Deb’s Back In Town

THE DAY AFTER THE FAIR at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue.

Many years ago Deborah Kerr made her film debut in Shaw’s MAJOR BARABARA, and proceeded to become one of Britain’s biggest screen stars. She eventually went to Hollywood for a co-starring role with Clark Gable and for a time her career reached a standstill until somebody had the bright idea of casting her as the adulterous wife in the film FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. On this occasion I found her unconvincing, but as a result of this film she received an Oscar nomination and bigger roles followed. She went on to star in THE KING AND I, TEA AND SYMPATHY, and many other important films, receiving along the way 6 Oscar nominations.

Through the years her loveliness and grace has never diminished and it is good news that she is back with us again on the West End stage. The vehicle she has chosen to star in, THE DAY AFTER THE FAIR is based on a short story by Robert Hardy, and is the kind of play designed particularly for women audiences.

The plot tells of a servant girl’s seduction by a young barrister and her collusion with the mistress of the house in writing letters to him. When the girl finds herself pregnant he is summoned to the house, and it is soon apparent that he has fallen in love with the writer of the letters. Unknown to him it is Miss Kerr who has been busily writing them, and in an unconvincing scene earlier on she tells the maid that it is her letters that have retained his interest. However the girl persuades her mistress not to divulge the truth to him and the play reaches its sad but convincing conclusion. Julia Foster as the maid once again gives an excellent account of herself, though I always feel she lacks charm, a point made even more obvious whilst watching Miss Kerr’s graceful presence.

It may be unchivalrous to say this, but I felt at times that Miss Kerr has lost some of her stage technique, resorting as she does to comic bits of ‘stage business’ and facial grimaces to get her point across to the audience But for all that it is a joy to welcome her back to the London Theatre, and 1 hope this will lead to other stage appearances in the future.

Motorway To Times Past

FELLINI’S ROMADirected by Federico Fellini. Starring Peter Gonzales, Fiona Florence. Distributed by United Artists. Cert ‘X’

As with The Clowns, Fellini continues his mock documentary technique with his latest full length film, Fellini’s Roma. And as he did with , he uses his extraordinary visionary and stylistic skills to replace what can only be called a fantastic travelogue.

Rome – the city of illusions is, when seen through Fellini’s eyes, both timeless and immediate. The scenes of his early childhood and his growing obsession with Rome open the film which moves on to his arrival in that city at the beginning of Italy’s involvement in World War 2. This is the Rome of Mussolini and the Fascists, but by using ingenious intercutting, makes one notice that the swaggering fascists are not so very different from the brutal, mindless police who set upon a crowd of hippies in modern-day Rome later on in the Film.

The intercutting of scenes from both the past and present is continuous throughout the movie, from Fellini’s first memories and reactions to the city, up to his impressions of encroaching technology and its destructive/horrific effects and impersonality. Fellini’s swirling series of memory images is more than just a’reconstruction of events. The people – the Romans – are shown as we possibly have never seen them before. At all times they are boisterous, alive people, displaying an openness and awareness that is only limited by the ever-dominating power and influence of the Roman church.

Fellini, as usual, displays his hilarious sense of humour to the utmost. The centrepiece of the film is the high society Ecclesiastical Fashion Show – a nostalgic fantasy of an old world-weary princess, who manically craves for the high protocol and exclusive glittering customs of the past. This spectacular sequence has to be seen to be believed. The models show off the latest creations for priests, nuns and the rest of the Roman Church’s hierarchy by walking, swaying, hopping, cycling, roller-skating, etc around a horseshoe shaped platform. The rest of the fashions and the opulent, magnificent final scene of this sequence are better left for movie-goers to discover for themselves.

Fellini also creates a traffic jam, which is equal to anything previously staged in either Jacques Tati’s Traffic or Godard’s Weekend.

Other sequences which immediately spring to the mind of this reviewer, who has had his senses battered and dazed in the way he comes to expect with a Fellini film, are the showing of subway excavators unearthing beautiful, ancient frescoes which soon evaporate through contact with air; the reconstuction of Roman music-hall, and the bizarre meetings of the sexes in both seedy and luxurious whore-houses. And the Romans’ passion for constantly eating is displayed as funny and very human.

Peter Gonzales excellently plays the part of the young Fellini when he first arrives in Rome. Whilst the music of Nino Rota, once again, provides the perfect accompaniment to the moods and events portrayed.

Fellini’s Roma is more than just an enjoyable and successful film – it is a statement of Super Realism*, “where beauty and ugliness exist as absolute forms, without flaws.” It is also a chance for audiences to share the expanding and perceptive visions of an artist, through a mosaic of memory, actuality and imagination.

* John Calendo, Andy Warhol’s Interview, November 1972.

Fun Bubble Boggles Eyes

THE BUBBLEWritten, directed and produced by Arch Oboler. Starring Michael Cole, Deborah Walley and Johnny Desmond. Distributed by LMG. Cert ‘A’.

Sometimes gimmicks work, sometimes they don’t. The idea of 3D seemed a perfect one in the fifties for halting the decline in cinema audiences. But, as cinema historians will remember, 3D was a dismal failure. The special glasses needed to be worn were a nuisance and the films that were only partly produced in the new ‘wonder’ process ruined the continuity of the whole film. And in general, apart from one or two notable exceptions, ie House Of Wax, the gimmick was little more than a lot of spectacular advance publicity.

Despite the past, at the beginning of 1973, along comes Space-Vision. And this time the gimmick is far more than just a novelty, for this newly developed technique really adds another dimension to popular cinema, without the amateurishness and limitations of the earlier process. The vehicle to introduce Space-Vision is a science fiction film called The Bubble.

The story tells of a young married couple, Catherine (Deborah Walley) and Mark (Michael Cole). At the beginning of the film they are aboard a small plane that lands in what they and their pilot Tony (Johnny Desmond) suppose is a small outlying landing strip. The wife is prematurely in labour, thus the necessity to reach a town and find medical aid. After touching down they discover that they have in fact, landed in a deserted street. Mike, the husband, soon notices the oddness of the nearby town’s inhabitants and the strangely miscellaneous architecture as he wanders around whilst his wife is giving birth to their first child in the local hospital. And a few days later, Mike and Catherine, along with their baby and the pilot, Tony, discover that the town and the surrounding area is covered by an impenetrable transparent bubble. To tell you more of the story would spoil the twists and turns of the plot as well as giving a way the final outcome, to any of you who may go along to see the film for yourselves.

The film, despite the somewhat vague storyline at times and the often wooden acting, has a number of simple social messages to put across, similar to Don Siegel’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And The Bubble, considering the entertainment level it is working on, is fairly successful and frequently becomes quite exciting.

