes by”. Let us hope that she can be persuaded to make more screen appearances soon whilst we are waiting for future star personalities to arrive.

Not for Trendies

“Greatest Hits” — Simon & Garfunkel — CBS 69003

05-197208xx-9Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits album is a fine memorial to a great duo who over the last six or seven years have produced some of the best and most pleasing popular music. It is a pity that they have finally decided to split up, although Paul Simon has already released a promising solo album. S & G’s musical roots are in folk but with the passing of time and with the gaining of experience and production knowledge they have moved into the less limiting world of rock, and in the last year or so have been into what could be called ‘symphonic’ rock. But without losing sight of the simplicity and directness of folk music.

And as they have progressed, so has their following grown. But without them having to sacrifice their ideas and experiments to please this wider audience. In other words, they are one of the few acts to incorporate the wide spectrum of musical styles available and at the same time have been able to bridge the gap between peoples peculiar likes and dislikes.

Now-a-days, S & G are usually put down by the hipper-than-thou trendies, who seemingly need a new ‘superstar’ to worship every few weeks, and not artists who get better as they develop their talents. Not for them anymore is the singing duo who once only used to turn them on, for now S&G manage to communicate to Mums abd Dads, ‘squares’ and ‘straights’, skinheads and greasers, and all the other social groups that aren’t in the seventh heaven of hip-dom. And that’s a shame for them because they have missed out on much good music and words; words that are more than just romantic sentiments and are valid, realistic comments and descriptions of the emotional states that are part of us all.

Simon & Garfunkel songs like Bridge Over Troubled Water and America are very much anthems of the times we live in. The two people in the latter song are looking for America – for an identity, and aren’t we all looking so very hard for something, something that this materialistic, automated world is unable to provide. And with a song like Bridge Over Troubled Water, there aren’t many people who, in a serious loving relationship with another, couldn’t have applied the words in the song to themselves.

If you have S & G’s other albums, you may find it unnecessary to get this album, although ‘live’ versions of some of their hit singles are included here, but without them losing any of the power of the studio recorded versions.

Also, despite their age, songs like The Sound of Silence and I Am A Rock still sound as convincing as ever, for me the imagery of The Sound of Silence is even more provocative and intriguing than it was before. Personally, I miss the non-inclusion of At The Zoo and Baby Driver, but all the other hits and well-known songs are there.

Greatest Hits albums quite often don’t make it because the songs are out of context from the original way they were presented, or time doesn’t allow songs from different periods in an artists career to jell well together. But with this album none of these problems arise. If you don’t know S & G’s earlier material this album is a good way of getting to hear it, and if you feel like rediscovering past favourites this is an ideal medium to do So. For me, this album will be regularly played for some time to come.

Up Frankie Howerd

“Up The Front” Directed by Bob Kellet. Starring Frankie Howerd, Dora Bryan, Lance Percival, Bill Fraser, Zsa Zsa Gabor. Distributed by Anglo-EMI. Cert ‘A’ – 88 mins.

05-197208xx-9Oooh. No. what? Ah. yes ….. No, Listen. Poor soul, no, don’t laugh. Who else but Francis Howerd, master of the double entendre and the camp gesture. Not seen much these days on television, and in danger of being knocked off his throne in that media by Larry Grayson, having now transferred his talents to celluloid. Let me put it on record, before I continue, I have been a fan since Variety Bandbox (whoops, me age is showin’). So when I blatantly state that he is wasted on film it is for genuine concern for him as an artist. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have always preferred him as a stand-up comic, and do not think that situation comedy is his forte. I do of course understand his desire to progress, remembering him so long ago pleading with Johnny Speight to write a film script for him. I wish he had. It was obviously a market he wanted to conquer, and did, his first two films being box-office hits. But I always thought he was selecting his material with a care for his image. Like the late great Tony Hancock whose intention to move in a more artistic direction failed and tragically lost him his public and eventually his soul, maybe Frankie Howerd saw the moral. Although I would much rather sit through and enjoy the underrated ‘Punch and Judy Man’ than ‘Up the Front’.

