02-197206XX 11Julian Deny Grinspoon’s
FIND in the PRESS.
The Evening Standard
29th June, 1972.

Lady Harewood: “We’ve bought a house in St. John’s Wood, within half a mile of the one we had before. There he (Martin, her son) will have his own room. But he doesn’t like the idea. He likes the roof terrace at Primrose Hill and loves camping round the house. In the new house, we will have exactly the right amount of room”.

Tleephone call to R.C.A. Records, which was commendably to the point…………”Good afternoon, I’m speaking for a new newspaper called Gay News…………”
“Oh, you want a copy of the David Bowie album to review.”

Guess who’s writing another book………we believe it’s called “Everything you ever wanted to know about David Frost, but were afraid to ask.”


01-197205XX 11From the Observer……”Writing biographies of Edward Heath is becoming a cottage industry.”

And from somewhere a little nearer home……”Course, Teddy’s never had any trouble, ‘cept once, when he went with someone who wasn’t in the services.”

We also hear the Gay Liberation Front’s newspaper, ‘Come Together’, is now being referred to in certain rather structured gay circles as “Fall Apart.”

And while we’re in that corner of the world, may we express our condolences to the exalted gentleman who slipped his disc in a counselling session.

Finally, a sobering thought for all gay newshounds everywhere.
“Over and above everything else Jeremy was in love with himself: but he didn’t get on together.”

Or, as we were told the other night in the caff up the road………
“Toilet? It’s downstairs, it’s the ladies. We share everything here.”

Bye for now.