Come To The Cabaret

Looking and feeling not unlike the Kit Kat Club, the Rehearsal Club in Archer Street was the venue of CHE’s cabaret from February 19th to 22nd, presented in aid of “Friend”, CHE’s befriending and counselling service.

Starring Pepe Samper, Roger Baker, Gavin Clare, Cyril Weston and Howarth Penny, with Alan Leigh (Douglas Byng’s former accompanist) on the piano, the forty five minute show included an excerpt from the musical “Follies”, a sketch entitled “Doris the Goddess of Wind” (Life is just one blow through from morning to night), a song from Sandy Wilson’s Valmouth, and a sketch entitled “I Hate Men”, performed by Roger Baker. The show was directed by Marie Clifton.

Emitting a smokey, nostalgic atmosphere, the show seemed to be the audience, predominantly made up of CHE members and their friends. It was indeed a very constructive effort to help raise the funds urgently required by “Friend” to carry on its work.

Films Of The Year

1972 has been a year when less feature films have been made than ever before, and this may have something to do with the fact that what films there were, were of a consistently high standard. The lack of money, and audiences has seen further massive closures of cinemas, particularly Rank Organisation Odeons, and vast areas of suburban London are now without filmic jollification. Where cinemas remain, seat prices have risen, and it is unusual to pay less than about 50p for your evening’s entertainment. As a confirmed film freak, I still believe that there is no better way of spending an evening than at your local Classic or ABC. The bleak hollows of Haverstock Hill, South Harrow and Burnt Oak look even more morose without their garish red Odeons, and thousands of old age pensioners and bored teenyboppers have lost their only escape from sordid reality. The lack of money on the production side has meant directors have tended to make their movies on location, which has greatly added to their realism. Most of the really fine films, because of the ever crazy, impossibly unaware, monopolistic cinema owners in this country, have hardly been shown. Furthermore, advertising by the ABC chain in the local press, the means most people use to find out what’s on at their local cinema, has been sparse and uninformative to the extent of killing many potential successes stone dead.

The British film industry, except for its slight over enthusiasm for making comedy films based on TV series, has produced some splendid films, free from foreign finance and specifically British. I don’t mean this chauvinistically; several films such as Family Life and Made have really managed to get to grips with life in Britain as it’s lived today. Clockwork Orange about the Great Western World urban disease, greatly benefited from being made here.

My British film of the year is Dulcima, written and directed by Frank Nesbitt and starring John Mills and Carol White. Based on a short story by H. E. Bates, John Mills beautifully characterises a gregarious, ageing, naturalistic farmer in the West country, who falls in love with a girl from the farm down the valley, who comes to clean his ramshackle pigsty of a house. Both White and Mills give a simple, charming, loving performances as the oddly assorted couple, in this realistic yet fantastic, funny yet sad, little film, with its unyielding affection for the beauty of the English countryside and its real characters.

The American cinema has undoubtedly entered a new phase during 1972. The flamboyant, ridiculous, Hollywood wealth image has finally been irrevocably overthrown, and a new wave of fast, realistic, made where they happen, entertaining films with a widespread appeal has taken its place; the two best examples are The French Connection and Prime Cut, The former set in New York, successfully combines a documentary picture of New York with the exciting story of the relentless search and tracking down of a drug ring, by a tough cop. Prime Cut does the same thing for modern rural America, being a gangster movie set in Kansas.

The traditional Western too, continues to change beyond recognition, from the dull patriotic crap for which those hallowed names John Ford and Audie Murphy, were in various ways responsible. The transformation is magical and gives us in 1972, two totally contrasting Westerns. One Chatos Land, directed by Michael Winner, is a tough, deliberate, visual, thinking masterpiece about a half breed Indian who is relentlessly and insanely pursued by racially crazed townsfolk, who finally perish in the desert. The moral overtones of the movie, which suggest that the oppressed will finally secure the demise of the oppressors, through the justness of fate, have many parallels with present day minority problems, and the fact that society will inevitably, illogically, crucify those who are different, who don’t fit in in some way. Charles Bronson’s performance as the half-breed is deeply haunting and the bullies are superb characterisations. Winner’s fine direction and visual style makes fantastic use of the scenery, and creates a masterpiece of realistic suspense.

The other outstanding Western Dynamite Man from Glory Jail, directed by Andrew McLagen and starring James Stewart and George Kennedy, is effectively a big send up of, if you excuse the phrase, the Western myth. The story concerns three old style bank robbers who are released in the early twenties, after serving forty years.

The film is a delight with its array of eccentrics, believable sentimentality and sympathetic affection for its characters that makes Dynamite Man from Glory Jail my second place film of the year.

There have of course be«n some real bummers, like Michael Winner’s The Nightcomer, based on Henry James’ Turn of the Screw. It altogether had the appearance of being made during the three days Michael Winner had in England, between making Chato’s Land in Spain and The Mechanic in Hollywood. One is so used to expecting so much from Winner, that this version of the story, made without the slowness and careful thought and atmosphere necessary to this type of subject is just a big let down. Historical/Epic film of the year is Lady Caroline Lamb, see my review in this issue.

