Some Of My Best Friends Are Doctors

LONDON: Even the sub-dean of Guy’s Hospital Medical School learned a little about the gay world at the London Medical Group symposium on Society’s Responsibility to the Homosexual, which was addressed by a Cambridge criminologist; Antony Grey — “Britain’s number one homosexual” — of the Albany Trust; and a Roman Catholic priest who has written a book on advising gays.

Professor J. R. Trounce was the symposium’s chairman and he told the meeting: “This is something that I, for one, know very little about.”

He then heard the cold medical facts from Dr D. J. West, of the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology, who said: “It is not identical to have sexual relations with a member of the same sex and to have a preference to have sex with the same sex.

“In recent years it has become possible to measure the response that homosexuals have for other men. Most recently the penis measurement machine has made it possible to be accurate in this form of response measurement.

“It is fairly sure now that the only people who can be ‘cured’ of homosexuality are those who would like to have sex with the other sex. In fact, the rate of success of clinicians turning homosexuals into heterosexuals is very small.

“I think this is because of the widespread nature with which this condition occurs – that is what causes it. The fact that it is so common leads one to doubt how it can be purely pathological.

“By and large, no survey of both male and female homosexuals has been carried out in this country.

“Until recently we were told that male and female hormones were present in the male homosexual. The general feeling now is that homosexuality is decided by endocryne levels. The level of andronogens will alter the strength of the sexual drive of the individual.

“Most homosexuals see themselves as males or females. In many cases there is a very strong attachment to mother and a disturbed relationship with father.

“In the case of transexuals, the feelings for mother and against father could almost be called psychotic.”

Mr Antony Grey, managing trustee of the Albany Trust said he had once been introduced as Britain’s number one homosexual. He said: “The problem about homosexuality is really ignorance.

“It is a disgrace that sex education and even professional training for doctors ignores sexual deviation.

“The law is very discriminatory against homosexuals. The police have more interest in harassing homosexuals rather than investigating heterosexual offences.

“The stigma applied to someone who declares himself to be a homosexual is immense. Society’s responsibility to the homosexual is the same as society’s responsibility to anyone: that is to let them exist in society as people without any restraint being put upon them.

The Rev Michael Holings, author of the book ‘Counselling the Homosexual’ gave a Christian view of homosexuality. He pointed out that: “When I wrote my booklet, I knew that to the majority of the Roman Catholic Church homosexuality meant just one phrase ‘mortal sin’. But if you are a human being you have to recognise that human beings are different.”

After the speeches the audience, mainly medical students, was allowed to ask the speakers questions. All of them came from gays. The medical students stayed silent – perhaps they did not want to learn.

Laurence Collinson, author of the banned book ‘Cupid’s Crescent’ said: “Dr West raised the subject of transexuality, which is very different from homosexuality, but that is not the impression he gave.”

U.S. Gays And Elections Fight

Gays have entered the National Political arena this American election year of ’72. Five explicit homosexuals successfully captured delegate and/or alternate delegate seats to the Democratic National Convention. They were chosen by their electorates in New York City and Buffalo, New York; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and San Fransisco, California. Our gay delegates addressed the United States Government, the people of America and the World in twenty minutes of International TV network time. In stirring rhetoric they told of the denial of civil liberties exercised at all levels of government and business against twenty million homosexuals here and urged the passage of their Gay Rights Plank. The proposed plank fell to the voice “No” vote, but Gay History had been made and Homosexuals had now become a visible minority.

They became so visible that when a Gay Activist came to the Republican Platform Committee some months later, with a small group of gay lobbyists, they were greeted with the sight of a vicious caricature of a homosexual, a black welfare woman and a woman for abortion, an American Indian and others depicted on the cover of the Republican Party’s official magazine, First Monday. It was the Party’s blatant message to all its members and especially to their platform committee, which was meeting that week, to ‘hands off’ sensitive issues.

Gays burned some fifty copies of First Monday gleefully and furiously, in turns, in front of the Fountainbleau Hotel, used as Republican Headquarters. The demonstrators were a small but extremely vocal group of gay non-delegates from all over the US. They were subjected to covert police brutality but continued cheering and jeering. ‘Gay is angry! Gay is proud! …’ brandishing flaming magazines in the air before adding them to the sidewalk bonfire. It was a very hot day. Over twenty police cars carrying tour pigs each arrived. Added to the fifty already present, gays were outnumbered six to one, but kept right on burning, chanting and making speeches.

As the Republican Convention Week progressed it became apparent that the Nixon Administration, unlike the McGovern group, exercised media blackout of gay activities and just about the only ‘gays’ to get coverage were the known CIA agents in our midst.