But it is the Space-Vision technique that makes the whole production such good entertainment. It’s a must for kids of course, and will also give much pleasure to those who are not averse to honest to goodness fun. Some of the effects are a bit corny now and again, as they nearly all were with 3D, but more often than not they are deservedly successful and at times quite amazing.

Objects really do appear to leave the screen and come gliding out into the auditorium. The audience still has to wear special viewing glasses, this supposedly accounts for the rise in seat prices for this film. The glasses though are not uncomfortable to wear, as the 3D ones were, and they are easy to slip on top of an ordinary pair of spectacles. Incidentally the use of the added dimension is continuous throughout the show.

The Bubble is a fun film with a message if you care to notice it. The movie is also a valid attempt to bring excitement and adventure back to the cinema. I am looking forward to seeing more films using the Space-Vision process in the future.

Things That Go Thug In The Night

NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT. Directed by Peter Sasdy, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.
ALL COPPERS ARE… Directed by Sidney Hayers, with Martin Potter and Nicky Henson. A Peter Rogers Production.

Judging by some of their recent releases, “Death Line”, “Vampire Circus”, “Night Hair Child” etc, the Rank Organisation are attempting to cash in on the success of Hammer, and they have now secured the services of Messrs Lee and Cushing, which I am sure they consider to be a nadir of success in this who can make a movie on the lowest budget contest. And there’s no doubt that NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT, title no connection with the content, is low budget, so low budget in fact, so superficially directed, that it’s tame enough to have an AA certificate instead of the regulation X for horror. Not even Diana Dors, a former auburn and later blonde. Rank starlet, from the good old days of British Film making, resplendent in an ill fitting chestnut wig, can bring life to Brian Hayles’ script with its reams of meaningless dialogue, and a style that turns the film into an awful pastiche of the worst type of 1950s style, British B picture.

Relegated to second place publicity wise, in this double bill, but definitely the dominant partner quality wise, ALL COPPERS ARE… “also starring” would you believe, Sandra Dome and Queenie Watts, is a very very tongue-in-cheek, well photographed, (up the junction, Battersea) look at a few days in the life of a young copper, Martin Potter, and the local long-haired crook, natty dresser and spiv, Nicky Henson. There are some awful right wing jokes about homosexuals, demonstrators and other assorted trendies which had the audience cackling and writhing with delight, but what with Martin Potter and Nicky Henson chasing Julia Foster, who could really take any of it seriously?

Criticism Of Criticism Of Criticism

Phoenix Theatre,
Charing Cross Road,
London W1.

Dear Gay News,

I felt I just had to write and have a moan about your film critic, David Seligman.

A couple of times he has given bad reviews to quite good films. But his latest criticism of the Poseidon Adventure was completely unwarranted.

To start with, to compare this film with “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is ridiculous. “The Poseidon Adventure” is pure escapism, whereas “Sunday Bloody Sunday” was a mature study of life.

It’s like comparing “2001” with “Carry On Camping”. Both in their way good entertainment but vastly different.

I feel very sorry for Mr Seligman if he is unable to watch and enjoy a film just for its entertainment value and to stop worrying about the fact that nobody has Jewish schmaltzy neighbours anymore.

Also if Mister Seligman wishes to make references to other films (ie George Sanders) but is unable to give the title of these films, then he should leave well alone.

Martha and Fong

True, my comparisons are sometimes vague and uncertain, but if the audience had reacted positively to the “Poseidon Adventure”, I would have said so. When I saw it at the Carlton, Haymarket, people were continually fidgeting, yawning, or even walking out. In the long run I believe that if the ever emptying cinemas are going to survive, and be recognised as valid competition to the telly, films have either got to be entertaining in a vastly different, totally cinematic way, like good horror movies, or provide a completely alternative, something mind shattering, thought provoking, amazingly visual on a large screen, like “Sunday Bloody Sunday” or a “Clockwork Orange”.


Merry Melodies

THE DEVINE MISS MBette Midler – Atlantic K40453

In 1972 it was undoubtedly David Bowie who came in first as far as the superstar stakes were concerned. Quite justifiably too. But even before this year is a month old, it looks very much like a very talented lauy called Bette Midler is going to be the sensation of this year, If not for some time to come.

Rumours have been crossing the Atlantic from the States for the past few months about Miss Midler, or the Devine Miss M, as she is better known nowadays. After having a part in the Broadway production of Fiddler On The Roof, for three years, Miss Midler, originally from Hawaii, decided it was time to begin a solo career. Word soon got around about her after the success of her unusual singing debut at mens saunas in New York.

To quote her from a recent article in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, “The boys from the baths were the ones to give me the initial push … and they are still the foundation of my career.”

After a few television appearances, and a concert at Carnegie Hall, there was no looking back for Miss M.

Britain’s first taste of her is the recently released album The Devine Miss M. And it’s really pleasing to find that all the rumours were true.

She does at times sound a little like Ethel Merman, Judy Garland, Laura Nyro, Janis Joplin and Barbra Streisand. In fact Miss Streisand should watch out, she has some competition now. But it’s Bette Midler’s own talent that makes her so remarkable.

The opening track of the album is Bobby Freeman’s pop classic Do You Wanna Dance. And what a performance she gives. Taken at a slightly slower pace than usual, she oozes a silken sensuality that is enough to make you purr. The next cut is a version of the Dixie Cup’s 60’s hit Chapel Of Love. With this song she puts the word camp on a completely new and exciting level. The other rock and roll track included is Leader Of The Pack, which doesn’t work quite as well, although it would probably come over better at a live performance.

The Carpenters’ hit Superstar is also on side one. The song is about adolescent misery, so Miss M becomes a teenager, full of pain and teen tears.

The outstanding track of the first side though Is Am I Blue, a smokey torch song from the 1930’s. On this she excells herself, capturing the essence of the song completely. It is clear by now that what is so amazing about Miss M is the immense range of material she uses, and everything her tonsils touch turns to gold.

On side two, she increases this wide range by including John Prine’s Hello In There, a song of middle-aged loneliness and heartache. And it isn’t just camp this time, Miss M really does become a sad, ageing Middle American, living in an empty, despairing world. Two tracks later she is into Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, sounding, through multi-tracking, like the Andrews Sisters of the 1940’s.

Bette Midler’s first album is an unqualified success. From beginning to end the professionalism she possesses and the impact of her innumerable styles spells STAR all the way through. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we have a chance of seeing Bette Midler in person, becoming what must be the first genuine cabaret superstar rock music has produced.

ME AND THE FIRST LADY – George Jones & Tammy Wynette – Epic 65347

On Me And The First Lady, one of the first ladies of American country and western music, Tammy Wynette, is joined by her husband George jones. And there’s no need for me to explain what the message of the record is. The album’s title and songs, like We Believe In Each Other, You And Me Together and A Perfect Match, make it all too obvious.

