Che Helps Chilterns Lonely

AMERSHAM: Chilterns group of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, based in Amersham, is negotiating with the Samaritans for the Samaritan counselling service to refer all gay help-callers to the CHE group for more help.

And, to “combat the loneliness and isolation suffered by many homosexual people particularly in rural areas”, the group is launching its own news-sheet.

The group, formed in 1970, will publish a monthly newsletter featuring a page of news items of general interest and a page of interest to CHE members.

They hope that by this new medium of communication will also help draw attention to their campaign for equality for gays.

Meanwhile the group has had a lecture on humanism from the former chairman of the British Humanist Association, Mr David Pollock.

He said that humanism emphasised the joy of living as a virtue, whereas religions put their emphasis on paradise after death.

The only grounds for judging whether an action was right or not should be humanitarian ones.