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Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut. change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you. and us. if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

* Chaucer.

Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS: when replying to a box ad please write the box number on the envelope, end send it to Geay News, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Box number replies cannot be discussed on the telephone. If you wish to send a stamp with your box. no. reply, please do not attach it to reply.

After the 18th January, Box No’s 300 to 500 will be invalid unless you send us a further 50p to cover handling and postage.

Is there any kind chap 21-40 who would help me overcome my shyness, must have patience and humour, slim build. I am 36, 5’10”, slim, affectionate, own place 20 mins London. Box 703

Versatile 50, own flat near London, seeks permanent friend, age immaterial, photo if possible. ALA. Box 704

Passive Non Effeminate 38 offers genuine young dominant guy a home in East Midlands if compatible. Photo appreciated. This is genuine. Box 705

Passive slim gay 35 wishes to meet active tall muscular West Indian to get to know you (Middlesex area) Box 706

Shift Worker, height 5’9″, age 30, would like to meet younger slim gay or bisexual living London | or Brighton. All photographs returned. Box 707

Young Man, good appearance and physique, considerate, sincere, seeks permanent friend, 21-35, London area, with good physique, view lasting friendship. Please send photo (return promised with mine). Box 708

Sincere 26 : seeks portly, hairy chested gentlemen 40-60 for warm friendship. Photo essential and returned. S.A.E. Box 709

Ex-Serviceman (26) seeks others about same age or younger for friendship etc. Also pen pals wanted. Photograph not essential, but would help. No effeminates. Box 710

Young Male Graduate, attractive, intelligent, 25, seeks similar. Photos please. All letters answered. Box 711

Bachelor graduate (48) generous, seeks for holidays abroad and occasional week-end, young, humorous, intelligent, sincere lively companion. Photo please. Box 712

Amateur Photographer would like to hear from handsome young males over 21. Fee and copies of photos. Please send photograph. (London) Box 713

Guy, late twenties, tall and lean, interested in leather and denim but not in S/M, wishes to contact others similar age and interests in London. Photo please. Box 714

Attractive graduate male (25), living in York, not camp or effeminate – seeks sincere relationship with others 21-30 age group, any area. Photo for exchange. ALA. Write Box 715

Guy 29, non-effeminate, seeks others 21-30. I am mildly masochistic and wild about leather and rubber wear, particularly boots, also enjoy water-sports. Could accomodate you near Birmingham. Box 716

American guy, lively, intelligent, youthful looking, mid 30’s, seeks attractive younger male over 21 for easy going relationship. Photos please. ALA. Box 717

Good looking blond, 29, (not camp or effeminate) seeks active muscle boy about same age for lasting friendship. Photo please (returned) Box 718

Bristol. Gay Male 25, seeks sincere, lasting friendship with nice guy 21-28. Box 719

Adventurous Londoner, early 50’s, travelling Tehran by train in spring (Simplon Express to Istanbul) would welcome Persian/English companion paying own expenses. Box 720

Author 40 would like to meet younger friend over 21, with a view to lasting relationship. Accommodation in London possible. Photo and maybe phone number appreciated. Box 721

Londoner (24) seeks accontants, articled clerks or qualified, guys interested in Yoga. Box 722

Dave, 24, lonely and unfulfilled, non-effeminate, likes music and sincere people, seeks deep relationship with similar (21-25). Exchange photos. Box 723

Continental, gay, 30, blond, passive not effeminate, gentle disposition, clean, healthy, professional, seeks active, 30 or over, masculine south European or Middle Eastern type. Photo appreciated, returnable. Box 724

Seeking Intelligent Coloured Man, 30 or over, needing true friendship with a happy social Londoner 35. Box 725

London Male 45, shy, seeks coloured friend 35/50 for sincere loving permanent relationship. ALA. Box 726

Sincere straightforward professional man (30’s), still hopes it is possible to find young attractive soul partner aged over 21, for lasting relationship, genuine replies only please, with photo. Box 727

