Oh, Oh Susanah

IMAGES, directed by Robert Altman. Starring Susanah York. Released by Hemdale

IMAGES is a wow, a really good movie. Its main theme (in spite of what some bad advertising says) is madness. This subject is normally looked at in the cinema from the viewpoint of the sane, observing the actions of the insane, and rarely therefore, does it ever seem very real. We never get told what it is like to be mad.

Images is the second movie I’ve seen giving a view of the world from inside the mind of someone slipping into complete insanity. The other film was Polanski’s cruder attempt in ‘Repulsion’. There are a few superficial similarities, sexual fantasy and sinister telephone calls, violence real or imagined and a wealth of domestic detail.

Images is more subtle (less of a horror flic) infinitely more credible but still visually and emotionally shocking.

The central figure is Kathryn (beautifully underplayed by Susanah York) a dreamy looking creature, whose voice we hear in the background endlessly composing a fantasy story. Most of the action takes place when she and her husband, who provides the comic relief, come down to their country house for a stay. Too little of the countryside is shown, but enough to suggest the primitive aspect and isolation of the area, it’s not Cotswold’s coach trip country.

Kathryn begins to see things and people that aren’t there, ie her husband reaching to embrace her turns into someone else, a randy neighbour turns into her husband, and a camera into an old lover.

The most frightening part of the fantasy is rather like the Doppleganger legend, walking down a road on a hazy day you see someone in the distance approaching, as he or she comes nearer you realise it’s yourself. Then, the legend has it, you die.

Kathryn does not die, but certainly comes face to face with herself on a few frightening occasions in the movie. The film is often confusing, the difference between reality and fantasy becomes less marked. We are forced to change our minds again and again about whether or not some things (the stabbing of her neighbour) did or didn’t happen.

In spite of some flaws, it’s a beautifully made, very personal film and needs to be seen more than once, I feel. Otherwise one might share to a greater or lesser degree the feeling of a lady in front of me who said, as we got up to leave, “What happened?”

Son Of The Melody Maker

SYREETA – Mowest MWS 7001
CHAMELEON – Franki Valli & The Four Seasons – Mowest MWSA 5501

New from the Tamla Motown Corporation is Mowest Records. The label was set up to handle artists emerging from the West Coast of America. It has been in existence for a year in the States, and has now been launched in this country. Whilst occasionally finding fault with Motown, I cannot deny that they are responsible for some of the most entertaining and satisfying popular recorded music available today. And with that in mind, I expect to be well rewarded with much fine music from Mowest.

The initial album releases are an interesting pair. One is the first solo venture of Syreeta, who may be better known as Mrs Stevie Wonder. The other is another first, but with another meaning, for it is Franki Valli and The Four Season’s first release since joining the Motown Corporation’s stable of artists.

Knowing that most reviewers have found the Syreeta album the most significant of the two recordings, I would like to reverse that trend by saying that I find the Seasons the most noticeable and certainly the most pleasing.

Syreeta’s album, whilst being an adventurous outing, leaves me unsatisfied, and no matter how hard I try to listen to it, my attention has usually strayed to other matters before the end of a side.

I cannot deny though, that an enormous amount of work and thought has gone into the making of the album, including the intelligent use of synthesisers, as programmed by Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil (perhaps better known as Tonto’s Expanding Head Band). Most of the cuts were written by Syreeta and her husband, and despite the successful pairing of talents, as heard on Stevie’s latest album, this time it doesn’t seem to work. The inclusion of Lennon and McCartney’s She’s Leaving Home, for instance, leaves me sadly unimpressed. Keep on trying though, Syreeta, next time it may all work.

On the other hand, Franki Valli and The Four Seasons’ Chameleon offers nothing but delights. The Seasons and Mowest have completely recreated the group’s old sound, and the new maturity in the lyrics, music and production of Bob Gaudio especially takes the whole project up to a high-powered, inventive musical level. The tracks spotlighting the talents of Franki Valli work well and the other standout cuts are The Night and the orchestrally magnificent A New Beginning.