Each and every album Tammy releases is a must for my record collection, and this one is no exception. But I think I perhaps enjoy her recordings for the wrong reasons. The slightly whining love stories about ever so conventional relationships often have me shrieking with laughter. They really can be hilarious, despite the fact that in the southern states of America, her fans take Tammy’s lyrics very seriously. If any of you can remember the context in which her songs were used in the film Five Easy Pieces, you’ll know precisely what I’m getting at.

Subsequently I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Me And The First Lady to anyone with a liking for country music and a sense of humour.

CLEAR SPOT – Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band – Reprise K54007.

Of all the rock groups currently recording, Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band are possibly the most esoteric.

To underestimate the Captain, one could say his vocals and lyrics are bizarre, whilst the Magic Band have a most original style of playing, quite unlike anybody else.

I find this new album a lot easier than usual to come to terms with, although I’ve been nothing but amazed and delighted with the Captain’s music since I discovered his first album, Safe As Milk, way back in 1968.

This is one rock band I’ve never been able to turn anyone on to. You either accept the Captain and his band completely, or think anyone who does, even to the point of just listening to them is utterly insane and beyond all hope.

It’s all a matter of taste you see. To those who are unaware of the Captain’s charms, and are willing to take the risk of being initiated into the strange and weird world of Beefheart music, have a listen to the first track on side one, Low Yo Yo Stuff.

You’ll either be completely converted, or will avoid his recordings like the plague in future.

ALBUM III – Loudon Wainwright III – CBS 65238

As the title of this album suggests, this is the third recording to be released by Loudon Wainwright III. Like Captain Beefheart, Loudon’s songs and style are very much an acquired taste, although his new record is exceedingly more accessible than his previous two outings for Atlantic Records.

There is a direct honesty about his lyrics that is hard to ignore. It is up to the individual listener whether they find Loudon’s world as fascinating as I do.

Unlike the sparse backings of Loudon’s earlier albums, on many of the tracks included here, he is joined by a group called White Cloud, who do much to expand the overall sound. Perhaps the more rock orientated backings will help capture the attention of those who found his past work limited.

But in the end the attraction of Loudon Wainwright is his words, and if you can get into those you’ll join the growing number of people realising the amount of talent this man possesses.


The first album releases from Tamla Motown this year are very excellent recordings by two extremely talented ladies. One is Valerie Simpson, the other is from Thelma Houston. Both are second album releases from the two ladies concerned, and it is interesting to note that both Valerie and Thelma had their initial recordings sadly neglected by the record buying public, despite rave reviews from rock critics and journalists.

Valerie Simpson, with her partner, Nickolas Ashford, started working for Tamla Motown just over five years ago as songwriters, following the success of their song Let’s Go Get Stoned when recorded by Ray Charles. During this period, Valerie and Nick have shown themselves to be one of the strongest songwriting/production teams working at Motown, with a string of hits, far too numerous to mention, to their credit.

In 1971, Valerie cut Exposed, her first album as a solo artist, and as I said before it received much critical acclaim, but created little or no reaction from the public. The release of this new record, simply titled Valerie Simpson, should replace the past neglect with justified praise and recognition of her and Nick’s combined talents.

One label that is being bandied about at present to describe Valerie is ‘the black Carole King’. There arc occasional similarities, but it is unjust to let this phrase mean much more than a reviewers dilemma to find an easy category to put this artist in. Valerie’s music stands up in its own right as being both original and attractively commercial, with depths of feeling that many other performers of contemporary soul could well do with.

As an introduction to Valerie’s album, have a listen to Fix It Alright which opens side one. You won’t be disappointed.

Thelma Houston’s first album was called Sunflower, and all but one of the songs were written by one of the most important songwriters around – Jim Webb. The other track was an amazingly soulful version of the Jagger/Richard composition Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Like Valerie Simpson’s Exposed album, Sunflower too was overlooked by most people. It has been re-released recently on the Probe label, and hopefully more people will listen to it now than they did before.

This new release of Thelma’s is her first for Mowest and is going to do a lot to get her the recognition she too rightly deserves. Included are fourteen songs which gives the listener ample opportunity to discover the full range of Thelma’s ability. Whilst each track has something to recommend it, the standout cuts are No One’s Gonna Be A Fool Forever, Nothing Left To Give, And I thought You Loved Me and I Ain’t That Easy To Lose. Also included is a very moving version of Me and Bobby McGee.

Thelma has a naturally funky voice that can be both powerful and tender, depending on the material she is singing. And like Valerie Simpson, Thelma Houston looks as if she will become one of the big names of 1973.

PAINTED HEAD – Tim Hardin – CBS 65209

Earlier in his career, Tim Hardin was responsible for some of the most beautiful and stimulating songs to come out of the late 1960s.

Since then Hardin has never repeated the peaks he reached with songs like Don’t Make Promises, Reason to Believe and If I Were A Carpenter. And sadly his new album Painted Head isn’t going to renew the mass popularity he once enjoyed.

To start with, none of the ten songs on the record have been written by Hardin. A bad mistake for he has always been at his best when singing his own material. The unexciting middle of the road arrangements don’t help matters much either, and the at times excessive use of electric instruments arc completely out of keeping with Hardin’s vocal delivery and the moods he tries to create. Also the delicate phrasing that made songs of his like Misty Roses and It’ll Never Happen Again so enchanting, is replaced by a slurred and often dreary style.

Painted Head is, I’m afraid, a totally disappointing album. Perhaps he’ll get it together for his next release.


In the States Ken Loggins and Jim Messina’s second album is high in the charts. And a single taken from it, Your Mamma Don’t Dance is one of the top selling singles. Judging from the amount of air-plays this song is receiving on Radio 1 and 2, it looks as if it’s going to repeat its success over here.

That song, I must admit, is particularly attractive, and is a welcome replacement for some of the shoddy, uninspired records currently highly placed in our hit parade. But the rest of the album, whilst recognising their sheer professionalism and Messina’s excellence as a record producer, leaves me somewhat unsatisfied.

Technique and style are not, for me, enough to keep my interest for more than a few tracks. After a while I start to listen for something new and original. And I don’t find it on this album. The position of Your Mama Don’t Dance in the charts will no doubt be the deciding factor as to whether the album is commercially successful. I just wish the rest of the material was of that standard.

AN ANTHOLOGY – Duane Allman — Capricorn K67502.

An Anthology, a double album set, featuring the guitar work of the late Duane Allman is a fitting memorial to one of the very best rock guitarists to emerge in recent years. Motorbike riding Duane died in October 1971, from the injuries he received when he swerved to avoid a lorry. It was a great loss, for he was just beginning to realise his own potential. Also, at the time of his death, his group, the Allman Brothers Band, were being recognised everywhere as outstanding musicians, the success of the groups albums clarifying their rise to fame.

Previously, he had spent many years as a session musician, Duane being one of the few white blues guitarists who could hold his own in the company of black musicians. He also played with Eric Clapton’s Derek and The Dominoes group. His slide guitar playing with them met with much acclaim.