24-year old, good looking, seeking a friend, Cassidy type 21-24, Ipswich, Suffolk (not camp) gay lad. Photos please. Box 728

Male Nurse, Irish, 24, shy, non-effeminate, needs a friend for lasting relationship, (in London). Write soon. Box 729

London Accountant (not stuffy) tall, slim, dark, 26, with wide interests (theatre, riding, pottery, water ski-ing) seeks genuine, happy and intelligent friend aged 21-24. Photo and phone no. appreciated. Box 730

Gay Girl, Glasgow, late twenties, attractive, long-haired, ex-university, wishes to meet or hear from feminine, long-haired gay girl (20-30) in Glasgow, Edinburgh or central Scotland area. Interests – music, art, cinema. Box 731

Lecturer/Writer, mid thirties, tall, slim, reasonable looks, masculine, has outgrown the pub/club scene and wants a lasting relationship with someone 21-30. Box 732

Faithful Scorpio guy 30 would like to meet a younger friend over 21 for lasting thing. Nice if you’re warm, intelligent, sincere with sense of humour and like Cats ???? Photo please. London Box 733

Active Male (40) wishes to meet males 23-35 in Midland area. Box 734

Guy, 28, recently discovered denim and leather, seeks others. Photos exchanged. Own flat. Box 735

22, dark longish hair, well built, not unattracitve, wishes to meet others of similar age (over 21), particular liking for skinhead types. London area. Photo please. ALA. Box 736

HF ( SGS 1949) please write KB. Box 737

Executive 40 tall slim active, very lonely, seeks sincere and faithful younger partner over 21, needing true love home and happiness in Bristol flat. Box 738

Young Owners of Motor Yacht, looking for others with similar interest, owners or crew, for weekends/holidays afloat. Box 739

Attractive Slim Male 21 – 5’8″ seeks similar for friendship etc. Any area. Photo ensures reply. Box 740

Birmingham Boy 23, wishes to meet similar 21-23 Likes music and cinema. Photo appreciated. Box 741

H.B. or M. of the S/M study circle. I have lost your address. Please communicate. D.J.

Slim presentable 29 year old, lonely and inexperienced, would like to meet or correspond with gentle considerate male 21-35, slim and possibly also inexperienced, for genuine friendship. London or SE. Photo appreciated but not essential. Box 742

Versatile Longhaired Young Man 28, passive looking but not effeminate, wishes to meet similar or very passive male aged 21-26, for mutual pleasure and genuine friendship. Photo exchanged. Box 743

Handsome slim well built butch 27 seeks active friends. Very friendly luxury flat. Easy going. Not camp. Very well built active/versatiles only. Photo. Box 744

Passive Male (34) wishes to meet dominant, demanding man (35 to 50) Box 745

Brian from Gibraltar – please phone Michael at 01-722 4882

Two gay guys, well built, 30/35, turned on by S/M, interested in meeting similar aged 25/45. London and area. Photo appreciated. Box 746

Bachelor, 48, feels younger, needs similar for loving friendship, mainly Sundays, at your pad. There must be someone. Anywhere London. Please write, all letters answered. Box 747

Any lonely masculine, considerate man, maybe manual worker who lives in hostel who would like home with domesticated attractive male, slim, 36 year old. Please write frank letter. Photo returned with mine. London. Box 748

Anglo Indian (34) wishes to make friends – all races. Interests – sport, books, travel, music, and dancing etc. Box 749

Will Frank of Burton on Trent area, who replied to my advert Box 73 in Issue No 4, please contact John in Sussex. Box 750

Gay 25, SE London, has just got bike. Would like to hear from someone who will teach me to drive. Also would like to meet others interested in making friends. ALA. Box 751

Male (31) would like to meet young lady of similar age who likes dominant men. Box 752

Gay Couple – male – 26 and 40 – would like to meet similar – either sex, for social contact in Ealing area. Box 753