Whilst Syreeta’s album is a good try, that will appeal to some, it takes the Seasons to really impress and to be a good travelling companions down the many avenues of music.

SPACE ODDITY – David Bowie – RCA LSP 4813 (US import at UK price)
THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD – David Bowie – LSP 4816 (US import at UK price)

Space Oddity and The Man Who Sold The World, re-issued by RCA, are the two albums that David Bowie recorded for Mercury Records a few years ago.

They are being re-released obviously because of Bowie’s recent rapid rise to success and self-imposed ‘stardom’. But it’s not just a matter of a record company cashing in with past ‘product’, for both these important albums were sadly ignored by the fickle record-buying public when they were first available. The trouble being that Bowie’s work on these albums was well in advance of the tastes or comprehension of the average listener to rock music at that time. Now they have caught up, as they have demonstrated by making ‘darling’ David a superstar and by buying his Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust records in vast quantities.

Space Oddity, first issued in 1968, contains the amazing single from which the album derives its name. This cut was a chartbuster on both sides of the Atlantic, and time has done little to dim the brilliance of this song. Other tracks of note are Cygnet Committee, The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud and Memory Of A Free Festival.

1970 was the year that The Man Who Sold The World first appeared. This album contained no hit single with which to promote it, and with the frighteningly strange lyrics and the sheer, screaming ‘wall of sound’ that accompanied the words, it gave little for the average listener of the time to hang on to or to accept, because of the new levels of intensity the record was exploring. Recent concert appearances have shown that audiences are now ready to take such numbers as The Width Of The Circle, All The Madness and Saviour Machine. A difficult, brilliant recording this, but well worth the effort of coming to terms with.

These are two very important re-releases, maybe the world is ready for them now.

LIFEBOAT — The Sutherland Brothers — Island ILPS 9212

Lifeboat is the second album from The Sutherland Brothers, who originate from Scotland. Their first release received many good reviews and subsequent ‘live’ appearances by the Brothers and their backup musicians confirmed the growing interest they were attracting.

The Sutherlands retain much of their Scottish folk music roots, but have expanded their sound with electric guitars and contemporary, heavy folk/rock keyboard arrangements. Stevie Winwood plays piano and organ on a couple of tracks.

Lifeboat is a hard, funky offering, with UK musicians working a musical area usually left to American artists. The Sutherlands incidentally play the first half of the Peter Straker concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 1st December.

ELEPHANTS MEMORY – Apple Sapcor 22

Any release by Apple Records is worth hearing and the album release by Elephants Memory is no exception. The band play heavy, raucous 1972 rock and roll, that steams its way through both sides of this record.

The album is produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, with whom Elephants Memory have been working. They were heard to good effect on Lennon’s recently released Some Time In New York double set.

The energy and uncompromising vitality of this first release of theirs on Apple, shows why they are worthy of Lennon’s interest, as well as his support and help in getting their own material on to wax.

An album to play loud and to rock to, anyway ya wanna.

FUMBLE – Sovereign SVNA 7254

Fumble are a new group who try hard to recreate pop hits of the late fifties and early sixties. Their album includes such classics as Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Oh Carol, Teddy Bear, and Carole King’s first and only single of that period, It Might As Well Rain Until September. The Everly Brothers’ weepie Ebony Eyes is faithfully reproduced, and one of my pubescent passions, Bobby Vee, is remembered with Take Good Care Of My Baby.

Fumble capture the sound of the originals, but somewhere lose the fun and vitality that makes many of these songs perpetual favourites with rockers of all ages. Fortunately for me, I have copies of these songs by the artists who first recorded them and think I’ll stick to listening to those, leaving Fumble to turn on the generations who missed out on these numbers first time around. I hope that new converts to this golden period of rock and roll will treat Fumble only as an introduction and eventually get round to searching for the original versions.

Keep a look out for the album’s cover, it’s worth a nostalgic laugh.