Another real bummer was The Godfather, a gigantic con that tries to make out the Mafia are really quite nice people. In fact they’re really the nice family in Golders Green you’d like your daughter to marry into. It’s also about 2 hours too long and downright boring. There was also the dreadful Rentadick, 92 minutes of meaningless banter that was so bad it’s very celebrated script writers had their names removed from the credits. Talking of overrated films, you’d think Fuzz was another Godfather. Really it’s a kind of mildly amusing American ‘Carry on Constable’ without the camp. If it’s Burt Reynolds you fancy, you’d far better see him in Deliverance. His acting is as bad as ever, but nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile film, an adventure drama about pollution and a nightmare canoe journey four men make down America’s last unpolluted river.

Other notable films this year were, from Australia, Walkabout and Outback, which in their own ways showed the horrors of that land very succinctly. Comedies: there were two very original and entertaining products; The Ruling Class, a bitter satire on the English upper classes, their strange habits and ridiculous way of life, with Peter O’Toole as a schizoid Earl who believes he is, and acts out Jesus Christ, and later on Jack the Ripper. Pulp is a send up of just about everything from Hollywood to package holidays, with Michael Caine and Denis Price sending themselves up beyond the point of no return. On the musical front, both Cabaret and The Boy Friend were outstanding and novel examples of the genre. The Boy Friend is my musical of the year. Certainly Ken Russell’s most successful effort, it is a charming, escapist, camp pastiche of the 1930’s and that period’s theatre and musical films.

Every year there seems to be one film which shakes everyone who goes to see it into a rigid appraisal of their lifestyle and attitudes. Last year it was Sunday Bloody Sunday, this year Billy Jack, which most unfortunately has hardly been shown outside central London due to the vagaries of Columbia-Warner. Story aside, Billy Jack is about the need to evolve a different lifestyle, within the practical limitations of the reality in which we live. Set in contemporary mid-West America, Billy Jack is half Indian, half white man and is hated and bullied by the local townspeople because of the way he protects the wildlife they want to shoot, and his involvement with the free-school in the desert outside the town. A school where all kids can go and do and create what they like, away from their parents who paranoically seek money, goods and success. The crux of the film lies in the scenes where the kids go into the town and are stoned by those jealous of their freedom, and in the unrehearsed, unscripted segments where some of the townsfolk are invited to the school to air their grievances in discussion. Again a highly moral film, in which the oppressed ultimately react violently to the oppressors, the parents. Billy Jack played by Tom Laughlin who also directed the movie, is a man neither black nor white, rich nor poor, or interested in making money. He therefore doesn’t fit into any of the ghettoes. Films like these are far more relevant to gays, than obviously homosexual movies like Fortune and Mens Eyes, since they clarify our position in society. It desperately cries out for a quick change in our attitudes to all those who are not good, money-loving, white, middle-class citizens. It is now up to you to persuade your local cinema manager to show what I would say is the film of the year.

Classified & information

Birmingham. Two guys require pad/flat/similar immediately. Box no 672.

Hung-up gay bloke, 22, Leicester, desperately needs room central London or nearby. Willing to share. Box 673.

Married couple late forties offer comfortable modern accommodation in Surrey, to smart, healthy, gay young executive. Male or female. Terms by arrangement. Box 674.

Mid-Essex, Male 30’s, offers bedroom, share K/B, five day week, quiet type, sincere. Box 692

Gay Guy 26 (Israeli) seeks accommodation in London. Like to share with Guy(s). any age. Box 435

Gay News typesetter (non-gay girl) urgently requires clean, furnished s/c flat or large bedsit in Bayswater-Notting Hill area. Not too expensive please. Ring Sandi 727-1475 (office hours).

Gay News Newsman urgently seeks room in shared house/flat. About £6 per week. Must be on telephone in inner/West London. Call Peter on 01 402 7805


Attractive gay male 22, seeks free accommodation in return for light duties. ALA. Box 670.

Ideal opportunity in agency conventional discreet young man, preferably capital £300 to £1,000. Directorship, salary and commission. Box 675.

Young Irishman seeks employment/accommodation London/Midlands area preferred. Some experience in various fields, quick learner. Anyone help? Box 615.

28 year old furnishing expert involved in contract furnishing and interiors seeks advice from a sales-minded accountant re setting up of new company, arranging finance, etc. Box 676.

Friendly young man 34, wants evening job, Mon and Fri only. Anything considered. London. Box 677.
Would the person who placed ad with Box No 677 please contact Gay News as soon as possible.

Gay 27 year old, shortly moving to Leeds seeks employment. Can you help? Anything considered. Box 678.

Young man 28, skilled maker of ladies handbags needs a job with interesting atmosphere, full or part time. Anything legal considered. Box 679.

Male/female hair stylist required. Holborn/ City area. Phone 405 7499

Designers office with agreeable environment requires amiable and efficient assistant. The work is general, but mainly typing, although accuracy before speed is essential. Full or part-time depending upon applicant. Telephone 262 9041, preferably mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

for small hotel. Live in. Excellent wages. All found. Box 697

Classified Ads

Experienced young qualified masseur visits till midnight. Genuine service for massage only. 01-370 6506.

