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Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS. When replying to a box ad(s) place it in an envelope and attach, not stick, a 3p stamp to it. Then place inside a larger envelope and send it to GAY NEWS BOX REPLIES, Basement, 34d Redcliffe Square, London SW10. The letters ALA after an ad denote ALL LETTERS ANSWERED.

WHEN WRITING your personal ads, it would help those wishing to reply, if you mentioned in which area you live.

Boxes 700 to 919 inclusive will be discontinued after March 12th unless the advertisers send a further 50p to cover handling and postage.

Where are all the young beautiful guys with chipped front teeth or gaps between front teeth? I am genuinely interested, so please write. Box No 18/1.

Suffolk guy, 23, lonely seeks genuine non-effeminate friends for lasting relationships. Box 18/2

Versatile 39, tall, good appearance, London, seeks non-camp 25-40 versatile to return my affection, warmth, humour and intelligence with his own interests. Arts generally. Photo appreciated. Box 18/3.

30 year old seeks butch hirsute guys (21-24) for mutual pleasure. Absolutely genuine. Photo please (returnable). Box 18/4.

Male 30 seeks someone for lunchtime wrestling. City or Leyton/W. Stow. Box 18/5

Non-effeminate passive straight-looking male (30’s) 6’2″ 13½ stone 42″ chest, unfortunately misses out sometimes because thought to be the law. Am looking for active friends for occasional get together, drinks etc. Box 18/6.

Essex guy 27 with own place seeks new friends/pen friends under 30. Likes records, cinema, reading, cars. Photo appreciated. ALA Box 18/7.

Bachelor (37) English, North London, seeks loving genuine active person (30-45- for loyal relationship, eventually seek/share flat. Advertiser not fabulously handsome, but absolutely capable of sustaining lasting relationship with right person. One-nighters etc need not reply. Photo welcome but not essential. Box 18/8.

Weight trainer, (33) muscular, 6′. 194 lbs, masculine, seeks same, either West Indian or other non-hairy person (27-37) for wrestling. Photo please. Box 18/9

Friendly Londoner late twenties, 6′, brown hair and eyes slimly muscular seeks attractive warm companions under 30. Photo please. Box 18/10.

Middle aged man seeks sincere permanent friend. Tired of cruisers and the immature. Am 40 miles N. London near railway. Seek kind home-lover. Box 18/12.

Attractive denim and leather guy (26) nice shape seeks friends 21-30 interested in the unusual. London. Photo if possible. Box 18/13

Personable unclubable 28 year old Cancer needs guy similar age and compatible interests – piano music, things French, etc. Box 18/14

South London guy (26) seeks passive friend around same age. Box 18/17.

Gay widower (47) young looking, fit and active, considered attractive wishes to meet young boy over 21. medium height, non-effeminate for warm-hearted, genuine and sincere father figure companionship. Belgravia London flat. ALA with photograph (returned). Box 18/15.

32 year old guy, good shape, new to Oxford, wishes to meet well-built males 25-35 for mutual pleasure. Non-camp. Please send photo. ALA Box 18/16.

Are you thirtyish/fortyish with moustache or beard and a leaning towards older friends? South-eastern fiftyish would like to hear from you. Photo appreciated. Box 18/18.

Londoner (32) seeking lasting relationship which has so far eluded him, interested in meeting others in similar situation. Pleasant personality important Preferred age 25-35. ALA Box 18/19.

West Indian 26-36 who would like to show Englishman how to enjoy life — must like dancing. Photo returnable. Box 18/20.

Gay ex-monk (28) seeks slim, passive, quiet boy over 21. I am only interested in long term relationship. Box 18/21.

Graduate, young man (25) attractive, seeks good-looking intelligent young friend London area. Box 18/22.

Snow White and Gay Dwarfs: gay brothers invited to take part in simple mime — 7 minute scene – no lines to learn — ring author at (01) 892 8527 (spells TYBULAR on lettered dials, number misprinted in GN16) or try Julie at 01-837 7174. Text given in GN13.

For sale: 3ft bed excellent condition 50p. Modern drawers (24″ x 16″ x 17″) £3.00. Collect Twickenham 01-892 8527

Edinburgh 30 year old male quite good looking, with varied interests would like to meet active more dominant natured male. Photo please ALA. Box 18/23.

Midland gay male (35) working class, lonely seeks sincere friend genuine honest type. 21-40-is. Box 18/24

Young man 21 requires genuine friends (affair). Maybe share my large bedsit. Lives in Berks area. London/Berks area required. Photo if possible. Dave, Box 18/25.

Northants male (32) own pad, seeks intelligent friends 21-40 with time off midweek. Photo appreciated. Box 18/26.

American (23) good looking, would like to meet attractive, well-built natural guys under 35. ALA with photo. London. Box 18/27.

Young man, London, good appearance, sincere, seeks similar over 21 non-effeminate, view lasting friendship. London area. Please send photo (returned with mine) Box 18/28

Bachelor seeks reliable domesticated young man over 21 to share his delightful country cottage and to help generally. Opportunity for permanent relationship and enjoyable way of life. Box 18/29.