RHYMES AND REASONS – Carole King – Ode 77016

Not much I can say about Carole King’s new album, Rhymes & Reasons, except that it’s as good, if not better, than her previous three albums. It certainly is up to the standard of Tapestry, which for me personally was her most outstanding venture until now.

With advance sales guaranteeing this record a chart-topper in this country as well as in America, it seems a little pointless to describe the songs.

They all speak for themselves, far better than any reviewer can do them justice. The lyrics seem more personally introverted than before, all touched slightly with an air of sadness, even the happy, light ones. Carole’s Keyboard playing is more to the front than before. It fits so perfectly with her singing, you sometimes wonder which is the instrument and which is the singer.

It would be difficult not to be delighted with this album. Romanticism, in the finest sense, is alive and well and living very near to Carole King.

CARAVANSERAI – Santana – CBS 65299

I quite liked Santana’s first two albums and found their third rather weak. Caravanserai is their fourth and latest offering, which I find over-long, often quite boring and the layers of rhythms that made their initial releases at times magical and exciting are insipid this time round when compared to previous outings.

Side one is reminiscent of the freaky experimenting of groups way back in 1966-7, and the blind alleys that many of those groups disappeared into then are now apparently leading Santana into the same wastelands of pretention. The second side is nearer to what they are usually noted for, but as I said before, it is barely a reflection of their past music. The vocals throughout make me wonder if they ever listen to themselves.

A very disappointing album. One is certainly entitled to expect more from a band of this stature.

FEEL GOOD — Ike and Tina Turner — United Artists UAS 29377

Despite the fact that for me Ike and Tina Turner’s greatest recorded moment was River Deep Mountain High*, thought by some to be the rock and roll cut of all time, I still get turned on, almost to raving point, by the frantic funk of Ike’s music and the roaring, sweating sexuality of Tina’s singing.

Any release of theirs means that the rocking dynamics of their sound are turned up full, and this album is no exception. Tina wails and screams out the passion and love in the lyrics, whilst Ike’s guitar and his band let loose with all that is wild and joyous in rock and roll.

Of the ten tracks on this release. Chopper, Feel Good, Kay Got Laid (Joe Got Paid), and She Came In Through The Bathroom Window are all outstanding, with Black Coffee taking the prize for setting up new highs in recorded excitement and deep, deep soul.

My only complaint is that the total playing time of the album is a mere 28 minutes and 16 seconds. Surely it wouldn’t have broken anyone to have included at least two more tracks on this release.


I’ve been playing this first album by Scottish group Stealers Wheel for just about a week now, and am finding that it becomes more rewarding with each new outing the record gets on my turntable.

The basis of the group’s music is the excellent bass of Tony Williams and the drumming of Rod Coombes, with guitars and keyboard completing the overall sound. The songs rock along, without becoming excessive, ably assisted by the tasty lead guitar flourishes of Paul Pilnick.

But it is the Stealers’ singing, harmonies and arrangements that really make me take notice. To say they sound like the now quartered Beatles is the nearest I can get to describing them. And the group deliberately seem to be inviting such comparisons. These similarities are uncanny but in no way detract from the enjoyment of their music.

Surprises aren’t exactly unexpected though when one learns that those masters of rock and roll, the writing and producing team of Leiber and Stoller are responsible for production. And one wonders what else. Leiber and Stoller, for those who don’t read the credits on records, have collaborated on such a large number of hits, it would be a difficult task to count them all

Stealers Wheel may well be set tor a big future if enough people pick up on them. It all depends on how listeners react to their Beatlish melodies. Maybe the group’s name has something to do with what one ends up hearing. I don’t know, listen and judge for yourselves.

ROCK OF AGES – The Band – Capitol E-STSPJ1 (2 record set)

The Band’s latest album, a double, is titled Rock Of Ages, and is made up of tapes made during a concert on New Years Eve, 1971. All the songs have appeared on previous releases, but the capturing of their ‘live’ sound adds much to their material. The double set is reasonably priced at £3.25.