Postage costs are very high, so when you write to us, could you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the reply – if you want a reply, that is.

COMMERCIAL ADS. 5p a word. No Box Number service available.
NON COMMERCIAL ADS. 2p a word. Box Numbers 30p.
PERSONAL ADS. 2p.a word. Box Numbers 50p. (Owing to lack of space, we ask users of the Personal Ads to try and not use more then 30 words.)
SEMI DISPLAY (Boxed Classified)
£1.50 extra.
All information listings are free.
All Ads must be prepaid.

Display Ad Rates

Prices quoted on request.

WHEN IN AMSTERDAM stay at ‘Pension Stam’ for comfortable accommodation in a friendly and helpful atmosphere at reasonable tariffs from 15 guilders bed and breakfast. Telephone Amsterdam 168192 (Gerristan). For enquiries, London, telephone 340-3291 extension 54 (Nicholas Philips).

Leather and Fashion Wear Catalog. Send 30p P.O. Richard Stone, 15 Clifton Gardens N15.

WANTED. Penfriends, male and female. Details, SAE to H.F.C. c/o 19 Gian Aber Park, Chester.


Set of 10, 35mm. colour transparencies. Gary in cowboy and mod. gear. £2. G.C. (Mail Order), 19 Queen’s Road, Brighton, BN1 3XA.

Massage Offered by Male Negro (with Ken Hutchinson certificate). Own accommodation offered if needed. Genuine Massage Only. Phone 402-5840, between 10am-7pm.


Magnificently Masculine Magazines and Marvellously Male Movies from abroad take A LITTLE LONGER THAN USUAL – but the Difference in Variety and Quality is IMMENSE! Send us your name, address and ten 3p stamps, and in two weeks you’ll have brochures revealing Astounding Details of the Gayest, Nudest and Most Virile Boys and Men in the World, and explaining how one Action-Packed Magazine comes FREE with your first order.

PO Box 10269, Amsterdam, Holland.

Ring 01-560 2865

GAY SUPERMARKET: Cheapest Nude Magazines! “Kids” £1 – “Cain Leather Boys” £1.50. Free Gay Mag!! (Lists SAE) JOHNNY: BM/FBGH, LONDON WC1V 6XX.


Fully Insured Mini-Cab For Hire, Seats 3 Or 4. Reduced rates for Gays. Mention this paper and please book a call. Phone 722 4274

Gay Films Books Fotos-Slides-Sex Aids-Etc. Free Ilustrated Lists S.A.E. New World Seles, 1581 London Road, Norbury, London SW16.

Glad To Be Gay’ Badges in purple on a yellow background, size 1½” diameter. Sell at 7½p or 1Op post free from:E.L.GLF, c/o 248Bethnal Green Road, London E2. Discount for bulk orders etc. ‘Very Nice Badges They Are Too’

Gay photos of Britain’s prettiest teenage boys. SAE for lists and FREE Sample: Juniorpix, 1, Greenbank Road, Easton, Bristol 5.

All gay women
should read SAPPHO
(30p inc post)
regular monthly
BCM Petrel London WC1

I Have A Clean Up !
For General House Cleaning or Spring Cleaning. Phone : 723 8842 or 402 6881.

Boy Studio, 44 Earl’s Court Road, London W8. Photo Sets, Leatherwear, 35mm Colour Slides. Catalogue 30p.

FAG FUND It would help our petty cash situation if you could send us your ciggy coupons … ta, my dears.

WANTED. STREET SELLERS to sell, you guessed it. GAY NEWS.
We can’t sell them all ourselves.


In London visit “Los Chicos”, 312 Old Brompton Road. Earl’s Court, for a Gay evening. Weekdays 10-2 . Weekends 10-3.


CHALLENGE is a social group for Gay People of both sexes. We have weekly meetings at three London branches and would be delighted if you would join us for a drink and a chat. Please telephone any evening between 7 and 11. Dial 567 5085 and the operator will give you the number of the member on duty. Do Call Us.

CHRISTMAS, open flat. Staying over ? Room on the floor, bring sleeping bag, pillow etc., and something to help out, Xmas cake, pudden, booze, smoke, records, all pitch in, eat in shifts. Foreign, out-of-town and unemployed gays get first preference. Say well in advance if you’re coming: Fred Green, 368 Upper Richmond Road, Putney SW15. Telephone 01-788 2758

LESBIAN LIBERATION meets Wednesdays 8 pm at the South London Womens Liberation Centre, 14 Radnor Terrace, SW8. (near Vauxhall Tube). ALL WOMEN WELCOME. Telephone: 01-622 8495 Mon. Tues, Wed and Fri evenings only.

OXFORD GAY ACTION GROUP. Regular meetings take place on Sundays at 8pm in the ‘Marlborough Arms’. St Thomas Street, Oxford.

