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Love Knoweth No Laws*

Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you, and us, if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

* Chaucer.

Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS: when replying to a box ad please write the box number on the envelope, and send it to Gay News, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Box number replies cannot be discussed on the telephone. If you wish to send a stamp with your box. no. reply, please do not attach it to reply.

East London Gay Guy seeks Gay Friends. Box 513

Very Good Looking Young Man, early 20’s, longish hair, seeks same to cane and/or be caned by. Uninterested in old-style leather scene. Photo please. Box 515

Lesbian (40) would like to meet others Braintree, Dunmow, Bishops Stortford. Box 514

Bachelor (Midlands) 49, would like to meet correspond with similar, also for holidays and weekends, interested in music and literature. Box 512

Slim London Leather Chap, 29, with own flat, seeks similar uninhibited types. Photo for exchange and phone no. guarantees Quick reply. Box 511

Lonely Young Man, 21, wishes to meet others, 21-30, for sincere friendship. Any area. Box 437

Man, 35, wishes to meet young affectionate, not camp, working or professional male to share small house W7. Own room if required, to share interests and home expenses. Photo essential. Box 438

What about gay life in Wellingborough, Kettering and Northerns Anyone interested in getting it started for I love you all. Box 439

Active Male (38) wishes to meet younger passive friends, not effeminate. Preferably Midlands area. Box 440

Athletic Man, 33, with own pad – car, in Central London, seeks younger friends interested in jeans, sport and motoring. Photo please, ALA. Box 441 or phone 222-4686

Homosexual Male Nurse seeks a loving friend in Midland area. Photo appreciated. Box 443

John, 26, South London, seeks genuine friends, likes leather and denim NOT S/M, sense of humour, driving, pop music. Photo appreciated. Box 444

Young Racing Driver with own car seeks young friends/assistants to help weekends at race circuits, and for gay friends in Southend/Essex area. Photo please, ALA. Box 445

Reading Gay Girl – early 20’s wishes to hear from other Gay Girls. Box 446

Living TV, 24, having operation, seeks kind and understanding gay needing gentle, tender, compatent female to attend his needs. Prefer 21-35 with own London accommodation. Photo please, discretion assured. (I’m not beautiful) Toni : Box 447

Edinburgh Male, 40, car owner, own place, wants friends aged 21-40, wide and varied interests, no effeminates. Box 448

Lonely Gay Guy seeks another pref. 30-40 to share mod. s/c flat Chiswick. About £35 p.c.m. Leather/Rubber type welcome. Genuine only please, ring 995-2640

Guy, 28, tall, slim, athletic build, no kinks but becoming interested in denim and leather, wishes to contact others 25 to 30 similarly interested. Photo helps. London. Box 449

Gay Student, 29, interested camping, hill walking, travel, also in French, German, wishes to correspond with others. Write: Alan Court, Johnston Hall, College Bounds, Aberdeen.

Used Male Underwear wanted, also photos or tattoos. Box 450

Gay Male Graduate, 24, Manchester, wants to meet similar 20/30’s. Photo please. Box 451

ROBERT – Sorry I did not appear, impossible to get to London – LAD

Athletic Male 32 with strong attraction towards plump or heavy guys, wrestling fan, wishes to meet similar for friendship etc. Photo please. Box 453

Are you cheesed off with cruising and one night stands? I’m looking for something more permanent. Versatile, 34, own place, London. Please send photo. All letters answered. Box 454

“The smile on the face of the tiger”; when can I see it again? October 9th was an age ago. Robert.

W.14. Guy (24) seeks similar non-effeminate type for permanent sincere relationship. Box 455

Young Man, 23, London virgin, seeks advice on problem as when close contact is made person holds back, freezes (etc) Genuine case, genuine replies only. Box 456

EXECUTIVE, 34, TRANSFERED TO LONDON SHORTLY seeks young social contacts, any race, maybe roommate. I’m masculine, young looking & thinking & can afford a few of the nicer things in life. Sincere only. Photo helps, will be returned Let’s correspond! MAX, PO Box 26017, Los Angeles 90026, USA.