All their most respected numbers are here, including The Weight, Chest Fever, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Rag Mama Rag and Life Is A Carnival.

At the concert they were ably assisted by a first rate brass section, led and arranged by Allen Toussaint, who has worked with The Band in the past on studio recordings.

Here are four very fine sides of important American modern music, making it an absolute must for the group’s large following, as well as an excellent introduction to those who have missed out on one of the most original bands writing and performing today.

* Recently re-released by A&M Records on a maxi-single, with two other Spector/Turner classics, A Love Like Yours and Save The Last Dance For Me.


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38, passive, tall, slim, living Yorkshire, own house, seeks hirsute active view to life together. ALA. Tired of being alone. Box 524.

Youth, 23, wants contact with others under 25. (skinheads, smoothies, etc) Photo please, box 523.

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Free Holiday accommodation in modern sea-front flat (90 minutes London) offered one or two young males wanting to do their own thing. No conditions or restrictions. Photo (returnable) essential. Advertiser, 46. Box 586

Young looking 50 year old bachelor (new to the scene) living 30 miles NW London dreads thought of Xmas alone. Would welcome advice or suggestions from gay friends. Age or race unimportant. I am smart, quiet, country lover. Own car and home, but very shy. Telephone number if possible. Box 587.

25-year-old Edinburgh guy needs a friend to share music and other interests with. Please be kind, good-humoured and genuine. Write very soon to Tony Parry, 21 Robert Smillie Avenue, Mayfield nr. Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland.

Slim gay TV would like to meet or correspond with similar or anyone who is interested. Likes indoor photography, photo please, if poss. for mine. Box 546

Executive, 44, personable, active but inhibited, nothing to brag about, tastes literary, domestic, needs intelligent, understanding, completely faithful, resident partner in steady work. Detached house, dull suburb ½ hour tube to Oxford Circus. Reasonable, share expenses, negotiable. No orgies, no oncers etc. Good home for right person. Box 500.

Live In The U.S.A. ! Executive, 35, masculine, needs companion-assistant. Under 30, slim, presentable.Race education & social background unimportant if sincere adaptable, reliable, warm. Some world-wide travel involved. Modest pay and all found. Interview London before Xmas. Send full personal info and photo (returnable) in confidence, airmail to: Boxholder, P.O.Box 20621, Los Angeles 90006, USA.

Non British Male, 26, Tall, slim, dark, curly hair, brown eyed, masculine type, speaks French, English, Hebrew, seeks genuine relationship. ALA. Box 435

EXECUTIVE, 34. TRANSFERED TO LONDON SHORTLY seeks young social contacts, any race, maybe roommate. I’m masculine, young looking & thinking & can afford a few of the nicer things m life. Sincere only. Photo helps, will be returned. Let’s correspond! MAX, PO Box 26017, Los Angeles 90026. USA.

Cornwall. Young 40 wishes to meet other males 21-40. Keen water sports, wide interests. Box 491


Coloured man (34) needs accommodation, will consider sharing. Box 557

Gay executive, 30, seeks someone to part-share flat. Must be normal looking, quiet and cultured. Prefer piano player to play duets. Close to Islington. Box 596

Graduate 23, teaching in NW1 seeks civilised room £5—6 urgently. Box 597

Guy, 21, would like to share flat with one other same age or younger. Box 598

Slim gay male (22) seeks to share flat/room with young gay male. London/Midlands. Offers please to Box 599

Gay News typesetter (non-gay girl) urgently requires clean, furnished s/c flat or large bedsit in Bayswater-Notting Hill area. Not too expensive please. Ring Sandi 727-1475 (office hours).

Catford London, modern furnished flat available (centrally heated) £48 per month. Also masculine guy (34) offers share of clean flat to similar. Box 604.

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01-402 7805 or write to: 19 London Street, London W2 1HL.