New CHE group forming in Streatham. Contact: Ian F. Clayton, 56 Hillbrook Road, SW17.

GAY MARXIST GROUP now forming. Politically committed homosexuals of both sexes welcome. Details: 01-794 3368.

SOUTHAMPTON AREA: Gay group now forming. Details: Ken Romsey 512959.

SAPPHO meets every first Monday in the month at Euston Tavern, corner Judd Street/Euston Rd, London. NW1,7.30 pm upstairs room. All women welcome. SAPPHO 30p inc post for single copies from BCM/PETREL, LONDON WC1V 6XX.

U.F.O. Christmas Party, St Pancras Town Hall, 29th Dec, 7.30 to 11.30 pm, with Global Village, Shira Jones, etc; Secret Star Guest. Tickets £1.00 Only.

Brighton Gay Soc meets weekly. Contact Ray at Brighton 686939.

CHE’s Political Action Group is looking for a group of university/polytechnic students/lecturers interested in conducting a survey among the public into attitudes to homosexuality. The aim of the enquiry is to help shape the future campaigning activities of CHE. Offers of help, suggestions etc should be addressed to: David Hyde, PAG, CHE London Information Centre, 22 Great Windmill Street. London W1. (Tel: 01-437 6117/8)

GAYSOC: for homosexual men and women in any school or college of London University – undergraduate, postgraduate or staff. Social, political and campaigning activities aimed at creating better conditions for gays within the university — then the world! Write (enclosing SAE please) GAYSOC, ULU, Malet Street, WC1.

Abortion, contraception, entertainment, transport, legal advice, jobs, alternative? Work, food, hitchhiking, cheap furnishings, communications, shelter, late night services, accommodation, free services, ad infinitum…
Contact: Nutshell Information Service, Phone: Birmingham 772-2483 24 hours every day. (Ask for Nutshell as we share a line with St Basil’s Centre.)

Homosexual Counselling and Parent’s Enquiry. You or your son, daughter, parent or friend could be homosexual and may need help and understanding. Write for appointment to FRIEND, Centre, Broadley Terrace, London NW1 or telephone 01-402 6345 Mondays to Fridays 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

Leicester Gay Awareness Group ring Leicester 738832, ask for Clive or John.

Jewish Homosexual Liaison Group welcomes new members, also advice and befriending service for all Jewish gays. Please write only to Simon Benson, Albion Court, 75 Larkhall Rise, London SW4 6HS.

Campaign for Homosexual Equality London Information Centre, 22 Great Windmill Street, London W.1. Tel 01-437 6117/8. Office now open daily Noon to 10pm.

Gay Civil Rights Group now forming. Information from Frank Honore, Room 405, Hughes Parry Hall, Cartwright Gardens, London WC1. Telephone : 01 387 7501.

Stepney : CHE group forming around this area, and including the other parts of East London not catered for. All classes welcome. First meeting mid-November. For details ring Mike 01-476 7980

Manchester University Homophile Society society events, campaigning – open to all – meets. Thursdays, 8pm, meeting room 4, University Union. Oxford Road – contact John Elbert. 81 Egerton Road. M/C 14

CHE All London Political Action Group. 22 Great Windmill Street. London W1.

CHE Cardiff now meets at Chapter Arts Centre, Market Street, Canton, Cardiff every other Monday. (Nov 20th etc.) Gay News will be on sale.

CHE. New local group forming in Crouch End. Contact Derek Brookfield, 7 Briston Grove, Crouch End, London N8.

Women’s Liberation Workshop, 3 Shavers Place, London W1 Tel 01-839 3918

LEEDS G.L.F./C.H.E. Joint Office, 153 Woodhouse Lane. Leeds.

Fellowship in Christ the Liberator, Communion service 8pm, Sundays, West Kensington. Details: FCL c/o 61 Earls Court Square, London SW5

Gay Esperanto Group. For details of next meeting telephone 01-637 1220

Gay Women — Lonely? Need, information, company, help with problems? Write Jill Russell, c/o The Peace Centre, 18 Moor Street, Ringway, Birmingham 5 7UH. Please enclose S A E.

Wandsworth/Richmond CHE group forming. Incorporating Fulham-Wimbledon and fringe areas. Men AND women. We meet twice a month Write Fred Green. 368 Upper Richmond Road. Putney SW15 2TL

Alternative Free Library needs donations of radical/liberated Gay Papers and Magazines. ESPECIALLY Back Issues. Please write Geoffrey Leigh, 30 Woodside, Wimbledon, London SW19 7AW.

Gay Unity. Harrow. For details phone Janie at 863 1184 or Alex at 864 2291 Meets on Mondays

“Gay Cambridge”, a joint CHE/GLF group covering both the town end university Meets every fortnight, wekkly m university term Contact Bernard Greaves, 29 John Street, Cambridge. phone Cambridge 52661

University of Bristol Gay Students Society for all homosexuals, male and famale. Contact Trevor or Clare through the Social Action Office at the Union or phone Tony, Bristol 32669, or write to Gay Students Society, University Union, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1LN.