Gay Guy, 22, wants to meet boy, same age or younger. Central London area, for regular relationship. Interests football, movies, politics. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 457

Young Businessman being posted to Paris, seeks advice, as spoken French is poor. Box 519

Oxford and area. Man, early 30’s, professional so discreet, yet relaxed and even human, wants to meet men or women, same age group. Interests: Arts, kicking dead leaves about in Blenheim and ?Box 458

Somewhere Winchester/Southampton area, must be nice personalble mod youngster, seeking sincere loving companionship, gentle mature male, own flat, car etc. Please write with photo. ALA. Box 459

Young Man (27) seeks friends, 21-30 years of age, graduate pref. Box 460

Gay 36 seeks passive non-effeminate to share fully furnished flat N.London from early Dec, £6.50. Photo and full details please to Box 461

Tall, Young, Non-Effeminate Guy (27) seeks similar friends up to 28yrs. Interests include cinema, football etc. Photo essential. London and Notts. Box 462

Male (32) seeks friendship of sincere active guys around own age, or younger. No fees either way. Please write, with photo if possible. Also would like to meet Gay Girl. ALA. Box 452

Ameteur Physique Photographer willing to produce colour pictures of any younger man with good build willing to pose free – 15 pictures per session. Phone Anthony 222-4686 or Box 442

Young Skinhead with haircut, denim, boots, wants leather boys, young sportsmen to train and discipline. Photos get first reply. Box 463

Professional Guy/PT male model, 24, married, still living with young son and sympathetic understanding wife, wishes to meet other young married men in same/similar circumstances. Photo appreciated – returnable. Box 464

Shy, Gentle, Hirsute Male 24, very lonely, seeks friends under 25 in Manchester area. Box 465

Non British Male, 26, Tall, slim, dark, curly hair, brown eyed, masculine type, speaks French, English, Hebrew, seeks genuine relationship. ALA. Box 435

Attractive, Dark (29) discreet professional, seeks non-effeminate active friends for honest, sincere friendship. Photo returnable with mine. ALA Box 466

Jersey. Gay bachelor, young 51, wishes to meet sincere friends for close friendship. My interests include leather, rubber and denim. Own car. No effeminates please. Box 467

Live In The U.S.A. ! Executive, 35. masculine, needs companion-assistant. Under 30, slim, presentable. Race education & social background unimportant if sincere, adaptable, reliable, warm. Some world-wide travel involved. Modest pay and all found. Interview London before Xmas. Send full personal info and photo (returnable) in confidence, airmail to: Boxholder, P.O.Box 20621, Los Angeles 90006, USA.

Incurably romantic Bachelor. Passive disposition, aged 48, seeks, lively male partner. Box 468

Anybody interested in being looked after by attractive, well dressed, gay boy (23) slim, 6ft 2in, trained in hotel work, good cook, also would like to do some model work, prefers older partner, London area. ALA. Box 469

Male, under 30 ?Feel in need of correction ? I am young, good-looking with canes and a strong right arm. Box 470

Gay Man financially sound, living in country (flat in London) would like to meet Gay Young, nice looking man for true friendship. Please write (with photo) Only if you are Genuine, Sincerely Prefer company of kind, generous, helpful, understanding, sincere affectionate Man Of 42. All letters answered. Box 472

French or German ?Gay English (male) student wishes to meet you for friendship and mutual help with languages. Fun loving out sincere advert. Photo appreciated. London. Box 473

Male Student (20’s) would like to meet similar age group who enjoy good company and are fun to be with. Photo appreciated if possible. Bayswater. Rox 474

Tall, acitve, 30’s, would like to hear from noneffeminate guy in early 20’s interested in music, theatre, travel. London area, photo appreciated. ALA. Box 475