Gay Guy 26 (Israeli) seeks accommodation in London. Like to share with Guy(s), any age. Box 435

Gay News Newsman urgently seeks room in shared house/flat. About £6 per week. Must be on telephone in inner/West London. Call Peter on 01 402 7805


Gay guy forty group offers his services for house cleaning, washing, ironing, light cooking and decorating also undertaken. In fact all your wants catered for. Very versatile. Write for service, phone no given. ALA Box 613

Bournemouth business man (50) requires young man as companion/help for Christmas/New Year period. Able to cook and speak English. Suit student or similar. Good pay and fare paid. Box 614

Postage costs are very high, so when you write to us, could you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the reply – if you want a reply, that is.

COMMERCIAL ADS. 5p a word. No Box Number service available.
NON COMMERCIAL ADS. 2p a word. Box Numbers 30p.
PERSONAL ADS. 2p. a word. Box Numbers 50p. (Owing to lack of space, we ask users of the Personal Ads to try and not use more than 30 words.)
SEMI-DISPLAY (Boxed Classified)
£1.50 extra.
All information listings are free.
All Ads must be prepaid.

Display Ad Rates

Prices quoted on request.


This corner is really a long list – of places, people you might like to know about or one day need. We can only, of course, publish the information that comes to us.

If you are GAY, male, female, lonely, happy, depressed, miserable, welcome to CHALLENGE. Weekly social meetings at three London branches. Please join us for a drink and a chat.
Ring 567 5065.

Brighton Gay Soc meets weekly. Contact Ray at Brighton 686939.

CHE’s Political Action Group is looking for a group of university/polytechnic students/lecturers interested in conducting a survey among the public into attitudes to homosexuality. The aim of the enquiry is to help shape the future campaigning activities of CHE. Offers of help, suggestions etc should be addressed to: David Hyde, PAG, CHE London Information Centre, 22 Great Windmill Street, London W1. (Tel: 01-437 6117/8)

GAYSOC: for homosexual men and women in any school or college of London University — undergraduate, postgraduate or staff. Social, political and campaigning activities aimed at creating better conditions for gays within the university — then the world! Write (enclosing SAE please): GAYSOC, ULU, Malet Street, WC1.

Abortion, contraception, entertainment, transport, legal advice, jobs, alternative? Work, food, hitchhiking, cheap furnishings, communications, shelter, late night services, accommodation, free services, ad infinitum …
Contact: Nutshell Information Service, Phone: Birmingham 772-2483 24 hours every day. (Ask for Nutshell as we share a line with St Basil’s Centre.)

Are you a homosexual parent bringing up children within a relationship or by yourself? If so, would you care to come to an informal parents meeting at the Centre. Broadley Terrace, London NW1 on Tuesday 5th December at 8pm.

Homosexual Counselling and Parent’s Enquiry. You or your son, daughter, parent or friend could be homosexual and may need help and understanding. Write for appointment to FRIEND. Centre, Broadley Terrace. London NW1 or telephone 01-402 6345 Mondays to Fridays 7.30 to 9,30 pm.

Leicester Gay Awareness Group ring Leicester 738832, ask for Clive or John.

Jewish Homosexual Liaison Group welcomes new members, also advice and befriending service for all Jewish gays. Please write only to Simon Benson, Albion Court, 75 Larkhall Rise, London SW4 6HS.

Campaign for Homosexual Equality London Information Centre, 22 Great Windmill Street. London W.l. Tel: 01-437 6117/8 Office now open daily. Noon to 10pm.

Gay Civil Rights Group now forming. Information from Frank Honore, Room 405. Hughes Parry Hall, Cartwright Gardens, London WC1. Telephone : 01-387 7501.

Stepney : CHE group forming around this area, and including the other parts of East London not catered for. All classes welcome. First meeting mid-November. For details ring Mike 01-476 7980

Manchester University Homophile Society – social events, campaigning – open to all – meets Thursdays, 8pm. meeting room 4, University Union, Oxford Road – contact John Elbert, 81 Egerton Road, M/C.14.

Sappho meets every first Monday m the month, at the Museum Tavern 7 30pm. upstairs room, Great Russell Street, London WC1 All women art welcome Sappho magazine is available at 30p me postage for single copies
from Sappho Publications Ltd.,
BCM/Petrel. London WC1

CHE All London Political Action Group, 22 Great Windmill Street, London W1.