The plot, as with the laughs, is thin, woven around Lurk (Howerd) as a loser, but under hypnosis, from a nice cameo role by Stanley Holloway, whose assistant has the most liquid jellified boobs I have ever seen, seeks to save England and become a war hero, which of course he does, by having the German master plan tattooed on his bum. Bill Fraser as ‘Groping’ (not just his name it’s his hobby) is excellent and has better lines than the star, as does Lance Percival as a German Officer. Dora Bryan plays Dora Bryan again, constantly squeaking the appalling title song … they don’t write ’em like that any more, in fact they wrote better. But despite a few asides Frankie Howerd has little or no comic lines; the only high-camp high-spot where he has a chance to shine is the scene with Zsa Zsa Gabor, as Mata Hari. So as ‘Carry Ons’ do, so will the ‘Ups’, continuing ad infinitum. Me?

I’m still diggin’ the Runaway Bus……

Biograph review

Last issue Julian was a little peeved, in this one he’s as cross and annoyed as someone with piles in Tangiers. Ooh, those silly people at Gay News who are responsible for the pasting up of the paper. No doubt you know what I’m talking about, just in case you don’t, take a look at my last Bio review and see what those naughty people did with it. The beginning is alright, but the second paragraph is a passage from the middle of my piece, the paragraph that ties in with my opening is somewhere in the middle, and my review of the first films showing that fortnight somehow ends up at the end of the whole article.

I will have to forgive them I suppose, especially after giving me an absolutely divine lettering for Biograph Review. And that little illustration of my favourite bag at the end by my signature is very nice. One wonders what else of my personal attire will end up there. So ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ of Gay News, watch, or else Julian will do a number of you, know what I mean ‘loves’.

05-197208xx-9Now let me tell you of the films showing at the end of August and at the beginning of September at our little haven, the Biograph. On Thursday 24th August, for three days. Jean Seberg (lovely lady) and David Jannsen star together in Macho Callahan. God knows what this is about. I’ve never heard of it, and even I can’t think of something witty to say about it Macho Maudling perhaps? Support feature is Rider On The Rain, an exciting thriller, if the beloved Bio staff can manage to get the reels in the correct order. I wonder if anyone would notice though? The cast of this little beauty are Charles Bronson and Marlene Jobert.

Sunday 27th August is Western Sunday at the Bio. Henry Fonda pops up again, ably supported by James Stewart (what a man!), in Firecreek, whilst Stewart Granger (another old man of the West) stars in Flaming Frontier. If you’re into cowboys, this is for you.

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth with Patrick Allen and Victoria Vetri is showing for three days commencing on Monday 28th August. Times have changed, it’s my friend who thinks he rules earth now, and me especially. But I like it. Really though, it’s a super film if you like that sort of thing. Hammer films produced this historic piece. Also showing is Me,Me,Me And The Others What others? Gina (don’t say it when you’re tipsy) Lollobrigida and Walter Chiari are the principle actors in this bit of nonsense.

Thursday 31st August, for three days, has The People Next Door and C.C. And Company playing together. Well they might. Eli Wallach and Julie Harris do their thing in the former, whilst Ann-Margret (again) and Joe Namath perform together in the latter. Both portray middle-class America, are made by middle-class Americans, for middle-class Americans. Sure you’ll love them dears.

Treats on Sunday 3rd September for us. Richard (throb) Egan stars in Chubasco. But even more thrilly is another appearance by Rod Taylor, this time in Hotel. Rod shares acting credits with his friend Melvyn Douglas, and have they got their claws sharpened!

Sunflower, with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastrioianni (Fellini’s friend), is showing for three days starting Monday 4th September. Not such a bad film, it certainly hasn’t deserved the limited screenings it has had so far. One up for the Bio. Support is An Eye For An Eye starring Robert Lansing, who lances his way through this second feature attempted thrill-maker. Good B movie, ideal companion for the rather soft main feature.

Future delights at the Bio in early September are the ‘wicked’ Baby Love, and Cosa Nostra – Arch Enermy Of The F.B.I., with our old friend from Burke’s Law (remember?) Efrem Zimbalist Jnr. in the starring role.

Before I leave you let me say “knickers” to Mr. Copeland and his sergeant-at-arms Mr.Nespit (or something like that). Seriously though, please gentlemen don’t take things so seriously, everything can be fun, really. And please Gay News staff try and get my para’s in the right order (no offence soldier). Bye for now loves.

Ed. Did you notice Julian’s deliberate mistake?