YOUNG GAYS meet regularly in London The C H E. Youth Group meets fortnightly around Central London Detailvfrom Mike or Jim at 01 385 7246

READING GAY ALLIANCE regular discos and socials, counselling, quiet meetings, public meetings, and action. Town and university. SAE for Newssheet: Room 7, 30 London Rd, READING

LONDON GLF: New Issue of “Come Together” Out Now, price 1Op, from GLF, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1

As we understand that the majority of GLF, CHE and SMG groups will not be meeting over the Christmas holidays, we will be omitting a certain amount of their information for this issue only. The reason being that it gives us the much needed space we require for this monster Christmas edition.

Drag & Cabaret

372 Kennington Lane, SE11 (Vauxhall)
Regular Compere Pat Kelly – with The Keltones
Thurs (alt) Bow or Elvis or Odell
Friday Mr Tammy  – Mon The Dumbelles
Saturday Lee Paris – Tues Staff Drag Night
Sunday (Lunch) Bow – Wednesday Lee Paris
Sunday (Night) Mr Tammy

ROYAL OAK 62 Glenthorne Road, W6
(Hammersmith) Drag every night. Regular artistes include jean Fredericks

ELEPHANT & CASTLE. South Lambeth Place, SW8 (Vauxhall) Drag every night except Tuesday Regular Compere Jackie Recommended by Gay News tor nappy and friendly atmosphere

SKINNERS ARMS Camberwell New Road
Tuesday Nights Only – “LA DUBARRY”

OXFORD TAVERN 256 Kentish Town Road. NWS (Kentish Town) Drag on Tues. Wed and Thurs. Resident host Perri St Clair. Partly gay on these nights

THE NEW BLACK CAP, 171 Camden High Street, NW1. (Camden Town Tube.
Drag every night with Tony Page.
Mon. – Thurs. – Sat. with Marc Flaming.
Tues. with Sandy Graham.
Wed. with New Dumbelles.
Fri. with Nicky Young.
Sunday (lunch) with Marc Flaming & Mrs Shufflawick Sunday (evening) with Perri St Clare or Sandy Graham.
Alan McGorrin is Gay News’s super salesman at The Black Cap. Be nice to him, he works vary hard.

Father Red Cap. 319 Camberwell Road, SE5. (Camberwell Green).
PALACE OF DRAG – Drag every night.
The following artistes are proud to announce they are appearing at the Father Rad Cap; Lee Paris, Tammy, Colin Cordell, Alvis & Odell, Lee Tracy and Len Morton.

THE CRICKETERS. Battersea Park Road, SW11 (BR Battersea Park).
Sun The Trollettes. – Fri. Various Artistes.
Tues Steel Band – Sat Singalong & Dancing.
Wed Various Artistes  – Compere/Organist
Thurs. Talent Night  – Kenneth Mancell.

309 Harrow Road, W9 (Westbourne Park)
Drag on Wednesday and Sunday (Lunch & Eve)

Fri Dec 22nd – Lime Grove Baths, Shepherds Bush
Fri Jan 12th 1972 – Fulham Town Hall.

Gay Pubs

WILLIAM IV . Heath Street, Hampstead NW3. Hampstead Tube

THE SALISBURY, St Martins Lane. Near to Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square tubes.

THE QUEENS HEAD, Tryon Street, (off Kings Road. London SW3.

THE CHAMPION. Bayswater Road. Nearest tube is Notting Hill Gate

THE BOLTONS and THE COLEHERNE are opposite each other at the junction of Earl’s Court Road and Old Brompton. Earl’s Court Tube

THE BIRD IN HAND, Heath Street, Hampstead, NW3

THE SHIP AND WHALE 2 Gulliver Street. SE16.

THE GREEN ROOM, The Wheatsheaf, Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush.

THE IMPERIAL.Richmond High Street

Owing to extreme shortage of space we will have to omit our Disco and Friendly Outlet info items. Sorry. They will he back in the next issue.

Drag and Cabaret

372 Kennigton Lane. SE 11 (Vauxhall)
Regular Compere Pat Kelly with The Keltones
Thurs (Alt) Mr Tammy or Honey
Friday Mr Tammy Monday. Bow
Saturday Lee Pans Wednesday Lee Par.s
Sunday (Lunch) Bow New Act Starting Soon
Sunday (Night) Mr Tammy

ROYAL OAK. 62 Glenthorne Road. W6 (Hammersmith) Drag every night Regular artistes include Jean Fredericks

ELEPHANT & CASTLE. South Lambeth Place, SW8 (Vauxhall) Drag every night except Tuesday. Regular Compere Jackie. Recommended by Gay News for happy and friendly atmosphere

SKINNERS ARMS Camberwell New Road Tuesday Nights Only — “LA DUBARRY”

OXFORD TAVERN 256 Kentish Town Road. NW5 (Kentish Town) Drag on Tues. Wed and Thurs Resident host Pern St Clair. Partly gay on these nights

THE NEW BLACK CAP, 171 Camden High Street, NW1. (Camden Town Tube.
Drag every night with Tony Page.
Mon. – Thurs. – Sat. with Marc Fleming.
Tues. with Sandy Graham.
Wed. with New Dumbelles.
Fri. with Nicky Young.
Sunday (lunch) with Marc Fleming & Mrs Shufflewick.
Sunday (evening) with Perri St Clare or Sandy Graham

Alan McGorrin is Gay News’s super salesman at The Black Cap. Be nice to him, he works very hard.