Riot Wednesday came and about two hundred gays cast their lot with radical groups to demonstrate against the war and to smear the Nixon image. They were maced, gassed and roughed up along with SDS, VVAW, etc, and tourists and old-people bystanders. Demonstrators were finally beaten back to Flamingo Park after some four hours of street battle, only to have their Medic Hospital thoroughly gassed and their camp guards maced under the glare and rumble of the State helicopters.

The Nixon overkill, so evident in Vietnam, was activated against America. Over 1000 nondelegates were arrested, about fifty of them explicit homosexuals certified by their gay buttons. (They were treated beautifully by their straight cellmates those two days in jail.) Most of the non-delegates elected to stay in jail and were released to get rid of them without posting their assigned bond.

It is noteworthy that a national gay effort by various groups has taken place in this immense and diverse country. Our Convention Summer of ’72 portends an additional directioning in America which is viable and national and which can effectively augment the mighty efforts of regional and/or factional groups.

Edda Cimino Female co-ordinator of National Coalition of Gay Organisations for the Republican National Convention

New Gay Movement

The inaugural meeting of the GAY CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT was held on Thursday 28 September, with the view to creating a movement able to effectively change the law.

It is in no way a rival to GLF or CHE which we believe have a place in the political spectrum, CHE certainly has its uses; it gives sympathetic help, but is ineffectual politically. GLF can be an effective political organisation but at present seems to be primarily concerned with such vague terms as ‘Sexism’, while seemingly ignoring the vast majority of unliberated gays.

The aims and ideas of the Gay Civil Rights Movement can be summarised as follows:

  1. General Legal Reform
    1. With particular reference to police harassment;
    2. All operations designed to alter the patient’s sexuality, such as lobotomy, to be undertaken only with the full written consent of the patient, regardless of their age;
    3. The age of consent to be lowered to 14;
    4. A new and effective law to halt any form of discrimination in Housing, Jobs and Education.
  2. A General Emphasis on Youth and Education Sex Education – the subject of homosexuality/bi-sexuality should be included in the sex education programme at all schools and medical schools.
  3. Restriction and Protection viz advertising, which promotes heterosexuality as a materialistic gain, etc.
  4. Counselling
    A special counselling service for gay people, just coming out.
  5. Integration with the Population En Masse
    To create a situation whereby the majority of the population, which is bisexual, can express its homosexuality openly and naturally, without necessarily losing its heterosexuality.

David Seligman and Frank Honore

ED: Though a member of the editorial collective is associated with the Gay Civil Rights Movement, it is in no way affiliated with Gay News.

Marriage Was A Drag

LONDON: A woman got a divorce here from a husband who dressed up in women’s clothes. He belonged to a transvestite society, and this, with everything else, made his conduct intolerable the divorce court said. The court that gave Mrs Suzanne Dillon, of Hendon, a divorce heard that from the time she married her 26-year-old husband in 1968, he had enjoyed wearing drag.

To start with she thought it was a joke, but after a while, they went to see a psychiatrist, who pronounced Mr Dillon “biologically a perfectly normal male.”

The wife never complained when he did not ‘make a home for her’ as they were running a sandwich bar in Victoria, her parents bought for them, but she did object when he spent £600 on videotape equipment, which he told her would make money for them.

His plan was, it is claimed, to make blue movies and sell them, and he contacted people who were willing to perform through a sex-contact magazine called Exit.

The judge, who was summing up at the end of the hearing, said that Suzanne and her husband had not had satisfactory sex since six weeks after the end of their honeymoon.

She said that he had been to the doctor and been given male hormone pills, but he wouldn’t keep taking them, although, while he was taking them as prescribed “he was almost like a man.”

The judge said the husband found sex with his wife was “unsatisfactory because as he

put it to me in the witness box there was not

When he gave the wife a divorce, Judge Dunn said that he was satisfied that she had objected to her husband’s transvestitism. Even in a letter written to his wife, the husband had described himself as “selfish, inconsiderate lying, unaffectionate, no-good and bigheaded.”

He rejected the husband’s application that the marriage had broken up because of his wife’s adultery.

enough variety and because of this his unconscious will to dress up as a woman was brought forward.

As the wife refused to let the husband dress up in the house, he joined the Beaumont Society 1969, about which Mr Justice Dunn said: “Members of this society, I understand, are all males, meet at various premises, dress up as women and take photographs of one another, and call one another by women’s names.”

The wife found letters from Edna and Pamela in her husband’s pockets – both of these were from members of the society. Both were from men.

He asked his wife to go along to the Beaumont Society’s meetings, but she refused to because she found the idea “revolting”.

She had sex with her husband’s friend and left her husband at the end of 1969.