CHE Cardiff now meets at Chapter Arts Centre, Market Street, Canton, Cardiff every other Monday. (Nov 20th etc.) Gay News will be on sale.

Woman’s Liberation Workshop. 3 Shavers Place. London W1 Tel 01639 3918 LEEDS G.L.F./C.H.E. Joint Office. 153 Wood house Lane, Leeds.

Fellowship in Christ the Liberator, Communion service 8pm. Sundays, West Kensington. Details FCL c/o 61 Earls Court Square, London SW5

Gay Esperanto Group. For details of next meeting telephone 01-637 1220

Gay Women – Lonely? Need, information, company, help with problems? Write Jill Russell, c/o The Peace Centre, 18 Moor Street, Ringway, Birmingham 5 7UH. Please enclose SAE

Wandsworth/Richmond CHE group forming. Incorporating Fulham-Wimbledon and fringe areas. Men AND women We meet twice a month Write Fred Green. 368 Upper Richmond Road. Putney SW15 2TU

Alternative Free Library needs donations of radical/liberated Gay Papers and Magazines. ESPECIALLY Back Issues. Please write: Geoffrey Leigh, 30 Woodside, Wimbledon, London SW19 7AW

Gay Unity, Harrow. For details phone Janie at 863 1184 or Alex at 864 2291 Meets on Mondays

“Gay Cambridge”, a joint CHE/GLF group covering both the town and university. Meets every fortnight, wekkly in university term. Contact Bernard Greaves, 29 John Street, Cambridge, phone Cambridge 52661

University of Bristol Gay Students Society for all homosexuals, male and female. Contact Trevor or Clare through the Social Action Office at the Union or phone Tony, Bristol 32669, or write to Gay Students Society, University Union, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1LN.

CHE. New local group forming in Crouch End. Contact Derek Brookfield, 7 Briston Grove, Crouch End, London N8.

YOUNG GAYS meet regularly in London. The CHE Youth Group meets fortnightly around Central London. Details from Mike or Jim at 01 385 7246

READING GAY ALLIANCE regular discos and socials counselling, quiet meetings, public meetings, and action. Town and university. SAE for Newssheet: Room 7, 30 London Rd, READING


Postal enquiries – SMG, 214 Clyde Street, Glasgow G1 4JZ.

For meetings in ABERDEEN and GLASGOW ring John Breslin (041-771 7600)
For meetings in DUNDEE ring Len McIntosh (0382-452433).

For meetings in EDINBURGH ring Mike Coulson (031-225 4395) between 1pm and 10pm any day


At present there are GLF groups in operation in the following areas

Aberystwyth Essex University Reading
Bath Folkstone Sheffield
Bristol Greenoch Swansea
Bedfordshire Hull Sussex
Birmingham Keele University Brighton
Belfast Lancaster
Cambridge Leicester LONDON
Cheltenham Leeds South London
Canterbury Manchester West London
Cardiff Newcastle East London
Colchester Norwich Camden
Derby Oxford Youth Group
Durham Portsmouth Religious Group
Edinburgh Potteries Women’s Group

London School of Economics GLF
London Counter Psychiatry

The addresses of these groups may be obtained from the G.L.F Office at 5 Caledonian Road, London N1. Tube Kings Cross. Tel: 01-837 7174 Also contact here for other G.L.F information

GLF Action Group meets Fridays at 7.30pm at GLF Office 5 Caledonian Road, N1.

Religious Gay Lib Group, meets various Sundays at 2.30pm, Phone 278 1701 for details.

Gay Women’s Lib (North London)
Meet at The Crown and Woolpak, 397 St Johns St, EC1 (Angel tube) 8pm on Mondays

West London G.L.F. meets in the Committee Room of Fulham Town Hall, Fulham Broadway on Thursdays at 8pm

South London GLG meets Thursdays at Minet Library, Knatchbull Road, Brixton.