Father Red Cap. 319 Camberwell Hoad.SE5. (Camberwell Green).
PALACE OF DRAG – Drag every night.
The following artistes are proud to announce they are appearing at the Father Red Cap; Lee Paris, Tammy, Colin Cordell, Alvis & Odell, Lee Tracy and Len Morton.

THE CRICKETERS presents a dance and drag show at Battersea Town Hall on Monday 20th November. Admission 50p from the Chricketers or compere.

THE CRICKETERS Battersea Park Road.SWII (BR Battersea Park).
Sun The Trollettes. Fri. Various Artistes
Tues Steel Band. Sat. Singalong & Dancing
Wed Various Artistes Compere/Organist
Thurs. Talent Night. Kenneth Mancell.

309 Harrow Road.W9 (Westbouroe Park)
Drag on Wednesday and Sunday (Lunch & Eve)

This is a list of some of the pubs in London that regularly have Drag Acts. Information of out of London pubs featuring drag will be added to this list as we receive it. So if your local has something good happening at it., let us know, and that goes for you landlords as well.


19720901-16This corner is really a long list – of places, people you might like to know about or one day need. We can only, of course, publish the information that comes to us.

It hopes to have an introduction and accommodation service eventually. Write to Box No 99 (do Gay News) or ring: (01) 769 7965 anytime.

Meetings Wednesday 8.00pm, at the South London Women’s Liberation Centre, 14 Radnor Terrace, SW8. All women welcome.

New CHE group at BARKING, c/o George Jordan, 39a Mansfield Road. Ilford Tel 554 3337.

‘CHALLENGE’ is a London based homosexual group (recently heard on ‘Speakeasy ) that meets each week for a drink and a chat – why don’t you join us? Ring Martin at 427 8175 or Sid at 328 4647.

“Gay Cambridge”, a joint CHE/GLF group covering both the town and university. Meets every fortnight, wekkly in university term. Contact Bernard Greaves, 29 John Street, Cambridge, phone Cambridge 52661 or Pat Jones, 48 Milton Road, Cambridge, phone 55772.

Putney/Wimbledon/Richmond CHE group forming. Men AND Women. We plan to meet at least once a month. Write: Fred Green, 368 Upper Richmond Road. Putney SW15 2TU.

Gay Unity, Harrow. For details phone Jamie at 863 1184 or Alex at 422 7890 Meets on Mondays

GAYSOC For London University students. Meets regularly in term Send s.a.e. to Gaysoc. ULU, Malet Street. London WC1.

FRIEND is the advisory and befriending service of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality Call (Monday and Friday 7.30 to 9.30 pm) or write to Friend, Centre. Broadley Terrace. London NW1.

CHE. An All London Political Action Group is in the process of formation. Will anyone who wants further information on this campaigning group write to: Derek Brookfield, 7 Britton Grove, Crouch End, London N8 9EX.

Women’s Disco Benefit in solidarity with The Fakenham v Brannon Women. On Friday 1st September at Sols Arms. Hampstead Road. London (Warren St. Tube). Admission only 10p + collection. Bar — Bookstall – Film. Organised by Gay Socialist Women’s Group.

Sappho meets every first Monday in the month, at the Museum Tavern 7.30pm. upstairs room. Great Russell Street. London WC1. All women are welcome. Sappho magazine is available at 2Sp for single copies, plus postage,(Subs rates are unchanged) from Sappho Publications Ltd., BCM/Petrel, London WC1.

Women’s Liberation Workshop – 22 Great Windmill Street. London W1. Tel: 437 6118.

Campaign for Homosexual Equality London Information Centre, 22 Great Windmill Street, London W1. Tel: 01-437 6117/8. Until the last week of September the office will only be manned between 12noon and 3pm, Monday to Friday.


Chilterns (Berkhampstead South Essex (Basildon)
/Amersham) South Herts (Watford/St Albans)
Colchester Southampton/Bournemouth
Cornwall Stoke-on-Trent
Croydon Swansea/Carmarthen
East Kent (Canterbury) Teeside
Guildford Tunbridge Wells
Halifax/Huddersfield. Tyneside
Ilford Windsor
Leeds Wirral
Lewisham Wolverhampton
Liverpool Wolverhampton & District worker’s group
Central London
Highbury/Islington Manchester
Kilburn Oxford
Manchester Kent
Newport/Cardiff Liverpool
Norwich Devon
Oxford Leicester
Portsmouth Enfield
Reading Barking
Sheffield Preston
Shropshire Taunton

Many local group organisers are wary of having their names and addresses publicised, so for the time being please contact all CHE groups via the national office: 28 KENNEDY STREET. MANCHESTER 2. Telephone 061-228 1985


EDINBURGH, from 7.45pm to 9.00pm on Mondays. m the basement of 23 George Square. Check with Mike Coulson at 031-225 4395 between 1.OOpm and 10.00pm. Women’s Group at 7.30pm Saturdays from 9 30pm to 12.30 pm, coffee/food/dance at the same address.