Thursday 24th August
Macho Callahan : AA : David Jannsen & Jean Seberg
Rider On The Rain : AA : Charles Bronson & Marlene Jobert

Sunday 27th August
Firecreek : A : James Stewart & Henry Fonda
Flaming Frontier : U : Stewart Granger

Monday 28th August
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth : A : Patrick Allen & Victoria Vetri
Me, Me, Me And The Others : A : Walter Chiari & Gina Lollobrigida

Thursday 31st August
The People Next Door : X : Eli Wallach & Julie Harris
C.C. And Company : X : Ann-Margret & Joe Namath

Sunday 3rd September
Chubasco : A : Richard Egan
Hotel : A : Rod Taylor & Melvyn Douglas

Monday 4th September
Sunflower : A : Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastrioianni
Eye For An Eye : A : Robert Lansing Thursday 7th September
Baby Love : X : Ann Lynn & Linda Hayden
The Hell Benders : X : Joseph Cotten

The Biograph,
Wilton Road, Victoria, SW1.


Love Knoweth No Laws*

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* Chaucer.

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  • SOUNDS. Drag-Mobile Disco/lights. Simply the best. Built-in drag show or male floor show if desired Pete 01-743 9930 (5-7 pm)
    Bold catalogues describe and show
    (For just a 20 pence p.o.)
    Gay, virile, naked, handsome guys
    Of every type, shape, age and size
    In crisply detailed shots and scenes
    From gayest films and magazines.
    You’ll get one magazine quite free
    With your first order Write and see!
    PO Box 10269, Amsterdam, Holland.
  • Gays Dance Close Together at Dicks Inn. See Information Page.
  • Have A Clean Up !
    For General House Cleaning or Spring Cleaning. Phone : 723 8842 or 402 6881.
  • 6 Berth and 4 Berth Caravans Vacant, Dover Cliff’s Caravan Park. Lovely Van’s, Reasonable Charges. ‘Leros’, 71 Myddelton Square, London EC1.
  • David Delacey for your Drag or “Special” costumes. My designs or yours. Sequinning a speciality. 38 Somerfield Road, London N4. Tel: 01-226 8980 (evenings – weekends).

Classified Ad Rates

COMMERCIAL ADS. 5p a word. No Box Number service available.
NON COMMERCIAL ADS. 2p a word. Box Numbers 30p.
PERSONAL ADS.2p.a word. Box Numbers 30p. (Owing to lack of space, we ask users of the Personal Ads to try and not use more than 30 words.)
SEMI-DISPLAY (Boxed Classified)
£1.50 extra.
All information listings are free.
All Ads must be prepaid.

Display Ad Rates

Prices quoted on request.


05-197208xx-11This corner is really a long list – of places, people you might like to know about or one day need. We can only, of course, publish the information that comes to us.


It hopes to have an introduction and accommodation service eventually. Write to Box No 99 (do Gay News) or ring: (01) 769 7965 anytime.

Meetings Wednesday 8.00pm, at the South London Women’s Liberation Centre, 14 Radnor Terrace, SW8. All women welcome.

CAMPAIGN FOR HOMOSEXUAL EQUALITY is urgently seeking office premises in or near Central London, preferably with telephone already installed. 300 square feet approx, required. CHE would be happy to share with another organisation if necessary If you have, or know of, a place vacant, write to : Derek Brookfield, 7 Bruton Grove, Crouch End, London N8 9EX.

New CHE group at BARKING, c/0 George Jordan, 39a Mansfield Road. Ilford Tel 554 3337.

‘CHALLENGE’ is a London based homosexual group (recently heard on ‘Speakeasy ) that meets each week for a drink and a chat – why don’t you join us? Ring Martin at 427 8175 or Sid at 328 4647.

“Gay Cambridge”, a joint CHE/GLF group covering both the town and university. Meets every fortnight, wekkly in university term. Contact Bernard Greaves, 29 John Street, Cambridge, phone Cambridge 52661 or Pat Jones, 48 Milton Road, Cambridge, phone 55772.

Putney/Wimbledon/Richmond CHE group forming. Men AND Women. We plan to meet at least once a month. Write: Fred Green, 368 Upper Richmond Road. Putney SW15 2TU.

Gay Unity, Harrow. For details phone Jamie at 863 1184 or Alex at 422 7890 Meets on Mondays

Newcastle GLF Dance August 25 at Sallyport Tower. Licensed bar until midnight. Group, Disco and possibly a lightshow Tickets are 35p., available from all members of Newcastle GLF.

GAYSOC For London University students. Meets regularly in term Send s.a.e. to Gaysoc. ULU, Malet Street. London WC1.

FRIEND is the advisory and befriending service of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality Call (Monday and Friday 7.30 to 9.30 pm) or write to Friend, Centre. Broadley Terrace. London NW1.