Camden GLF meets Thursdays at Forresters Hall, 5 Highgate Road, Kentish Town.

Leeds GLF meets on Fridays at the O.S.A. Lounge in the University Union. Meetings open to all.

TV and TS group meets Tuesdays at All Saints Church Vestry, Clydesdale Road, W11 at 8pm.

East London GLF meets Thursdays at 103 Market Street, East Ham E6 at 8pm.

Sussex GLF meets Tuesdays at 8.15pm upstairs/back bar Stanford Arms, Preston Circus Brighton. Contact Doug Coupe, 40 Ashford Road, Brighton, or phone Ray at 686939

Bath Gay Awareness Group has moved again. Meetings Thursdays, contact John Rath 63168 or Hugh Bath 4738 for further information

Bristol Gay Awareness Group, c/o Tony, 20D, West Mall, Clifton, Bristol Tel 0272 32669

Essex GLF University, contact Brian Roberts, c/o Student Pidgeon Holes, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester.

Leeds GL F Liberation Office, 153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds 2. Tel 0532 39071 ex 57. Meetings every Friday at 7.30pm at the Liberation Office.


Brighton Reading
Bristol Sheffield
Bath Shropshire
Birmingham South Essex (Basildon)
Blackburn/Burnley South Herts (Watford/
St Albans)
Bolton Southampton/Bournemouth
Bradford Stoke-on-Trent
Cardiff Swansea/Carmarthen
Cambridge Teeside
Chilterns (Berkhampstead/ Tunbridge Wells
Amersham) Tyneside
Colchester Leicester
Cornwall North Yorkshire/South
Crouch End Durham
Croydon Wirral
East Kent Wolverhampton
Guildford Wolverhampton & District
Halifax/Huddersfield worker’s group
Ilford York
Lewisham Devon
Liverpool Blackpool
LONDON Cornwall
Acton/Ealing Stepney
Central Lancaster
Highbury/Islington Enfield
Kensington Barking
Kilburn/Hampstead Preston
Wandsworth/Richmond Taunton
Newport/Cardiff London
Northampton Manchester
Norwich Oxford
Nottingham Kent
Oxford Liverpool

Many local group organisers are wary of having their names and addresses publicised, so for the time being please contact all CHE groups via the national office: 28 KENNEDY STREET, MANCHESTER 2. Telephone 061-228 1985


Sat Dec 2nd – Hampstead Town Hall, Haverstock Hill. Disco, Groups, Lightshow, and Bar Tickets 50p
Fri Dec 22nd – Lime Grove Baths, Shepherds Bush
Fri Jan 12th, 1972 – Fulham Town Hall.

DISCO First Sat of each month at the Odd Spot Coffee House & Grill, Sir Simons’ Arcade (Behind T.S.B.), Lancaster. Tel.2750. 11 pm to 4 am. Bring a bottle. Gay News will be on sale.

Father Red Cap, 319 Camberwell Road, SE5. (Camberwell Green)
Upstairs Bar now open 7 nights a week – Tricky Dicky Boys Only Disco now on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Also mixed.
Disco on Wednesday and Saturdays. Girls Only Disco on Friday Gay intimate evening on Mondays Free Admission Mondays and (for a limited period) Tuesday’s Boys Only Disco.

South London G.L.F. Disco every Monday except first Monday of the month At The Crypt, St Matthews Chufch (opposite Town Hall, Brixton 8R/Tgbe Buses 35. 37. Admission 15p. Beer and snadwich bar. Love – Kisses – South London G.L.F.