During August and first half of September, 23 George Square is closed. Check with Mike Coulson.

GLASGOW,meetings every Tuesday at 8.00pm at 8 Dunearn Street. Glasgow C4. Women’s Group at 184 Swinton Road, at 8.00pm. Third Friday of every month at 214 Clyde Street (library of community house) invited speakers, from 8pm.

Other contact: Bruce Briggs, 8 Duncam Street, Glasgow.

DUNDEE, every Friday at Dundee University Chaplaincy. Social. Details from 041-771 7600.

ABERDEEN. Weekly social meetings. Details from 041-771 7600


KINGS ARMS. Liverpool Street, London.
(corner of Pinder Street) Tube/BR Liverpool Street.
Dicks Inn, Gay Disco every Monday
Compere Tricky Dicky.

THE ARABIAN. Cambridge Heath Road, London. (corner of Bishops Way) Tube Bethnal Green/Bus 277. Dicks Inn, Gay Disco – closed for the Summer. Re-opens early October.

KINGS ARMS, Liverpool Street, London.
(corner of Pindar Street)
Tube/BR Liverpool Street. Buses 8,8A,22,6, 47,97.
Tricky Dicky Show on Saturday Nights. 8.30-11 00. Admission Free. Saloon Bar Disco. Impersonations etc. Gay Atmosphere.
Gay News is on sale at all Tricky Dicky Disco’s.

Sussex G.L.F. Disco every Friday 8-11pm at Stanford Arms, Preston Circus. Brighton. Only 15p.

Gay Disco in . THE CRYPT. ST MATTHEWS CHURCH, (opposite Town Hall). BRIXTON Sept 18th & 25th & hopefully every Monday. BR/Tube – Brixton Buses 35. 37, 109. 59, 2. 3. 26. Admission 15p – Beer and Sandwich Bar.

Tuesday Nights – ROYAL OAK, 62 Glenthorne Road, London W6.
Wednesday Nights – THE PONTEFRACT CASTLE 48 Chapel Street, Edgware Road Tube.
Dancing Permitted, complete with Drag Show featuring Mr.Jean Fredericks, Peter Martindale & Diamond David.

Weekly GLF Disco starting shortly at BULL & GATE pub. Kentish Town. Phone GLF Office at 01-837 7174 to check details.

THE FATHER RED CAP Boys Only, Girls Only, and Mixed Disco’s.
Gay News is always on sale at the Father Red Cap (upstairs disco).

Drag & Cabaret

THE CRICKETERS, Battersea Park Road, SW11.
(BR Battersea Park).

Sun. The Trollettes. Fri. Various Artistes.
Tues. Steel Band. Say. Singalong & Dancing.
Wed. Various Artistes. Compere/Organist
Thurs. Talent Night. Kenneth Mancell.

THE DORSET ARMS, 124 Clapham Road, SW4 (Oval Tube)

Tuesdays. Michael and Bow. Thursdays. Michael.
Sundays. Michael and Bow.

THE NEW BLACK CAP 171 Camden High Street, NW1 (Camden Town Tube) Drag Every Night.
Featured artists include Mark Fleming, Bow, Mrs Shufflewick, Jean Fredericks, New Dumbells, Sandy Graham, Chris Kay.

Alan McGorrin is Gay News’s super salesman at The Black Cap. Be nice to him, he works very hard for us.

THE FATHER RED CAP 319 Camberwell Road, SE5 (Camberwell Green)

372 Kennington Lane, SE11. (Vauxhall).

Thursday (Alt.) Mr.Tammy or Lee Paris with Lettuce.
Friday. Mr.Tammy. Monday. Bow.
Saturday. Lee Paris. Wednesday. Lee Paris.
Sunday. (Lunch) Bow. New Act Starting Soon.
Sunday. (Night) Mr.Tammy.

ELEPHANT AND CASTLE. South Lambeth Place. SW8 (Vauxhall). Every night except Tuesday Regular Compere Jackie. Recommended by Gay News for happy and friendly atmosphere.

ROYAL OAK. 62 Glenthorne Road, W6 (Hammersmith). Drag every night. Regular artistes include Jean Fredericks.

OXFORD TAVERN 256 Kentish Town Road. NW5 (Kentish Town) Drag on Tues. Wed. and Thurs. Resident host Perri St Clair.

309 Harrow Road,W9 (Westbourne Park)
Drag on Wednesday and Sunday (Lunch & Eve)

THE BELL. Pentonville Road, N1 (Kings Cross). Every Alt. Friday.

THE BUSH HOTEL. 2, Goldhawk Road, W.12. (Goldhawk Road). Every Thursday.

Alexandra Road, St.John.s Wood, NW8
Wednesday’s Mr Angel. Friday’s Derek Rees.