CHE. An All London Political Action Group is in the process of formation. Will anyone who wants further information on this campaigning group write to: Derek Brookfield, 7 Britton Grove, Crouch End, London N8 9EX.

Women’s Disco Benefit in solidarity with The Fakenham v Brannon Women. On Friday 1st September at Sols Arms. Hampstead Road. London (Warren St. Tube). Admission only 10p + collection. Bar — Bookstall – Film. Organised by Gay Socialist Women’s Group.

Sussex G.L.F. Disco every Friday 8-11pm at Stanford Arms, Preston Circus, Brighton. Only 15p.

Sappho meets every first Monday in the month, at the Museum Tavern 7.30pm. upstairs room. Great Russell Street. London WC1. All women are welcome. Sappho magazine is available at 2Sp for single copies, plus postage,(Subs rates are unchanged) from Sappho Publications Ltd., BCM/Petrel, London WC1.

Women’s Liberation Workshop – 22 Great Windmill Street. London W1. Tel: 437 6118.


Chilterns (Berkhampstead South Essex (Basildon)
/Amersham) South Herts (Watford/St Albans)
Colchester Southampton/Bournemouth
Crouch End Stoke-on-Trent
Croydon Swansea/Carmarthen
East Kent (Canterbury) Teeside
Guildford Tunbridge Wells
Halifax/Huddersfield. Tyneside
Ilford Windsor
Leeds Wirral
Lewisham Wolverhampton
Liverpool Wolverhampton & District worker’s group
Acton/Ealing London
Central Manchester
Highbury/Islington Oxford
Kilburn Kent
Manchester Liverpool
Northampton Devon
Oxford Leicester
Portsmouth Enfield
Reading Barking
Sheffield Preston
Shropshire Taunton

Many local group organisers are wary of having their names and addresses publicised, so for the time being please contact all CHE groups via the national office: 28 KENNEDY STREET. MANCHESTER 2. Telephone 061-228 1985


At present there ere GLF groups in operation in the following areas:

Aberystwth Essex University Reading
Bath Folkstone Sheffield
Bristol Greenoch Swansea
Brent Guernsey Sussex
Bedfordshire Higham Ferrers
Birmingham Hull LONDON
Belfast Keele University South London
Bradford Lancaster West London
Cambridge Leicester East London
Cheltenham Leeds Notting Hill
Canterbury Manchester Hackney
Cardiff Newcastle Youth Group
Colchester Norwich Religious Group
Derby Oxford Women’s Group
Durham Portsmouth
Edinburgh Potteries

The addresses of these groups may be obtained from the G.L.F. Office at 5 Caledonian Road. London N1. Tube Kings Cross. Tel: 01-837 7174. Also contact here for other G.L.F. information.

Gay Women’s Liberation Group, Contact Gillian 837 4502. Meets Wednesdays 7.30pm.

G.L.F. Youth and Education Group meets on Mondays. Phone 837 7174 for details.

Religious Gay Lib Group, meets various Sundays at 2.30 pm. Phone 278 1701 for details.

West London G.L.F. meets every Thursday at 8 00pm upstairs at the ‘White Lion’ pub. Putney High Street, just south of Putney Bridge Tube Putney Bridge. Buses 93. 220 and Green Line 718. BR Putney. Disco there every Wednesday.

Sussex GLF meets Tuesdays at 8.15pm upstairs/back bar Stanford Arms. Preston Circus Brighton. Contact: Doug Coupe. 40 Ashford Road. Brighton, or phone Ray at 686939

Reading Gay Alliance. Room 7, 30 London Road, Reading

Bath Gay Awareness Group. Contact Richard or Teresa at Bath 29437.

Bristol Gay Awareness Group, c/o Tony, 200. West Mall. Clifton. Brrstol. Tel: 0272 32669

Leicester Gay Awareness Group, Contact John Page, 126 Nansen Road. Leicester LE5 5NJ. Phone Leicester 738832

Leads GLF, Liberation Office. 153 Wood-House Lane. Leeds 2. Tel: 0532-39071 Ex 57. Meetings every Friday at 7.30pm at the Liberation Office.


EDINBURGH, from 7.45pm to 9.00pm on Mondays. m the basement of 23 George Square. Check with Mike Coulson at 031-225 4395 between 1.OOpm and 10.00pm. Women’s Group at 7.30pm Saturdays from 9 30pm to 12.30 pm, coffee/food/dance at the same address.

