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Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you, and us, if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

* Chaucer.

Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS. When replying to a box ad(s) place it in an enveolope and attach, not stick a 3p stamp to it. Then place inside a larger envelope and send it to GAY NEWS BOX REPLIES, 19 London Street, London, W2 1HL. The letters ALA after an ad denote ALL LETTERS ANSWERED. WHEN WRITING your personal ads, it would help those wishing to reply, if you mentioned in which area you live.

Good looking gay, passive male, 35, own flat, central London. Interests travel, good food, theatre, writing. Seeks active partner 25-40, race immaterial. Box 17/1

Slim Londoner 25 wants to meet muscular gay guy 21-30 for sincere friendship including correspondence. Am discreet and can be trusted. Box 17/2

Slim guy 21, lonely and unfulfilled, likes ballet, music, camping, seeks deep relationship with similar 21-25 London. Box 17/3

Attractive Mid-20s, own flat North London. Interests music and travel, faded Levis (not S/M) looking for active male similar tastes, photo essential. Very permanent relationship. Box 17/4

Cardiff male aged 25. Interests cinema, theatre, travel, wishes to meet other with similar interests. Box 17/5

Young male 24, (North London) seeks sincere friends age 24-34 for lasting friendship. Likes theatre, music and all types of sport. Photo appreciated. Box 17/6

Quiet (40) and collie dog (5) making 4-6 week motor caravan tour Scotland end May seeks gentle slim, happy go lucky youngster (over 21) as companion. Dog and countryside lover essential. ALA – Norman, BM/GCZY, London WC1

Quiet (40) would like to correspond with anyone interested in grey flannels. Box 17/7

Male 45, non-effeminate seeks dominating teacher with understanding. Either sex. Advertiser has good body. Box 17/8

Gay 42 denims, leather, interested meeting others over 25. Keen on hairy faces. Permanent relationship looked for. Photo please, returned with mine. ALA. Box 17/9.

Gay railway enthusiast, London area, seeks companion for a week’s holiday in Germany mid-March. Suggestions for summer holiday also welcome. Box 17/10.

Young man 25 would like to meet skinheads or leather boys. Exchange mags, photos, letters. Reply with photo please. Box 17/11.

Music lover 30 wishes to meet others, and genuine contacts with leather and denim scene. Sincere contacts. Box 17/12

Quiet London male 45 seeks West Indian partner 37—47 for lasting, loving relationship. ALA. Box 17/13

Essex Scorpio, 50, would like to meet friendly humourous, intelligent, sincere guy about 12 years younger, 5’10” and over, masculine, interested in music, the arts, etc, for country weekends or to share London pad one/two nights per week. Box 17/14

Intelligent late forties, own secluded country house N of London, interested in cavalry uniforms, leather m/cycles nut not in S/M, wants to meet blonde masculine type, 30-40 with similar interests and own gear for weekend companionship. Other interests music, travel, arts. Box 17/15.

Male 30s would like to hear from someone under 32 (over 21) in Lancs or Chester areas for sincere lasting relationship. Occasional meetings. Photo appreciated and return. Box 17/18.

Jewish gay 43. Professional man (active), appallingly lonely, would like to contact younger man over 21 or man of same age (passive but not effeminate). Sincere, tender, genuine. I long for deep, true, real lasting relationship; character and loving feelings matter. Box 17/16

Lonely passive 25, slim, blonde, non-effeiminate, discreet, seeks position with active male 28-42. Looks unimportant if sincere. Cooking, driving, knowledge of office procedure. Refs if required. No kinks, genuine replies only. ALA anywhere. Box 17/17

Gay male, 27, graduate, wishes to hear from similar 20s. Photo please. Box 17/19

Young gay guy living in Gloucestershire seeks young gay friend over 21. Looks unimportant, but someone sincere, either in Wiltshire or Gloucestershire also able to travel. Please send photo. Box 17/20.

Fairly attractive 23 male wants to meet others 25—30 (with moustache preferred) London area. Box 17/21.

Am interested in meeting well built, active coloured man 21-45. I am 34, slim, hirsute. Will anybody who can help contact me with photo if possible. ALA London area. Box 17/22.

Young man 26 seeks body building lessons, private or with a club. Also seeks friends. Box 17/23.

Sincere, slim 30, good appearance, lively and intelligent, versatile, seeks attractive males 21-35 for lasting friendships. Photo appreciated. Box 17/24.

Real people – do you exist? Lonely guy 23, good looking artist/art historian, seeks friends. London and South Coast area. Box 17/25.

Peter Huntington aged 32 of 19 Newport Court WC2, seeks penpals. Also offers nice rooms Queensway and requires presentable people for catering and office employment. Part time work also available — above average pay.

Age 42 energetic passive, of deceptively rugged appearance, would like to meet actives or versatiles of any age or race. Resident Kent. Box 17/26.

Young German graduate male seeks sensual masculine companion aged 21-30 in South London or elsewhere. Photo please. Box 17/27.