The first three sides of An Anthology are taken up with tracing Duane’s career up until the time of the Allman Brothers Band. Side one opens up with an example of his playing with an earlier group of his called Hourglass. There is also a track from the solo album he tried to make but later abandoned. But the most important material is his work with artists such as Clarence Carter, Aretha Franklin, King Curtis, Boz Scaggs and Wilson Pickett. Duane’s guitar on Pickett’s version of Hey Jude was one of the turning points in his career, as was his opportunity to record with Clapton’s Derek and The Dominoes. His time with Clapton is represented by Layla, one of the greatest rock recordings ever.

Side four of the anthology is a selection of tracks from the three albums by the Allman Brothers Band. Included is the group’s theme tune, Statesboro Blues. The side ends with a soft, sensitive cut, Little Martha, showing a side of Duane’s playing rarely heard.

Duane Allman’s untimely death was a terrible tragedy. It also robbed the world of one of rock music’s geniuses. At least we can remember his artistry, especially his slide guitar work, through records such as this and the other recordings he made during his short career.

Classified Ads (cont)

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Young gay man 21 intelligent, modern, seeks a job abroad. Anything legal considered. Genuine replies only. Photo if possible. Box 895.

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ED: Would the person who placed the above ad please contact Gay News as soon as possible. TA.

South Wales — lonely gay male late 40s sturdy build, non-effeminate, sincere, seeks like minded friend/s share weekends/holidays at secluded Carmarthenshire cottage, any age over 21, photo appreciated (returnable) with frank letters please. Box 877.

Gay, 25, bearded (lightly) seeks boyfriend 21-22, interested in receiving mild CP. I am active, gentle and like music and theatre. Write fully with photo (returned). Box 856.

Presentable, professional type, 38, south London, tall dark, dependable, kind affectionate, seeks lasting friendship with someone any age, 21-28 preferring older person. Car, willing to travel. Box 857.

Denim/leather bloke, 26, wishes to meet the same, with gear. Skinheads and rubber fans over 21 welcome. Details with photo (returned) ALA. Box 858.

Young male aged 24, good sense of humour, interested in all aspects of the arts, seeks genuine relationship with male 27-32. Box 859.

My place, non-active, passive male 40, slirp, discreet, needs gay active casual weekenders, lovers, friends (over 21). Box 860.

Life begins at 40? male 40s own flat, cultured, sympathetic, good physique is ever hopeful. Seeks friends 21-40, actively motivated non effeminate, hirsute (non-facial) welcomed. Write fully, confidence respected. Photo appreciated. ALA North London. Box 861.

Gay woman, sincere, wishes for genuine friend. Box 862.

Young 30 years in tight blue levis, seeks jeans fans over 21 with denim, surfer or leather jacket and sports shoes. West Midlands Box 863.

Gay active male 33 seeks younger friends (21-25) for fun at my flat. Photo please. Box 864.

Young London Polytec teacher who was at Speakers Corner in October, listening to woman on words, please contact. Black Velvet. Box 865.

Actor, tall, very slim, blond, 24, tired of one-night stands would like to meet demonstrative passive guy 21— 24.(London) Photo please. Box 866.

Male 32 seeks muscular, well-built partner (over 21) interested in SM and bondage. Photo please. ALA. Box 867.

25, central London, tall slim, blonde, intelligent, non-effeminate, seeks friends (21-30) My interests are reading, weather, music, the great outdoors and old Scandinavian languages. Box 868.

Indian bachelor, 35 tall, well built, seeks passive partner over 21 for permanent relationship. Age, nationality immaterial. Box 869.

Quit the ghetto – come to Berkshire (only 45 minutes from London) to work as personal assistant (over 21) to property man. Box 870.

Gay guy 33 6’1″ tall, bearded, hairy own flat, wishes to meet friend over 21. Colour creed, age, looks unimportant to share life and eventual flat. Box 871.

Jersey. Gay 32, passive, wishes to contact active type over 21 with view to eventual permanent lasting friendship. Nothing kinky, own flat and car. Box 872.

All I want is sincere young friends aged 21-26. I am slim, long hair, age 26. Only letters with photo answered. Box 873.

Leather lover, rubber kit, masks etc wants to meet mate with good gear. Own place central London, late 20s early 30s. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box 874.

Young man athletically inclined easy going, non materialistic (versatile) who also likes: yoga, serious music, natural goods, the occult, meditation, discussions; is interested in: people, human conditions, portraits, crafts, nature, likes to meet easy going versatile guy over 21 with an optimistic radical outlook who appreciates things physical and shares some of my other interests. My height 6ft, hair and eyes dark brown, 11 stone. ALA photographs exchanged and returned. Box 875.

Two gay guys visiting Copenhagen in July request information re accommodation, bars, clubs, shows, contacts. Also interested Holland, Tunisia, Morocco Letters acknowledged and postage refunded.Box 878.

Skinhead (friendly forty) slim, shortarsed denim type. Exchange mags, photos, letters. Where have all the skinheads gone? No bovver — just mates over 21. Write Sparky Manchester, Box 879.

Leather mid-twenties interested in motor-cycling seeks similar over 21 for friendship. Own pad. Genuine replies only. Recent photo appreciated. Box 880.

Passive male 45 is hoping to meet someone, any age over 21, who he can serve or please in any way. Box 881.

Lean, active, gay Taurus guy, 27, black/grey hair, seeks gentle leftish gay/bisexual guy 21-25. 5’6″, living London. Seaside weekends possible. Please send photo with first letter and give phone number if available. Box 882.

Will the blonde who sat next to the guy with the case in the Bio on Sat 6th Jan please write to Dave 225 Franklands Village, Haywards, Heath, Sussex.

Starved of worthwhile experience, attractive male (22) seeks warm, sensual and intelligent friends over 21, to share life with. Exchange photos. Box 883.

Mid-Essex, 23, straight gay, nothing fantastic but intelligent and fun loving, seeks masculine friends aged 21—30 for friendship etc. All letters answered but photo would be an encouragement. Box 884.

Wanted advice please for gent who is meeting a gay chap for the first time. Jim. Box 885.

Scooterist planning Continental camping (tent) holiday to Germany, S. France or Spain. Any Levi/leather person over 21 interested. Preferably with own bike but not essential. Box 886.

Attractive, Scandinavian graduate 27, good physique non eff, fed up with dolly boys with nothing to say seeks friendship with adult guy 25-40 who has reasonable looks, and body, but more important, a mind and a soul. Interests the arts, driving, good food and drink, sport. Photo. London. Box 887.

Sexy 21 year old guy attractive and well built, affectionate intelligent. I would like to meet active, tall, well-built young guys aged 21—30. Box 876.