Camden GLF weekly disco in the discotheque next to the Bull and Gate Pub (200 yds Kentish Town Stn) every Wednesday from 8pm to 1am

Tuesday Nights ROYAL OAK, 62 Glenthorne Road, London, W6

Wednesday Nights THE PONTEFRACT CASTLE 48 Chapel Street. Edgware Road Tube
Dancing Permitted, complete with Drag Show featuring Mr Jean Fredericks, Peter Martmdaie & Diamond David

KINGS ARMS, Liverpool Street, London, (corner of Pindar Street)
Tube/BR Liverpool Street. Buses 8.8A 22.6. 47.97 Tricky Dicky Show on Saturday Nights, 8.30-11.00 Admission Free. Saloon Bar. Disco. Impersonations etc Gay Atmosphere

Gay News is on sale at all Tricky Dicky Disco’s

KINGS ARMS, Liverpool Street, London. (corner of Pinder Street) Tube/BR Liverpool Street.

Dick’s Inn. Gay Disco every Monday
Compere Tricky Dicky.

THE ARABIAN. Cambridge Heath Road, London, (corner of Bishops Way) Tube Bethnal Green/Bus 277

Dicks Inn. Gay Disco every Wed Comp Tricky Dicky.

Leeds G.L.F. presents a FANCY DRESS DISCO on Nov 20th. Contact their office for details.
Parties. Socials every fortnight.

Sussex G.L.F. Disco every Friday 8-11 pm. at Stanford Arms. Preston Circus. Brighton.
Only 20p.

West London G.L.F. presents a dance at Hampstead Old Town Hall on December 2nd. Tickets 50p;
Disco, Groups, Lightshow, and Bar.

Reading Gay Alliance weekly social Wednesday, disco Saturday, Admission to each 20p (10p students). Both at The Railway Tavern, Stanshawe Road, Reading. No membership.

Birmingham’s Gay Scene welcomes you! By popular demand, FREE admission Disco (every Friday) 7.30pm, 10.45pm, Drinks bar prices. At the ‘Shakespeare Inn’, Summer Row, B’ham, 3.
(Back of Town Hall). Wear what you want! Open House, Everyone Welcome!!!

Drag & Cabaret

372 Kenmngton Lane.SEII (Vauxhall)
Regular Compere – Pat Kelly – with The Keltones
Thurs (Alt) Mr Tammy or Honey
Friday Mr Tammy – Monday Bow
Saturday Lee Paris – Wednesday Lee Paris
Sunday (Lunch) Bow – New Act Starting Soon
Sunday (Night) Mr Tammy

ROYAL OAK, 62 Glenthorne Road, W6 (Hammersmith) Drag every night. Regular artistes include Jean Fredericks

ELEPHANT & CASTLE, South Lambeth Place, SW8 (Vauxhall) Drag every night except Tuesday Regular Compere Jackie Recommended by Gay News for happy and friendly atmosphere

SKINNERS ARMS, Camberwell New Road, Tuesday Nights Only – “LA DUBARRY”

OXFORD TAVERN 256 Kentish Town Road. NW5
(Kentish Town) Drag on Tues. Wed and Thurs Resident host Perri St Clair. Partly gay on these nights

THE NEW BLACK CAP, 171 Camden High Street. NW1. (Camden Town Tube.
Drag every night with Tony Page.
Mon. – Thurs. – Sat. with Marc Fleming.
Tues. with Sandy Graham.
Wed. with New Dumbelles.
Fri. with Nicky Young.
Sunday (lunch) with Marc Fleming & Mrs Shufflewick
Sunday (evening) with Perri St Clare or Sandy Graham

Alan McGorrin is Gay News’s super salesman at The Black Cap. Be nice to him, he works very hard.

Father Red Cap, 319 Camberwell Road, SE5.
(Camberwell Green).
PALACE QF DRAG – Drag every night.
The following artistes are proud to announce they ere appearing at the Father Red Cap: Lee Paris, Tammy, Colin Cordell, Alvis & Odell, Lee Tracy and Len Morton

THE CRICKETERS Battersea Park Road, SW11
(BR Battersea Park).

Sun The Trbiiettes. – Fri. Various Artistes.
Tues Steel Band. – Sat Singalong & Dancing.
Wed Various Artistes. – Compere/Organist
Thurs. Talent Night. – Kenneth Mancell.

Drag, Pub, etc. Info
continued on page 14.