During August and first half of September, 23 George Square is closed. Check with Mike Coulson.

GLASGOW,meetings every Tuesday at 8.00pm at 8 Dunearn Street. Glasgow C4. Women’s Group at 184 Swinton Road, at 8.00pm. Third Friday of every month at 214 Clyde Street (library of community house) invited speakers, from 8pm.

DUNDEE, every Friday at Dundee University Chaplaincy. Social. Details from 041-771 7600.

ABERDEEN. Weekly social meetings. Details from 041-771 7600


KINGS ARMS. Liverpool Street, London.
(corner of Pinder Street) Tube/BR Liverpool Street.
Dicks Inn, Gay Disco every Monday
Compere Tricky Dicky.

THE ARABIAN. Cambridge Heath Road, London. (corner of Bishops Way) Tube Bethnal Green/Bus 277. Dicks Inn, Gay Disco – closed for the Summer. Re-opens early October.

THE FATHER RED CAP Boys Only, Girls Only, and Mixed Disco’s.

KINGS ARMS, Liverpool Street, London.
(corner of Pindar Street)
Tube/BR Liverpool Street. Buses 8,8A,22,6, 47,97.
Tricky Dicky Show on Saturday Nights. 8.30-11 00. Admission Free. Saloon Bar Disco. Impersonations etc. Gay Atmosphere.


THE CRICKETERS, Battersea Park Road, SW11.
(BR Battersea Park).

Sun. The Trollettes. Fri. Various Artistes.
Tues. Steel Band. Say. Singalong & Dancing.
Wed. Various Artistes. Compere/Organist
Thurs. Talent Night. Kenneth Mancell.

THE DORSET ARMS, 124 Clapham Road, SW4 (Oval Tube)

Tuesdays. Michael and Bow. Thursdays. Michael.
Sundays. Michael and Bow.

THE NEW BLACK CAP 171 Camden High Street, NW1 (Camden Town Tube) Drag Every Night.
Featured artists include Mark Fleming, Bow, Mrs Shufflewick, Jean Fredericks, New Dumbells, Sandy Graham, Chris Kay.

Alan McGorrin is Gay News’s super salesman at The Black Cap. Be nice to him, he works very hard for us.


372 Kennington Lane, SE11. (Vauxhall).

Thursday (Alt.) Mr.Tammy or Lee Paris with Lettuce.
Friday. Mr.Tammy. Monday. Bow.
Saturday. Lee Paris. Wednesday. Lee Paris.
Sunday. (Lunch) Bow. New Act Starting Soon.
Sunday. (Night) Mr.Tammy.

ROYAL OAK. 62 Glenthorne Road, W6 (Hammersmith). Drag every night except Tuesday.

ELEPHANT AND CASTLE’. South Lambeth Place. SW8 (Vauxhall). Every nght except Tuesday.
Friday Mark Fleming

OXFORD TAVERN 256 Kentish Town Road. NW5 (Kentish Town) Drag on Tues. Wed. and Thurs.
Resident host Perri St Clair.

309 Harrow Road,W9 (Westbourne Park)
Drag on Wednesday and Sunday (Lunch & Eve)

THE BELL. Pentonville Road, N1 (Kings Cross).
Every Alt. Friday. Derek Rees. – Sandy Roy

THE BUSH HOTEL. 2, Goldhawk Road, W.12. (Goldhawk Road). Every Thursday.

Alexandra Road, St.John.s Wood, NW8
Wednesday’s Mr Angel. Friday’s Derek Rees.

This is a list of some of the pubs in London that regularly have Drag Acts. Information of out of London pubs featuring drag will be added to this list as we receive it. So if your local has something good happening at it, let us know; and that goes for you landlords as well.

GAY NEWS will always be on sale at the following pubs:

MARSH HOTEL (Mike & Eileen) Canute Road, Southampton.
Semi Gay. Disco every Thursday night. Also: THE ANCHOR (Pat & Geoff) East Street, Southampton. Gay girls and boys. Disco every Fri & Sat

MARIO’S CLUB, Stenford Street, off Castlegate, Nottingham.

Nottingham – Roebuck, Mansfield Road, room upstairs

THE PLOUGH, Great Munden Herts. A.10 thru’ Ware (Herts), signpost on left to The Mundens. At the end of side road turn right – pub is on right. About 3 miles off the A.10

Postage costs are very high, so when you write to us, could you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the reply – if you want a reply, that is.