Student, young 29 tall, good appearance, versatile, interests: art, theatre, music. I am bisexual, warm and friendly, seeks friends 21—31. Free during daytime and some evenings. Photo returnable with mine. London. Box 847.

Norwegian, 26 attractive, non-eff, good physique, very keen on all in wrestling, especially in levis or shorts, seeks friends of similar age who also like heavy wrestling but not SM. Photo, weight and height. Box 848.

Gay businessman living in west London offers free accommodation and possibility of small wage to student or similar, over 21, in return for light duties in modern flat. Box 849.

Young man, 26, lives Maidstone, friendly, affectionate, seeks compatible guy over 21 for deep, lasting relationship. Interests music, photography, travel. Photo exchanged. Box 850.

Ken, 27, 6’1″ good looking and lonely. Seeks passive friend camp or otherwise 21-25 to share flat. Permanent relationship invisaged. Newcastle upon Tyne. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 851.

Married gay guy wishes to meet similar or unmarried guys, London area. Herts. Essex. 25-40. ALA. Box 852.

Guy wants friends in or near Manchester — gay, straight or kinky (over 21) State your tastes. ALA Box 853.

Attractive young man (23) into female attire, seeks masculine males 21-30 interested. Box 854.

Anyone having gay reading material pictures of magazines they don’t want, please send to V. Jones 36A Queensborough Terrace, London W2.

Mutual security and share of comfortable flat offered by gay male (32) to small, dark, versatile type of similar age. Race and campness immaterial. Sincerity important. Photo and phone no appreciated. Box 888.

I would like to hear from intelligent slim, good looking boy over 21 who is looking for home abroad. I am slim good looking young bachelor. Photo please and all details. Box 897.

Gay Scot 40’s, active, smart, dean, sincere, lonely in London. Own home. Seeks genuine good natured chap (Scots welcome) any where, who is aching for reliable, permanent, loving relationship, aged 21-45. Write fully. Photo appreciated and returned with mine. Box 796

Lonely, inexperienced, nice looking gay guy, 21, seeks friendship with another 21-26, London area. Photo please. Box 898

Homosexual Male Nurse (Lonely) seeks pen friends and lasting relationship. North East or anywhere. Photo appreciated. Box 899

Good Looking Gay, young active 29, seeks active, longish hair boy, aged 21-25, who desires active and happy relationship. Interests: social and general. Live in Derbyshire, but am mobile. Box 900

21-year-old Blonde Athlete – interests: most sports, wishes to meet well-built similar in London area. Photo please. Box 901

Aberystwyth Gay Male, (24), slim, sincere, noneffeminate, seeks similar young male (over 21) for permanent friendship, living together. Offer and need love, tired of being alone. Box 902

Male, 28, seeks younger friends over 21 with own place in London. Photo’s exchanged. Box 903

Lonely Young Man, 27, basically passive, reasonably attractive, seeks companions aged 21-45, preferably in London and home counties. Own flat an advantage. Box 904

Dusky 22, brown hair, sea blue eyes, slim, 5’8″, seeks sensuous beautiful people of same age in London. Photo essential, returned. Box 905

Hampshire. Young goodlooking guy (29) discreet, own pad. Likes swimming, water ski-ing, music, wishes to meet non-effeminate males, similar age or younger (over 21) for friendship and pleasure. Photo appreciated. Box 906

Slim, uninhibited leather chap, 29, own London flat, seeks similar type but no strings attached. Photo for exchange ensures immediate reply with phone number. Box 907

Maeteur Photographer would like to hear from handsome young males over 21. Fee and copies of photos. Please send photograph (London) Box 908

30’s passive male seeks active friend for lasting friendship. Active males around 40-45 only reply. Photos exchanged, genuine replies only. Box 909

Chris, 31, seeks comapnionship of older educated partner, London. I’m new to this, but friendly, genuine, intelligent, interested arts. Sexually submissive to dominant personality, but genuine companionship equally important. Box 916

Novice gay guy seeks gay “Mr Universe” type for lunchtime or afternoon wrestling. Details and possibly photo to Box 910, Bob Daws, WC1. Please write. Must be within 15 mins W1.

40 yr old Queen Transvestite requires butch transvestite. Accommodation offered in return for light duties. Permanent relationship for right person. Photo. Box 911

Holiday Companion (attractive literate young man in late 20’s preferred) sought by similar for Summer Holiday Abroad. Box 913

Attractive young male graduate, intelligent, seeks similar or professional man aged 21-32. Phone number appreciated. Box 914

Drama Student (30) new to London, has almost given up hope of finding sincere young friend over 21, for warm loving relationship. Box 915

South American Guy 32, Kensington area, would like to meet young male over 21 for fun, with views to a sincere relationship. All letters answered. Box 917

Married male with kids wants to meet similar to chat over shared problems. London area. Box 918

Very attractive, intelligent graduate (27), not camp but trendy appearance. Serious, sincere. Enjoys theatre, travel, fine things of life. Seeks similar, 24-29, who believes in love for lasting, meaningful relationship. Box 919


Two young gay guys offer share of comfortable house near Tilbury to one or two others, either sex. Nominal rent. Ring 037566389.

S/D flat to let rent £15 per week for two males SW8. Box 890.

Young sensible guy 21—25 offered good home in new lux flat central area. TV, stereo, food £6 or assist in flat. 373 4604,

London pad offered weekend exchange Cornwall February. Box 891.

3rd guy needed immediately to share friendly flat in Finchley. Non-effeminate. Box 892.

Nice room available now, another available soon. Interesting job offered. Paul — 01-732 6724 evenings.

Gay Freak/Head seeks own room in flat, or something for about £6. Please write: Sutton, 93a Golborne Road, London W10.

Gay Flat Mate (not effeminate) to share newly converted house. Own bedroom No restrictions. All facilities including central heating. W3. Age between 25-35. Phone Ron – 749 3698

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01 -402 7806 or write to: 19 London Street, London W2 1HL


Male/female hair stylist required. Holborn/City area. Phone 405 7499

Active young guy wants to move from home town needs job and home anywhere or anything legal considered. Box 889.

Young amateur physique photographer seeks young models over 21 for free posing sessions privately in jeans etc. Phone Anthony 01-222 4686 evenings.

Athletic Young Man seeks genuine part-time modelling work. Some photographic experience. Acrobatic nude studies a speciality. Trained as dancer Box 912

Graduate, 24, seeks interesting responsible work in small firm. Box 894.

Employment & Classified Ads are continued at the bottom of Page 14.

COMMERCIAL ADS 5p a word. No Box Number service Available.

NON COMMERCIAL ADS. 2p a word. Box Numbers 30p

PERSONAL ADS. 2p.a word. Box Numbers 50p (Owing to lack of space, we ask users of the Personal Ads to try and not use more than 30 words.)

SEMI DISPLAY (Boxed Classified)
£1.50 extra.

