19720901-10ASYLUM (X) Starring Peter Cushing, Britt Ekland, Herbert Lorn, Patrick Magee, Richard Todd. Written by Robert Bloch. Directed by Roy Ward Baker. Distributed by Cinema International Corporation.

Standard horror atmosphere! Six people locked up in an isolated rural mental hospital, presided over by a wizened wheel-chaired Patrick Magee, who gives a young doctor the task of guessing which of the four inmates is the former doctor who went insane. So he goes into each of the four rooms and interviews each of the four patients who give their versions of how they got there. There is then a flashback and we are shown the predictably gory episode which has put them there.

For me the attraction of horror movies is that they are a total fantasy in a realistic setting, which makes them utterly believable, while at the same time being entertaining, and frightening in their excursions into the supernatural. Plunging me into this realistic fantasy provides me with a delightful ninety minutes of escapism, and this latest piece is as brilliantly directed, ham-acted, enjoyably frightening as usual, and is highly recommended to all addicts.