Man, 35, own house near Bournemouth — main interests music, films, swimming, sailing, wine, food, seeks local friends preferably with boat/bike; equally happy in trendy gear or denim and leather. Box 17/28.

Young man 27 living Walsall/Lichfield area seeks other(s) about same age or younger for friendship. Likes cinema, clubs, music, German language. Photo or phone no. appreciated. ALA (genuine). Box 17/29.

Sincere male 24, SE6, seeks active friend to love, 25-35. Photo appreciated. Box 17/30.

Guy 29. Interests leather, rubber, levis, water sports etc, but inexperienced, seeks experienced types 21-35 to assist with education. Box 17/31.

Ordinary young man 28 seeks motor cyclist mate same age or older to teach me everything that goes with him and his bike (holidays, sports, leather). Photo please. Box 17/32.

Theatrical, Midlands, youthful 28, slim, dark hair, basically passive, not unattractive, seeks friendship. Active, honest, sincere 21-38 London/Midlands/Teeside – own pad – perhaps share? Details/photo – ALA. Barrie, 220 Malvern Rd., Worcester, WR2 4LL.

Young hippy seeks boyfriend with motorbike. Box 17/33.

Mid 20s, well built, versatile, leather/denim guy, seeks other very well built guys, leather denim, skinhead 21-25. ALA with photo, phone no if poss. Box 17/34.

Young 23, discreetly gay guy, with many and varied interests, including music, travel, films and theatre would like to meet and make friends with another guy – similar age – photo if possible, and in London and home counties please. Box 17/35.

22 year old Londoner needs someone to share future with. Photo exchanged. Box 17/36.

I’m 38, 5’8″, 11 stone, average build, new to this. I’m looking for a friendly muscular, well built gay guy with own pad easy to reach W1. Available lunchtine and afternoons. Details, phone no and photo to Box 17/37.

David Lawson, please contact me at 051-652 6297. John. Will anyone who knows David please show him this ad.

Robert FI … Please return records, money, BORROWED from us. Peter and David.

Lonely, inexperienced, nice looking gay guy, 21, seeks friendship with another 21-25 London Midlands area. Photo please. Box 17/38.

Scottish art history student 21, main attribute, sense of humour, seeks to accompany kind gentleman visiting European galleries and museums this summer. Anyone for Venice. Box 17/39.

North Devon. Two gays mid 30s, own house.and car seek new friends anywhere in the South West. Photos exchanged. Write Jim Box 17/40.

Lively 40 Birmingham. Interests camping, swimming youth work, seeks correspondence, meeting with kindred spirit, same age or younger. Box 17/41.

Asian male gay (33) 5’6″, well built (sports) noncamp, seeks active or passive friends, 21-40. Colour or nationality immaterial. Box 17/42.

London 24 would like to hear from young people who care about knowing the other person. Interests include classical music, theatre, poetry, socialism; photo please, returned. Box 17/43.

Good looking, trendy, smooth guy 23 likes leather, but not so much motor cycle leather, interested in escapology – anyone similar? Box 17/44.

Amateur (East London) 28 seeks subjects for photography. Amusement only. All suitable letters answered. Photo appreciated. Box 17/45.

Married male (gay) non-effeminate, wishes to meet similar South Wales/Bristol. Box 17/46.

Gay Girl 20 would like to correspond/meet someone similar for friendship. Box 17/47.

South west 40 seeks friends for weekends and holidays etc. Very affectionate. Box 17/48.

Continental 30 years age boy, wants to meet very well built coloured chap for fun. ALA. Box 17/49.

Unemployed Manchester pantagruelist 25 likes interesting young men over 21, of demi god stature and intelligence; hobbies: arts, crosswords, beer drinking and reading. ALA. Photo please. Box 17/50.

33 year old Irishman would like pen friends 28-48. Visits England frequently. Photo appreciated and guaranteed return. ALA. Box 17/51.

Surrey. Male 40 seeks genuine friendship with younger guy over 21 with view to permanent relationship. Possible summer holiday. Photo please. Box 17/52,

Guy 28 not camp, seeks straight looking boy 21-35 years for friendship. Keen on sport and cinema. Photo please (not essential) London. Box 17/53.

Modern 26 year old, car owner, wide range of interests, needs sincere friendship with long-haired modern guy 21-26 Birmingham/Wolverhampton area preferred. Box 17/54.

Ex actor 34, slim, dominant and straightish, seeks companion 21-34 with possibility of flat share. Gentle submissive person who will discuss problems. London. Photo exchanged. Box 17/55.

Dulwich 27, Wagner and rugby fan, 6’10″ heavy build, likes swimming and culture, masculine, seeks sincere friend. Photo please. Box 17/56,

Guy 26 seeks friendship etc with a couple (perhaps an affair, but need not be). Non-effeminate (like myself). About same age or younger over 21. Pen pals also wanted. ALA. Box 17/57.