ROD: Moving. Urgent I see you — K.

If you seek a submissive relationship, active male can fulfil your needs. Prefer London and counties north but all letters answered. Box 18/31.

Shy guy (24) seeks sincere permanent friend London area. Box 18/32.

Manservant, loyal and willing, seeks unpaid position with beautiful arrogant young master, preferably Oriental. Paul 01-603 3646 or write Box 18/33.

Bisexual male (29) educated heterosexually inexperienced seeks sincere straight bi/gay girl any age for explorative relationship and mutual encouragement. Box 18/34.

Dearest Brian, you gave up my friendship over a year now. I still need you and want you very much. Please write. Don. Sussex. Box 18/40.

Young skinhead Londoner wants to meet or hear from other blokes (21-25) with cropped hair, boots etc to be mates. Also Hell’s Angels, leather boys. etc. Photo please. Box 18/35.

Medical man mid thirties seeks young active discreet man over 21 for lasting relationship. Box 18/36.

Temporary Northerner, young 40, average looks, slim seeks passive partner to help determine and share predictable future. Sincere only. No oncers. Photo. Promise to reply. Box 18/37.

Attractive 22 year old golfer (handicap 8) seeks someone of a ‘par’. Photo if possible. London. Box 18/38.

Attractive bloke (36) ex-married. South London seeks friends of both sexes to help sort him out. Box 18/39

Young man (33) 5’10” very slim, active type, seeks other sympathetic towards music, films arts generally. Preferably North London, Bucks or Oxon. Box 18/41.

West Riding square (42) well built, nondriver, likes cinema, theatre, London, beer, body-building etc. No prejudices. Also will exchange books. Box 18/42.

Young woman recently moved to Edgware, would like to meet gay friends of either sex, 25-35. Interested in films, pubs, theatre. Fond of animals and countryside. Box 18/43.

SOS. Will the attractive gentleman who sat in the stalls of the Lyric Theatre on Tuesday 13th February row ‘014’ please contact the guy with the tinted glasses. Box 18/44

Semi-retired American fiftyish frequent visitor to London planning next trip early summer hopes to correspond with and then meet working class man 25—50. ALA. Box 18/45.

Active male (28) 6 3″ requires young strong non-active subservient. Box 18/46

Middle-of-the-road, Not Adonis in blue jeans – yet not quite Quasimodo. Versatile 26 would be interested to hear from contemporaries. Moustaches and beards are especially aphrodisiac. Box 18/47.

Graduate (28) seeks good-natured, educated, non-teetotal companion 21-30 for Spanish holiday in June. Box 18/48.

Active male (29) TV Director, own house, car, south coast, wants passive boy — not camp — looking for permanent relationship. Prefers slim, not too tall boys. 21-25. Background/looks unimportant. Honesty and sincerity vital. ALA. Box 18/49

You’re unbelievably good looking, intelligent, have varied interests and want to meet a similar modest, educated non-camp guy (24) for friendship and to share good times. Right? Write! Dave. N. London Box 18/50.

Middle-aged gay, lonely, welcomes friends any age or colour. Wide interests own pad. ALA. Chichester area. Box 18/51.

Night-worker Brian (27) slim 5’11” passive, not camp, own flat Central London, would like active brawny male for lunchtime/afternoon meetings. Box 18/52.

Gay guy (34) with own flat would like friendship with sincere hirsute male 21-35 interested music. Photo appreciated. Box 18/53

Arts student (21) tall, slim, good-looking, extrovert. Interests theatre, books, music would like to meet similar. Must be tall, well-built, non-effeminate. Photo appreciated (returned). London ALA. Box 18/54.

Amiable youngster (over 21 of course) sought by older but not unattractive guy, modern outlook and wide interests, companionship, holidays etc. Midlands. Box 18/55.

Very lonely male nurse residing in the Newcastle area seeks pen friends and friendship in the Tyne Tees area. ALA. Photo appreciated Ken. Box 18/56.

Birmingham guy (25) 5’10” versatile would like to meet sincere non-effeminate guy. Will travel. ALA with photo. Box 18/58.

South of England – Portsmouth, Southampton — 55 year old seeks acquaintance with Chinese or other orientals. Box 18/59.

London young 45 seeks young man 25-30 for sincere friendship. Box 18/57.

Wilde? Sappho? You? Gay poetry wanted for project. Box 18/60.

Are there any other guys who, like us, have their own touring caravan and enjoy caravanning weekends and holidays. Please write Box 18/61.

Denim/leather boy (23) Birmingham area. Attractive, mad about leather and denim, seeks similar chaps. Any age, though 21-25 preferred. Send photo if possible. All letters answered. Please write box 18/62

Handsome bisexual male (32) not camp but passive/versatile. Wishes to meet active boys 21-25 with own place. Photos exchanged. London area. ALA. Box 18/63.

Mike (27) graduate. Interested in music, theatre, swimming. Seeks genuine, good-humoured versatile 21-30 year old. Photo please. ALA Box 18/64.

27 own pad wants to hear from those with special interests up to 35 Photograph ensures reply. Box 18/65.