Michael, 25, non-camp seeks London friends 21-28. Prefers well-built masculine guys. Turned on by Greeks, Italians etc. Needs and offers lots of love. Photo appreciated. Box 476

Shy and Lonely Passive Gay Guy, 36, good-looking, clean, wishes to meet mature men of interest for friendship. Own home, and car, non-effeminate Please send photo, (returnable with mine also my phone no.) Not older than 40. ALA. Box 477

Dublin. Male, 38, sincere, discreet, seeks companion with own pad. Box 478

Bisexual, 23, seeks friends, male and female, to share wide range of interests. Studied drama at university, now training as social worker. Write Tony Trackman, 127 Queens Road, London SW19, or Tel: 542 3106.

Drag is a drag (is a drag is a drag). Who will kick the system ?There must be SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE who is into the implications of it all. Pubs are where the people are. Is there no-one in GLF, CHE, Equity, VAF, etc. anywhere, who will use drag as a political weapon ?(Marc Flemyng we salute you but you play for cheap laughs not for revolution). Talent is essential but education and intelligence are just as important. I will manage and produce you. Let’s sock it to them. baby. (BONUS – if you’re GORGEOUS I will r.m you). Beulah, 01-603 3646

Professional female, 49, own home in Surrey, enjoys bridge, fond of animals, seeks loving lasting relationship with another women. Box 479

Attractive 6′ guy (22) ex-rent, student (Genet 11 hardly) based London/Cambridge, seeks friends under 30 with noble soul in noble body. Box 480

Bachelor (42) Lancashire seeks younger, slim, not effeminate man and can offer Friday night accommodation. Box 481

Young Man, 21, slim, not effeminate, seeks similar for lasting relationship. Photo please. Box 516

Lonely, like me, this Christmas ? Genuine guy, early 20’s, wants to share holiday with student/young fella. Have own luxury flat, London. No camp please – photo with mine – thanks. Box 517

Northampton – good looking long haired youth, wishes to meet nice guys. Photo’s if possible. Northants/Anywhere. Box 518

Gay passive, gentle disposition, clean, healthy, discreet, wishing to extend limited practising experience seeks active over 30 of similar nature. Box 482
Would the person who placed the above ad, please I get in touch with us at Gay News as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.

Executive, 32, just moved to Peckham seeks local friends all nationalities. Own house and car. Also wants penfriends, any country. Box 483

Railwayman, 32. seeks similar for weekends and Bank Holiday trips by rail to Amsterdam and other Gay Continental places. Box 485

Good Looking Slim 6ft 26 year old wants to be pillion to bile owning leather/denim guy. Interested in long trips and all outdoor sports. Photo if possible. Box 486

Gay Girl (19) with little experience! needs a helping hand, with a girl attached to it, for friendship and outings. Box 487

Professional Man (Life begins at 40!) would like to share modern house with young male who likes comfort – and freedom. Own room – use of car. Write with photo. Box 488. Tulse Hill, SW2.

Gay Night Worker (Printer) 28, own large flat Enfield, seeks similar, view to sharing costs 50-50 basis. Box 489

Will the boy in the yellow sweater and jeans who sat next to me on the 12.40 to Tunbridge Wells on Guy Fawkes Day please write to me. I had a black poloneck and green cords and was reading the Sunday Mirror. Box 520

London Man, 24, not beautiful, experienced or sophisticated. God, I sound bad on paper! But I need someone. Photo please if you can. Box 521

Italian speaking Londoner (28) wishes to meet Italians for conversation and friendship. Box 522

Insecure Guy aged 26 seeks affectionate mate. Intelligence and sincerity more important than looks or physique. Box 490

Cornwall. Young 40 wishes to meet other males 21-40. Keen water sports, wide interests. Box 491

Highly sexed active bachelor seeks slim young passive friends up to 26 for mutual pleasure, love and companionship. Photo please (returnable) Hospitality offered. Box 492