Young guy 21, tall dark and very slim, with own car and flat, seeks genuine friend over 21, under 25 Croydon area. Photo appreciated. Box 17/58.

Sailor seeks gay guys to crew weekends, holidays, etc. Sailing experience unnecessary. Intelligence and healthy physique essential. Personal beauty and humour appreciated. Write Box 17/59.

Lonely 21 year old, good personality, fair good looks, slim, seeks hairy non eff “Mr Universe” type, must be understanding, affectionate. ALA. Photo appreciated 23—32. Box 17/60.

Youthful 23, own pad, seeks youths 21-23 to share interests; usually gentle, sincere, own car, Merseyside, North Wales and Cheshire lads especially welcome. ALA. Send photo if poss. Box 17/61.

Lonely, 38 year old professional type, London area quiet, sense of humour, very slim, dark, tall, quite attractive, kind, seeks deep relationship with someone 21—26, equally lonely, possibly shy and inhibited, who needs someone older tor a close one person relationship. Box 17/62.

Attractive gay 22, hairy chested and masculine, seeks genuine relationship with affectionate person under 30 (over 21). Blondes and continentals preferred but not essential; must be sincere and warm. Photos exchanged. Box 17/63.

Tall, fair, handsome young 21 … I’m ready to model for amateur photographers. Photo on request. Box 17/64.

Young man starting collection requires any photos or magazines dealing with male youths and boys; also copy of “The Male Trio”. Also wants mags such as Kim, full details first. Box 17/65.

Young man 23, seeks friends all over the country, preferably 21-25. Interests soccer, drinking etc. Photo if possible. ALA Box 17/66

Bachelor 32, own pad London, seeks coloured friends possibly for serious relationship. Box 17/97.

Cotswolds/South Midlands Bachelor, 38, 6 ft, 11 stone, tired of clubs, bars and insincerity, seeks guy 25-38 for permanent loving relationship (eventually living together). Am dependable, discreet, reasonably trendy in appearance, intelligent, and fun loving, but dislike camp and effeminacy. Own place and car. Recent photograph appreciated (exchanged and returned), all genuine replies answered Box 17/67.

Young gay 25, composer/graduate, own car, London based, would like to meet sincere young men for friendship and interest. Box no 17/79.

Hounslow. Roy (28) seeks friends 24-35 for weekends, evenings andholidays. Photo appreciated (returned). Box no 17/80.

Guy (21) would like to meet sincere guy of same age group (North of England). Please enclose photo, returnable. Box 17/82.

Basically lonely young man (28) Eastern European parentage, would like to hear from any non-eff square looking bearded/bald hairy type male. Replies treated seiously and in confidence. Box 17/83.

Amateur photographer would like to hear from handsome young males over 21. Fee and copies of photographs. Please send photo. London. Box 17/84.

Young man 30, 5’10” resident NW Midlands (Shropshire), Interests music, books, films, etc seeks sincere friend, active over 21, for permanent relationship. Photo appreciated. Box 17/85.

Young Essex racing driver seeks young friends/ assistants to help weekends at race circuits. Experience not necessary but must be reliable. Photo please. ALA. Box 17/86.

Leather guy (24) interested in denim etc wishes to meet similar of any age. No long hairs. Photos helpful. Box 17/87.

Brimingham/Black country. Lonely? Why not join us for natter and coffee evenings. Genuine friendship offered to gay guys. Box 17/88.

Active male (29) TV director own house, car, South Coast, wants boy — not camp — over 21 looking for permanent relationship. Prefers slim not too tall boys to mid twenties. Background looks unimportant. Honesty and sincerity vital. ALA. Box 17/96.

West Midlands/Welsh border. Married man but completely gay (43) but young and active, desperate for gay love and companionship weekends. Letters welcome. ALA. Box 17/98.

Young gays 21-28 required by handsome 25 year old willing to make good partners or pen-friends. Anything tried, teach me your game. All letters answered. Please write I am lonely. Box 17/99.

Young leather/denim bloke over 21 wishes to meet bloke, same maybe. Yorkshire man most wecome. Interested in living, bikes, permanent home nad relationship 26-40. Photo appreciated. Box 17/102.

Handsome boy 23 who has looked after himself would like to meet similar over 21. Photo please. Mine returned London/Herts. Box 17/100.

Versatile guy, 28, slim, 6′, blue eyes, dark hair, recently working London, needs similar, preferably younger (over 21), elegant, denim, leather. Interested arts, science, amateur musicals. Own car, single flat. Photo please. ALA Box 17/101.

Gay male 28, attractive, slim, long hair, has extremely lovable ears, seeks friends 21-30, with long hair, also having extremely lovable ears and a mutual liking for doing eerie things. Box 17/103.

Shy Lonely, London guy 22, seeks friendship of similar sincere person (21-23). Photo appreciated. Box 17/104.

Guy, 32, new to London, would like to contact masculine type 21-40 for friendship and more social life Box 17/105.

South Londoner 23 seeks more friends of same age. Phone Tony 27445339.

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