This is a list of some of the pubs in London that regularly have Drag Acts. Information of out of London pubs featuring drag will be added to this list as we receive it. So if your local has something good happening at it, let us know; and that goes for you landlords as well.

GAY NEWS will always be on sale at the following pubs:

MARSH HOTEL (Mike & Eileen) Canute Road, Southampton.
Semi Gay. Disco every Thursday night. Also: THE ANCHOR (Pat & Geoff) East Street, Southampton. Gay girls and boys. Disco every Fri & Sat

MARIO’S CLUB, Stenford Street, off Castlegate, Nottingham.

Nottingham – Roebuck, Mansfield Road, room upstairs

THE PLOUGH, Great Munden Herts. A.10 thru’ Ware (Herts), signpost on left to The Mundens. At the end of side road turn right – pub is on right. About 3 miles off the A.10


Postage costs are very high, so when you write to us, could you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the reply – if you want a reply, that is.


If you live in
Watch out, or the Sexual Avenger will get you! Read about his truly dreadful career in the new soft-cover novel:
which is comic and erotic and contains lashings of gayness.
This novel is being published by subscription because even those established British publishers who have been most enthusiastic about it are still hung-up about sex.
The manuscript will go to the printers as soon as there are enough subscribers – not longer than about three months, the author/ publisher hopes. In the meantime, the money will be held in trust and returned if the project fails to get off the ground.
There will be a special limited edition of 350 copies, signed and numbered by the author, at £2.00 per copy. The ordinary edition will sell at £1.00 per copy. Both prices include postage.
Send cheque/P.O. made out to
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30 Andrewes House, Barbican, London,

Gay Books & Novels.
The Other Love by H.Montgomery Hyde, 75p.
The Unrecorded Life of Oscar Wilde by Rupert Croft-Cooke, £3.50.
The Wild Boys by William S.Burroughs, £2.50.
Oscar Widle by Philippe Jullian, 60p.
The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall. 50p.
Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. 30p.
I Give You Oscar Wilde by Desmond Hall. 40p.
All obtainable by post from: Books, 84 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds 2. Tel; 42483. Ad 10 % to cover post and packing.

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Read By Male And Female Homosexuals.
32 Pages — Interviews. Articles, Letters, Illustrations. Send 25p. Now For Issue No.11 Or 50p. For Three Back Issues.
Lunch Magazine, 23 Avon Court, Keswick Road, London SW15 2JU. (No Callers Please).

A Gay Manifesto 5p.
Gay Manifesto (GLF London) lOp
The Sexual Struggle of Youth 37½p
Oscar Wilde 60p.
Come Together 5p.
and many more books, pamphlets, papers and posters at the shop or by post from 248 (GN) Bethnal Green Road. London E2.

BACK NUMBERS of GAY NEWS are still available. Send 13p (which includes postage etc.) for each back issue.

Judy Garland’s daughter makes good

01-197205XX 9Currently at the Prince Charles Cinema they are showing the movie version of the stage musical CABARET, which was based on the Christopher Isherwood novel ‘Goodbye to Berlin’ which in turn was the basis of the stage play ‘I Am A Camera’ – are you still with me?

The cinema has thought up a very novel idea to put you in the mood for the film to follow. As you approach, loud speakers are blaring out what seats are available for which performance, and the doormen unpolitely shepherd the crowds into various queues. The whole thing reminds one of the days of the German prison camps in fact.

Inside the same procedure continues. The usherette on duty at the doors of the bar yells at you to “keep the doors clear” and inside the cinema the other usherettes are equally rude as they wave their torches in the direction of your seat.

The inevitable adverts and trailers begin and as usual an interval follows so that more refreshments can be sold. One feels these days that by the time the adverts, refreshment breaks and so on have taken place you have almost forgotten what your original intentions were in going to the cinema. I noticed the usherette selling goodies had some sort of symbol on her uniform which vaguely resembled the Star of David – seemingly even today the Jews are getting a bad break from the Germans.

The film finally begins and instead of a bright arrangement of the title tune there is only SILENCE. The names appear and there is a slight murmur of voices in the background. The screen changes from black shades to mudded colours, distorted faces fill the screen as the credits end and suddenly the grotesque heavily made-up face of Joel Gray as the MC appears full face, and the film begins.

We anre back in the Germany of the 1930’s and both the songs, sets and fashions are perfect in context. In her earlier scenes Liza Minelli struck me as a young girl playing at being a grown-up. A short while later I remembered that that is exactly what the role of Sally Bowles is all about. Already the talk in Hollywood is that she is a strong contender for next year’s Oscar and on this showing unless some miraculous female performance comes along within the comings months, I should think she will remain a hot favourite to win this coveted award.

Joel Gray, who won the biggest critical reception for his role in the New York stage production, impresses greatly on screen and its a shame that in praising Minelli so many critics seem to have overlooked his superb work in the film. Finally Bob Foss has overcome his fondness for the ‘freeze frame’ approach which marred his first directing stint ‘Sweet Charity’ and has come up with a first class movie.