Good looking boy, bored with lonely life, is looking for sincere, pretty youngster with whom he could spend time. Box 493

Young 40, seeks sincere normal looking 21-30 to share house with view to starting own business, permanent sincere relationship offered and expected. London area. Box 494

24 year-old Aquarian wishes to meet a Starman but needs a rocket to blast him into orbit. Offers please to Box 49b

Young Guy, Brighton based, own car, seeks good-looking, Cassidy-like bloke of means for “companionship and all that jazz”. Photo rather necessary. Box 496

Bachelor (50) passive, own home, central South Coast, seeks active companions of same age group. Box 497

Gay Friend, aged up to 28 Leeds wanted, not effeminate, clean shaven, for single gay with own house. Photo please. All Answers Replied. Box 498

Male, 32, gay, slim, good appearance, spontaneous, warm hearted, cultured, seeks similar (London, Surrey, Middlesex area). Interests: music, sailing and sport. I promise to answer any replies by return. I have my own flat. Box 499

Executive, 44, personable, active but inhibited, nothing to brag about, tastes literary, domestic, needs intelligent, understanding, completely faithful, resident partner in steady work. Detached house, dull suburb ½ hour tube to Oxford Circus. Reasonable, share expenses, negotiable. No orgies, no oncers etc. Good home for right person. Box 500.


Gay Guy 26 (Israeli) seeks accommodation in London. Like to share with Guy(s), any age. Box 435

Gay Girl, Professional, would like share flat in SE London with 2,3, 4 others. Contact Terry King, 2 St.German’s Place. London SE3.

Guy 27, seeks flat share with genuine gay guy, not effeminate, 22-30, N.London. Phone No. if possible. Box 510

Brighton young gay couple (male) seeks to rent/share furnished/unfurnished flat/house urgently. Phone evenings BTN 772681.

Double Pad (Also Bedsitter £4) West London Box 509

Peaceful gay freak needs room in shared house or flat. Up to £6 rent p.w. Phone Dick at 435-7726.

Gay News Newsman urgently seeks room in shared house/flat. About £6 per week. Must be on telephone in inner/West London. Call Peter on 01 402 7805

Man 23 seeks share in nice flat towards Central London. Box 503

Part House, Crumpsall , Manchester. Lease available for single person; reference. Double bedroom, single bedroom, living room, bathroom/toliet, kitchen. £10.50 per week. Phone 061-737 8406 before 9.00 am.

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01-402 7805 or write to: 19 London Street, London W2 1HL.


House-Owner, 33, Peckham, seeks helper for a few hours each week to clean, paint and maintain house. Good Pay. Possibly live in after Xmas – own room – low rent. Box 484

Retired Headmaster teaches Latin, English, Maths. Own flat. Moderate Fees. Box 471

Young Man, ex-drama school etc., available from December. Offers/details to Edward, 243 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent. Letters Only.

Actor/Dancer (24) resting and penniless urgently requires part time work. Anything legal considered. Ring Michael at 452-6665

Intelligent, attractive continental male, 22, desperately needs money. Evenings and weekends, anything legal considered. Box 508

Young Asian, recently from Kenya, seeks employment, has good commercial background. Will consider anything reasonable. Box 507

Gay Sound Engineer (22) looking for employment in a studio or theatre in the London area. Have own sound equipment and car. Box 506

Young Man, 23, graduate, versatile, seeks employment, anything legal considered. Box 504

Handyman over 21 wanted for large country house in Sussex. Live in. Sense of humour essential Box 505
Would the person who placed the above ad please contact Gay News as soon as possible. Thank you.


In London visit “Los Chicos”, 312 Old Brompton Road. Earl’s Court, for a Gay evening. Weekdays 10-2 . Weekends 10-3.


House Purchase. Anyone living London area interested in joint house purchase (or co-ownership scheme) please write Box 501

Tamla Motown Records Sale. 20p. Mondays at Dicks Inn Discotheque.

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