All information listings are free.

All Ads must be prepaid.

Display Ad Rates

Prices quoted on request.



This corner is really a long list of pieces, people you might like to know about or one day need. We can only, of course, publish the information that comes to us.

CHALLENGE is a social group for gay women and men over 21. We have weekly meetings at 3 London branches and would be delighted if you would join us for a drink and a chat. Please telephone any evening between 7 and 11. Dial 567 5085 and the operator will give you the number of the member of the evening. Do call us.

Campaign For Homosexual Equality London Information Centra, 22 Great Windmill Street, London W1. Tel: 01-437 7363. Office open daily, noon to 10pm.

CHE All London Political Action Group, 22 Great Windmill Street, London W1. Telephone: 01-437 7363

Would any new members of CHE who have not yet received their membership cards, please contact the London Information Centre at 22 Great Windmill Street. London W1. Telephone: 01-437 7363.

LESBIAN LIBERATION meets Wednesdays 8 pm at the South London Womens Liberation Centre, 14 Radnor Terrace. SW8. (near Vauxhall Tube) ALL WOMEN WELCOME. Telephone: 01-622 8495 Mon, Tues. Wed and Fri evenings only

OXFORD GAY ACTION GROUP. Regular meetings take place on Sundays at 8pm in the ‘Marlborough Arms’. St Thomas Street, Oxford.

New CHE group forming in Streetham. Contact: Ian F. Clayton. 56 Hillbrook Road, SW17.

GAY MARXIST GROUP now forming. Politically committed homosexuals of both sexes welcome. Details: 01-794 3368.

SOUTHAMPTON AREA. Gay group now forming. Details: Ken Romsey 512959.

SAPPHO meets every first Monday in the month at Euston Tavern, corner Judd Street/Euston Rd, London. NW1,7.30 pm upstairs room. All women welcome. SAPPHO 30p inc post for single copies from BCM/PETREL. LONDON WC1V 6XX.

Brighton Gay Soc meets weekly. Contact Ray at Brighton 686939

CHE’s Political Action Group is looking for a group of university/polytechnic students/lecturers interested in conducting a survey among the public into attitudes to homosexuality. The aim of the enquiry is to help shape the future campaigning activities of CHE. Offers of help, suggestions etc should be addressed to: David Hyde, PAG, CHE London Information Centre, 22 Great Windmill Street, London W1. Tel: 01-437 7363.

GAYSOC for homosexual men and women in any school or college of London University – undergraduate, postgraduate or staff. Social, political and campaigning activities aimed at creating better conditions for gays within the university – then the world! Write (enclosing SAE please) GAYSOC, ULU, Malet Street, WC1.

Abortion, contraception, entertainment, transportt, legal advice, jobs, alternative? Work, food, hitchhiking, cheap furnishiings, communications, shelter, late night services, accommodation, free services, ad infinitum … Contact: Nutshell Information Service. Phone: Birmingham 777-2483 24 hours every day. (Ask for Nutshell as we share a line with St Basil’s Centre.)

Homosexual Counselling and Parent’s Enquiry. You or your som, daughter, parent or friend could be homosexual and may need help and understanding. Write for appointment to FRIEND. Centre, Broadley Terrace, London NW1 or telephone 01-402 6345 Mondays to Fridays 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

Leicester Gay Awareness Group ring Leicester 738832, ask for Clive or John.

Oxford Gay Action Group meets every Sunday at 8 pm in the Marlborough, St Thomas Street. Fortnightly discos from Fri. Jan 5th at the Cape of Good Hope. The Plain, Oxford. Further info – Oxford 45301 between 7 pm and 8 pm.

Warwick Gay Soc has started. Meets every Tuesday 6 pm in the Coffee Bar at the University. Contact Irwin Timms, 60 Russell Terrace, Leamington Spa, or Jill Brown, H44, Rootes Hall.

Gay Civil Rights Group now forming. Information from Frank Honore, Room 406, Hughes Parry Hall, Cartwright Gardens, London WC1. Telephone 01-387 7501

Stepney: CHE group forming around this area and including the other parts of East London not catered for. For details ring Mike 01-476 7980

Manchester University Homophile Society social events, campaigning – open to all meets.Thursdays. 8pm. meeting room 4.

University Union. Oxford Road CHE Cardiff now meets at Chapter Arts Centre, Market Street, Canton, Cardiff every other Monday (Nov 20th etc.) Gay News will be on sale.

Women’s Liberation Workshop. 3 Shavers Place, London W1 Tel 01-839 3918

LEEDS G.L.F./C.H.E. Joint Office. 153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

Fellowship in Christ the Liberator. Communion service 8pm. Sundays. West Kensington Details: FCL c/o 61 Earls Court Square, London SW5

Gay Esperanto Group. For details of next meeting telephone 01 -637 1220

Gay Women – Lonely? Need, information, company, help with problems? Write Jill Russell, c/o The Peace Centre, 18 Moor Street, Ringway, Birmingham 5 7UH Please enclose S A .E

Wandsworth/Richmond CHE group forming. Incorporating Fulham-Wimbledon and fringe areas. Men AND women. We meet twice a month Write Fred Green, 368 Upper Richmond Road, Putney SW15 2TL

Mikis Theodorakis, the Greek composer, is giving a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 30th January. Tickets: usual agencies.

University of Bristol Gay Students Society for all homosexuals, male and female. Contact Trevor or Clara through the Social Action Office at the Union or phone Tony, Bristol 32669, or write to Gay Students Society, University Union, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1LN.

YOUNG GAYS meet regularly m London The C.H.E .Youth Group meets fortnightly around Central London Details from Mike or Jim at 01 385 7246

READING GAY ALLIANCE regular discos and socials, counselling, quiet meetings, public meetings, and action. Town and university. SAE for Newssheet Room 7 30 London Rd, READING

Alternative Free Library needs donations of radical/liberated Gay Papers and Magazines. ESPECIALLY Back Issues Please write Geoffrey Leigh, 30 Woodside, Wimbledon, London SW19 7AW

Harrow Gay Unity. For details phone Janie at 863 1184 or Alex at 864 2291. Meets on Mondays. Manchester gay women meet on alternative Mondays. Details: Liz Stanley. 061-881 3683.