Active guy North London seeks passive wrestling partners 21-45. Must be daytime. Photos esential please. State age. own place an advantage. Box 18/66

Small red-head (22) lives in Leicester, inexperienced, seeks young woman with Lesbian tendencies for friendship etc. ALA. Box 18/67

Holidays a problem? If you are gay, lonely, under 30 and would like to stay in Spain with congenial company, send photo and SAE to Box 18/68.

22 year old interested in meeting others 21-25 who like faded denim and leather. Photo appreciated Box 18/69.

Non-raver (30) seeks sensible, sensitive young man for companionship, weekends/holidays etc. Thames valley area. ALA Box 18/70.

Two bachelors with house, South London seek other(s) over 21, reliable, considerate, to share. Terms by agreement. Photo appreciated, (returned). In addition willing to let accommodation at weekends. Box 18/71.

Londoner (24) with varied interests seeks well built active guy 25-35. All letters with recent photo answered. Box 18/72.

Alan & Michael both 22, flat-mates living East End, seek versatile mid-week companions. Micheal prefers 21-25, Alan over 30. Recent photo appreciated. Box 18/73.

Gay railway enthusiast — I’m 21 years, 5’8″ tall, slim, would like to meet similar for weekend visits etc. Also like sport and music. Box 18/74.

Slim, good looking, and affectionate (24) boy seeks active good looking hairy male 25-35 for sincere lasting relationship. Midlands preferred, but can travel. Photo please. Box 18/75.

Young 30 years, slim, seeks denim and leather fans. Birmingham, will travel. Box 18/76.

Active academic, bearded well-built 40 seeks masculine partner 21-40 to share accommodation London. Dark or fair, employed or not, should be into words and social change. Photo welcome, exchanged. Box 18/77.

Desperately lonely gay author, poet and painter, keen member Wagner society seeks lasting relationship with mature, responsible person. Classical musician/ singer preferred. Only university graduates need apply. ALA. Desire to share accommodation, comfortable civilised NW2 flat. Between thirty and forty. No need for photographs. Character and integrity more important. Box 18/95.

Kings College London, camp, evil, fascist queen aged 21 reading philosophy, seeks good looking young men 21-25 for fun and games. Love camping, being outrageous, and fanatically sexist. Box 18/96.

Gay guy 25, long hair, seeks guy similar to show around Coventry, Nuneaton area Must be 21-25. Please send photo if possible. Box 18/97.

Gay sincere woman wishes for genuine friend Midlands area, photo appreciated. Box 18/103

Confused attractive non-effeminate 23 year-old drama student, own flat N London, needs a sincere masculine friend of about the same age (over 21). Send photo if possible. ALA Box 18/98.

Chinese student living near London, seeks friends of any race especially students for correspondence and possible meeting. 21-30. Photo appreciated. Box 18/99.

Attractive slim young Chinese gay, non-effeminate will appreciate friendship from lonely person 21-30. Photo appreciated. ALA Box 18/100.

London Indian 27, slim 5’7″ quiet, genuine, not bad looking, would like to meet young men 21-30. Any nationality or part of the country. Photo appreciated; not essential. Box 18/101.

Age 30: sensitive and sincere, would like to meet guy of similar age and temperament with a flat to share. For permanent relationship. ALA Kent area. Box 18/102

Bristol. Homosexual? Need help? Send SAE to confidential FRIEND, CHE, P O Box 171, Bristol BS99 7ND.

Would any young guy care to help find and share a flat in Brighton? A young professional man seeks a separate reality. Box 18/107.

Gay 27 seeks leather/denim guys of similar age for sincere friendship. Passive nature. Own London pad. Photo appreciated. ALA Box 18/108.

London guy 29 invites attractive country or provincial visitors for weekends. Own flat. Photo please. Box 18/109.

Professional Irishman 25 seeks active friend in London. Especially interested in Irish, Asians and Negros. Age immaterial, only genuine letters with fullest details answered. Box 18/110.

Considerate Londoner 42, active, professional but not establishment minded own home, dislikes gay scene promiscuity wishes establish stable one person relation ship view settling down. Is there an unattached, non-eff. West Indian/African/ Malayan, preferably similar age, who might be interested? Please write Box 18/111.

Lone guy, 35, swimmer, nudist, enjoys classic arts and travel seeks guys 25-40 with mutual interests for companionship. Race or status immaterial. Let’s be friends. Write with returnable photo. Box 18/112

Active male 29 seeks hairy chested friends over 30 London area. Photo appreciated. Box 18/113.

North Londoner, good looking, active and affectionate young 30s, slim, fair 5’8″, own flat, loves classical music and architecture, needs a loving and deeply responsive relationship with loyal and attractive boy 21-29 for happy and mutually rewarding future. Photo appreciated ALA Box 18/114.

Gay male 24, easy going, non-effeminate fed up with the loneliness of Wales, intending to move to London, seeks similar guy 21-28 to share life together. Looks don’t matter, but must be sincere and loving. Box 18/115.

Lonely male 31, seeks others South Lancs/anywhere, 21-35, similarly slim, non-effeminate, interested in Arts for genuine friendship. Box 18/116,

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