Anglo Indian (34) wishes to meet gay women for friendship. Box 749

Bachelor, late 30’s, 5′ 10″, average build, reasonable looks and figure, sincere, seeks strongly active companion, aged 21 to 45, for regular friendship, perhaps live together? Looks not of prime importance, but no fatties, effeminates or kinkies, please. Own home, London area. Photo appreciated. Box 754

Ski-ing? Apres-Ski? Virile young companion aged 21-25 required for Zermatt. Switzerland, 17-31 March. Meet London first! Share cost. Box 764

Male Male, in fact Gay, needs Love. Aged 21-24 welcome. Kensington. Box 765

Anglo Indian (34) wants a mate for mini-cruise sometime February. Box 749

Leather/Masks/etc lover, own place near Croydon, seeks big unvicious mate with kit. Mid 30’s. Photo appreciated. Box 766

Gay T.V. would like to meet similar, or anyone interested. Can be very effectionate. Likes indoor photography. Herts. Box 767

Blond Youth interested Leather, Denim. Willing to pose or explore anything out of the ordinary. Photo supplied. Box 768

Londoner, 21, seeks flatshare with guy under 30. Likes leather and denim etc. Prefer South/South-West/West London. Box 770

Lonely Gay Guy, 23, tall, good looking and well built, non-effeminate, looking for someone same age or aged over 21. Must be sincere person with view to sharing my flat. Recent photograph please. All letters answered. Many thanks – Mike, London. Box 769

Lonely London guy, 45, seeks genuine reliable companion for lasting and loving relationship, 30—45, not camp please. Would consider partnership hotel or antiques anywhere ALA. Box 633.

Bachelor, gay, 37, English, 5’10” medium build, passive. North London, not obvious or fabulously handsome but absolutely genuine, seeks genuine friend 30-45 approx, loyal, looks secondary to above qualities. Eventually seek share flat. Box 647

Live In The U.S.A.! Executive, 35, masculine, needs companion-assistant. Under 30, slim, presentable.Race education & social background unimportant if sincere adaptable, reliable, warm. Some world-wide travel involved. Modest pay and all found. Interview London before Xmas. Send full personal info and photo (returnable) in confidence, airmail to: Boxholder, P.O.Box 20621. Los Angeles 90006, USA.

British, 32, SE London, own house, seeks Asian for permanent relationship. Box 771

Gay Comedy Group forming. SAE to Box 772

Young, virile athlete seeks partners for outdoor training sessions. Genuine athletes only need reply. Box 773

Young London Guy (student), attractive, slim, tall, with long chestnut hair, seeks similarly attractive male with view to sincere relationship (Photo essential) Box 774

Young Man, 25, wishes to share his pad, view to lasting friendship in London. Also pen pals in UK and Abroad wanted. Box 775

Affectionate bachelor, young late 50’s, seeks another similar age, masculine dressed. Greased Hair. To Love and Cherish permanently if mutual. No Kinks. Close up recent photo. Own pad. Ilford, Essex. Box 776

Anyone knowing Brian Gibre-Ltarien, 28, well built, dark hair, ex-sailor, electricity engineer, now living in London. Contact urgently – J-P. Box 777

Slim Male Graduate, 31, non effeminate, interested music and arts but NOT in gay scene, seeks sincere friends with similar interests. Greater Manchester area. Box 778

Gay Male 26 (not effeminate) living Bishops Stortford area on Herts/Essex border, seeks sincere active male any age in same or other areas. Photo appreciated. All letters answered. Box 779

Lanky Leather Chap, 29, with own London flat, seeks similar type. Immediate answer with phone number to reply including photo for exchange. Box 780

Two Leather Guys going to Birmingham on 29/12/72 for New Year, given lift between East Lancs Road and Knutsford Services on M6, please write to driver who would like introduction to scene, or other friendly leather guys in London or Manchester. Box 781

“Aquarian”, Bachelor; late 40’s (Bin’s) 5’4″, good appearance, seeks sincere friend. Am very shy and inexperienced, tired of being alone, wants to be loved, (E8 London area). Photo appreciated, genuine replies only. ALA. Box 782