“Gay Cambridge”, a joint CHE/GLF group covering both the town and university Meets every fortnight, wekkly in university term. Contact Bernard Greaves, 29 John Street, Cambridge, phone Cambridge 52661


Brighton Reading
Bristol Sheffield
Bath Shropshire
Birmingham South Essex (Basildon)
Blackburn/Burnley South Herts (Watford/
Bolton St Albans)
Bradford Southampton/Bournemouth
Cardiff Stoke-on-Trent
Cambridge Swansea/Carmarthen
Chilterns (Berkhampstead/ Teeside
Amersham) Tunbridge Wells
Colchester Leicester
Cornwall North Yorkshire/South
Crouch End Durham
Croydon Windsor/Slough
East Kent (Canterbury) Wirral
Guildford Wolverhampton
Halifax/Huddersfield Wolverhampton & District worker’s group
Ilford York
Lewisham Devon
Liverpool Blackpool
LONDON Cornwall
Acton/Ealing Stepney
Central Lancaster
Highbury/Islington Enfield
Kensington Barking
Kilburn/Hampstead Preston
Wandsworth/Richmond Taunton
Newport/Cardiff London
Northampton Manchester
Norwich Oxford
Nottingham Kent
Oxford Liverpool

Many local group organisers are wary of having their names and addresses publicised, so for the time being please contact all CHE groups via the national office: 28 KENNEDY STREET, MANCHESTER 2. Telephone 061-228 1985


At present there are GLF groups in operation in the following areas

Aberystwyth Essex University Reading
Bath Folkstone Sheffield
Bristol Greenoch Swansea
Bedfordshire Hull Sussex
Birmingham Keele University Brighton
Belfast Lancaster
Cambridge Leicester LONDON
Cheltenham Leeds South London
Canterbury Manchester West London
Cardiff Newcastle East London
Colchester Norwich Camden
Derby Oxford Youth Group
Durham Portsmouth Religious Group
Edinburgh Potteries Women’s Group

London School of Economics GLF
London Counter Psychiatry

The addresses of these groups may be obtained from the GLF Office at 5 Caledonian Road, London N1. Tube Kings Cross Tel 01-837 7174 Also contact here for other GLF information

GLF Action Group meets Fridays at 7.30 pm at GLF Office 5 Caledonian Road, N1.

Religious Gay Lib Group. meets various Sundays at 2.30 pm Phone 278 1701 for details

Gay Women’s Lib (North London)
Meet at The Crown and Woolpak, 397 St Johns St  EC1 (Angel Tube) 8pm on Mondays

West London GLF meets in the Committee Room of Fulham Town Hall, Fulham Broadway on Thursdays at 8pm

South London GLG meets Thursdays at Minet Library, Knatchbull Road, Brixton.

Camden GLF meets Thursdays at Forresters Hall, 5 Highgate Road, Kentish Town.

Leeds GLF meats on Fridays at the O.S.A. Lounge m the University Union. Meetings open to all.

Manchester GLF meets Thursdays 8 pm in the upstairs room of the Lass o’ Gowrie, Charles St. (off Oxford Road, near Studio 1-5). Details from Steve or John at 061-445 5095.

York GLF now forming. Details from Bob Olorenshaw. A 113 Derwent College, University of York, Heslington, York.

Newcastle GLF meets Wednesdays 8 pm at 258 Westgate Road, Newcastle 4.

Bath Gay Awareness Group meets Thursdays 8 pm. Info – from John – Bath 63168 or Hugh – Bath 4738.

TV and TS group meets Tuesdays at All Saints Church Vestry, Clydesdale Road, W11 at 8pm.

East London GLF meets Thursdays art 103 Market Street, East Ham E6 at 8pm.

Sussex GLF meets Tuesdays at 8 15pm upstairs/back bar Stanford Arms, Preston Circus, Brighton. Contact Doug Coupe, 40 Ashford Road, Brighton, or phone Ray at 686939

Bristol Gay Awareness Group, c/o Tony 200 West Mall, Clifton, Bristol. Tel 0272 32669

Essex GLF University contact Brian Roberts, c/o Student Pidgeon Holes. University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester

Leeds GLF Liberation Office, 153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds 2 Tel 0532 39071 ex 57. Meetings every Friday at 7 30pm at the Liberation Office


Postal enquiries – SMG, 214 Clyde Street Glasgow G1 4J2

For meetings in ABERDEEN and GLASGOW ring John Breslin (041 771 7600)

For meetings in DUNDEE ring Len McIntosh (0382-452433).

For meetings in EDINBURGH ring Mike Coulson (031 225 4395) between 1pm and 10pm any day


DISCO First Sat of each month at the Odd Spot Coffee House & Grill, Sir Simons’ Arcade (Behind T.S.B.), Lancaster. Tel.2750. 11 pm to 4 am. Bring a bottle. Gay News will be on sale.

Father Red Cap, 319 Camberwell Road, SE5. (Camberwell Green)
Upstairs Bar now open 7 nights a week – Tricky Dicky Boys Only Disco now on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Also mixed Disco on Wednesday and Saturdays. Girls Only Disco on Friday. Gay intimate evening on Mondays. Free Admission Mondays and (for a limited period) Tuesday’s Boys Only Disco.

South London GLF Disco every Monday except first Monday of the month At The Crypt, St Matthews Church (opposite Town Hall, Brixton BR/Tube Buses 35. 37. Admission 15p. Beer and snadwich bar. Love Kisses South London GLF

Camden GLF weekly disco in the discotheque next to the Bull and Gate Pub (200 yds Kentish Town Stn) every Wednesday from 8pm to 1am

Tuesday nights – ROYAL OAK, 62 Glenthorne Road, London W6.
Wednesday nights – THE PONTIFRACT CASTLE, 48 Chapel Street. Edgware Road tube.
Dancing permitted, complete with drag show featuring Mr Jean Fredericks, Peter Martindale and Diamond David.

KINGS ARMS, Liverpool Street, London (corner of Pindar Street). Tube – BR Liverpool Street, buses – 8. 8A, 22, 6, 47, 87. Tricky Dicky show on Saturday nights 8.30 to 11. Admission free.
Saloon bar disco, impersonations etc, gay atmosphere. Gay News is on sale at all Tricky Dicky Discos.

KINGS ARMS. Liverpool Street, London.
(corner of Pinder Street) Tube/BR Liverpool Street. Dick’s Inn. Gay Disco every Monday Compere Tricky Dicky.

THE ARABIAN. Cambridge Heath Road, London, (corner of Bishops Way) Tube Bethnal Green/Bus 277 Dicks Inn. Gay Disco every Wed Comp Tricky Dicky

Leeds G.L.F. presents FANCY DRESS DISCO on Nov 20th. Contact their office for details. Parties, Socials every fortnight.

Sussex G.L.F. Disco every Friday 8-11 pm, at Stanford Arms, Preston Circus, Brighton. Only 20p.

West London G.L.F. presents a dance at Hampstead Old Town Hall on December 2nd Tickets 50p, Disco, Groups, Lightshow, and Bar

Reading Gay Alliance weekly social Wednesday, disco Saturday, Admission to each 20p (10p students). Both at The Railway Tavern, Stanshawe Road, Reading. No membership.

Birmingham’s Gay Scene welcomes you! By popular demand, FREE admission Disco (every Friday) 7.30pm, 10.45pm, Drinks bar prices. At the ‘Shakespeare Inn’, Summer Row, B’ham, 3. (Back of Town Hall). Wear what you want! Open House, Everyone Welcome!!!