North Staffs (42) gay, well built, wishes to meet 25-35 active, hairy friend for weekends and holidays, photo please, ALA, Jeans, Leather, Car Owner. Box 783

Young Man, 34, London, seeks friends interested in riding macs, gumboots, and oilskins, aged 35-45; Box 784.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words. Hairy one night stands wanted by versatile, blond, slim and mid 20’s. No camps please. Letters with photo get quickest action. Box 785

Versatile, Hairy, Young (20’s) Tarzan needed to share jungle-fresh nuts with slim me (26). Letters with photo answerd
with photo answered first. Box 786

Midlander, 36, friendly and warm, with interests in music, cinema, talking, travel and walking, seeks similar 25-45, anywhere, for love and companionship. ALA. Box 787

Tom (32) seeks male. Interests – leather, jeans. Photo appreciated. Box 788

Sportsmen, Skinheads, and Leatherboys required to pose for photographer. Replies with photos answered first. Box 789

Somerset (Yeovil) gay, 43, welcomes all active genuine men over 21 to his flat. Letters answered. Phone being installed. Box 790

Young Guy (24), good looking, seeks genuine and intimate friendship with attractive, intelligent guy aged 21-24. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 795

Young Man, 29, wearing tight jeans and leather jacket wants to meet other young jeans fans, who are over 21. Photo essential. London area. Box 791

Versatile forty group Londoner seeks friend for practicing New Year resolution with, plenty of refresher courses to keep in practice. Box 792

Can any acitve gay offer horse riding facilities to single male at times, mainly holidays but according to distance. Willing to be useful Welch Border. Box 793

London, 28 yrs old, masculine, muscular, good looking guy 6ft, own business, house, car, etc, would like to contact Oriental boy aged 21-28 for steady affair, could assist with studies or employment. Box 794

Gay Scot 40’s, active, smart, clean, sincere, lonely in London. Own home. Seeks genuine good natured chap (Scots welcome) anywhere, who is aching for reliable, permanent, loving relationship, aged 21-45. Write fully. Photo appreciated and returned with mine. Box 796

Gay Young Artist, 24 long hair, living in London, warm, kind and passive, likes music etc, seeks friends. Photo please if any, all letters answered. Box 797

New Zealand Guy, 24, widely travelled, recent arrival in UK, seeks friends (preferably coloured or latin) in London/anywhere. Photo not important. ALA. Box 798

Young Northern Male 29, slim, good appearance. Interests – theatre, music, seeks active friend for sincere, lasting relationship, aged 30-40. Photo appreciated, returnable. All replies answered. Box 799

EXECUTIVE, 34, TRANSFERED TO LONDON SHORTLY seeks young social contacts, any race, maybe roommate. I’m masculine, young looking & thinking & can afford a few of the nicer things in life. Sincere only. Photo helps, will be returned Let’s correspond! MAX.PO Box 26017. Los Angeles 90026, USA.

Young Coloured Male, sincere, tall, slim, seeks tall, active friend, blond, for permanent friendship. Photo (returned), read advert carefully. Box 807

Needy Student (music especially) required as poseur. Fares and fee paid. Skin colour, hair length, face fungus unimportant but cleanliness, keeness and need essential. Send full details (photo if possible). Box 808

Isolated? Perhaps Confused? Information and advice on homosexuality. Why not talk things over informally with us or write about your problems? Confidence assured. Midland Region. Box 809

If you get your pleasure when wearing wellies, or wear them in every day work. Details in conf idence to Box 810

Tall actor, just 28, slim, talented and going places, seeks lively, young, passive friend(s) in London. Will reply to all who send photos. Box 811

Guy, 28, would like to hear from others (Lancs area). Box 812

Young very keen bodybuilder interested: meeting, corresponding with similar enthusiasts – any age/ finding keen training partner – Box 813

Active gay early 50’s – young looking and slim seeks passive friend similar age for companionship. London SW area – have car and own flat. ALA. Box 814

Happy 100th Birthday – Adolph Zukor, from all at Gay News.

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