GLF South London presents a DANCE on Feb 3rd at the Surrey Halls, nr Stockwell Tube. Starts 7.30. Bar, Disco, Group, Gnashar and a steel band.

Drag & Cabaret

372 Kennington Lane, SE 11 (Vauxhall)
Regular Compere – Pat Kelly – with The Keitones.
Thurs (Alt) Mr Tammy or Honey
Friday Mr Tammy Monday Bow
Saturday Lee Paris Wednesday Lee Paris
Sunday (Lunch) Bow New Act Starting Soon
Sunday (Night) Mr Tammy

ROYAL OAK. 62 Glenthorne Road W6 (Hammersmith). Drag every night. Regular artistes including Mr Jean Fredericks

ELEPHANT & CASTLE South Lambeth Place, SW8. (Vauxhall) Drag every night except Tuesdays. Regular compere Jackie. Recommended by Gay News for happy and friendly atmosphere.

SKINNERS ARMS Camberwell New Road Tuesday Nights Only – “LA DUBARRY”

OXFORD TAVERN 256 Kentish Town Road NWS (Kentish Town) Drag on Tues Wed and Thurs Resident host Pern St Oa«r Partly oay on these nights

THE NEW BLACK CAP. 171 Camden High Street. NW1 (Camden Town Tube.
Drag every night with Tony Page.
Mon. – Thurs. – Sat. with Marc Flaming.
Tuas. with Sandy Graham.
Wed. with New Dumbelles.
Fri. with Nicky Young.
Sunday (lunch) with Marc Fleming & Mrs Shufflewick.
Sunday (evening) with Perri St Clare or Sandy Graham

Alan McGorrin is Gay News s super salesman at The Black Cap. Be nice to him, he works very hard.

Father Red Cap, 319 Camberwell Road, SE5. (Camberwell Green).
PALACE QF DRAG – Drag every night.
The following artistes are proud to announce they are appearing at the Father Red Cap; Lee Paris, Tammy, Colin Cordell, Alvis & Odell, Lee Tracy and Len Morton

THE CRICKETERS Battersea Park Road, SW11
(BR Battersea Park)
Sun The Troilettes Fri. Various Artistes.
Tues Steel Band Sat Singalong & Dancing
Wed Various Artists Compere/Organist
Thurs Talent Night Kenneth Mancell.

DORSETT ARMS, Clapham Road. London SW8. Drag 24/1/73. Les Lee King.

THE EAGLE. Clifton Road, Maida Vale W9. Drag every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Popular artists.

309 Harrow Road, W9 (Westboume Park)
Drag on Wednesday and Sunday (Lunch & Eve)

THE EAGLE, 15 Clifton Road W9.
Drag – Fri – Sat – Sun.

This is a list of some of the pubs in London that regularly have Drag Acts. Information of out of London pubs featuring drag will be added to this list as we receive it. So if your local has something good happening at it, let us know; and that goes for you landlords as well

Gay Pubs

WILLIAM IV, Heath Street, Hampstead NW3. Hampstead Tube.

THE SALISBURY, St Martins Lane, Near to Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square tubes

THE QUEENS HEAD, Tryon Street, (off Kings Road, London SW3.

THE CHAMPION. Bayswater Road, Nearest tube is Nofting Hill Gate

THE BOLTONS and THE COLEHERNE are opposite each other at the junction of Earl’s Court Road and Old Brompton. Earl’s Court Tube.

THE SHIP AND WHALE, 2 Gulliver Street, SE16.

THE IMPERIAL, Richmond High Street.

THE GREEN ROOM, The Wheatsheaf, Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush.

Friendly Outlets

GAY NEWS will always be on sale at the following pubs

MARSH MOTEL (Mike & Eileen) Canute Road, Southampton
Semi Gay. Disco every Thursday night Also

THE ANCHOR INN (The Viking Club), East Street, Southampton. Saturday nights – Girls only (Ask for Jan).

THE PUBLIC HOUSE, not just another bookshop. 21 Little Preston Street, Brighton. Phone 28357.

Le FAUNE Restaurant, 23 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ Tell 01-723 5170

Thanks to SHANE’S CLUB, 71 Compayne Gardens, West Hampstead, London NW6 for selling Big GN

THE PAVILION CLUB, 123 Shardlow Road, (A6), Shardlow. Derbys Tel Sharrilow 581 Open Wed, Fri. Sat & Sun from 8.00pm

THE LORD ROBERTS, Canal Walk, Southampton. (June & Mike)

THE GLOBE. Bernard Street. Southampton. Always a warm welcome from:- Kath, Dick & Peter

THE ROBERT BURNS, 9 South Front, Southampton. ‘The small pub with a BIG welcome:- Doris & Dennis’

CLUB CONTINENTAL, High St, Below Bar, Southampton, (Disco) “Strictly Gay”

THE GREEN MAN, The Place, Winchester, Hants. Your Host – David M.Powrie

ROKOKO CLUB, Roker, Sunderland. GN on sale there every Saturday.

PRINCESS ROYAL, 172 Wellingborough Road, Northampton. Your Hosts – Pam and Vim.

THE NIGHTINGALE CLUB, 50 Camp Hill. Birmingham 12 (021-772 2665) sell Gay News.
(They also get a gold star for the best address we have seen so far for a club or a pub.)

Gay News wishes to thank the management and staff at the COLEHERNE, and the BOLTONS (at Earls Court) and the CHAMPION (at Notting Hill Gate) for their help in letting us sell Gay News in their establishments. Gay News will regularly be on sale in these three pubs in West London.

Gay News thanks RODDY and ERIC of the MASQUERADE – the paper is always available at the door. Masquerade Club, 310 Earls Court Road.

Thanks to all at the QUEENS HEAD, Chelsea, for letting us regularly sell Gay News there.

The DisKOthequc (D O K), 2a Lowndes Court, London W1 (off Carnaby Street) regularly has Gay News on sale. Thanks.

The Father Red Cap. Boys Only, Girls Only and Mixed Disco’s. Gay News is always on sale.

Valentine’s – Georges Club (off Gay Street), Bath. Gay News is always on sale.

Thanks to DON JOHN.S, one of the North’s foremost Gay Clubs, for selling Gay News.

Ronnie will be selling Gay News in THE GREEN ROOM at The Wheatsheaf, Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush.

When you stay at MAGGIE’S PLACE Hotel you can also buy Gay News to read in bed.

Thanks to the REGENCY (opposite Theatre Royal), Bath, Gay News is always sold there by Bath Gay Awareness group.

Tim will always sell you GN at the Elephant & Castle and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern at Vauxhall.

Postage costs are very so when you write to us. could you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the reply – if you want a reply, that is.