‘Vietnam Has Sexual SideEffects’

19720901-04NEW YORK: America’s Time magazine has decided that homosexuality is on the way out. In its report on the latest round in the USA’s favourite parlour game, sex-surveys. Time magazine tells its readers that “anything that discourages heterosexuality encourages homosexuality, “in the view of Paul Gebhard, the ex-director of the Kinsey Institute of Sex Research.

“Because there are fewer sexual taboos in our society today, the adolescent is more likely to find a heterosexual pathway,” Dr Judd Marmor, of Los Angeles, tells Time.

Dr Marmor adds that, despite this, only a small number of adolescents are likely to be affected since generally “the origins of homosexuality derive from certain specific conditions in the home and these conditions still exist.”

Time concludes that increased sexual freedom will lead to a decrease in gayness and goes on to say: “There are no recent statistical studies that show changes in attitudes. Just as there is a greater willingness to ‘come out of the closet’ among their elders, younger men and women are more open about their homosexuality, especially in cities and at universities where there are organisations like the Gay Activist Alliance.”

The facts used in Time’s piece come from the first full-scale sex-survey to be carried out in the USA since Alfred Kinsey did his in 1953 – but then, Kinsey only talked to whites.

This latest survey is multi-racial and Time blames the breaking up in society for the growth of permissiveness. The paper editorialises: “Diminishing family influence has shaken up the rules.

“The disillusionment of many youths with Vietnam, pollution, corruption, has sexual side effects. It reinforces the idea of the older generation’s moral inferiority.

“In fact, sociologists Simon and Gagnon assert, many young people begin their sexual activity in part as a ‘personal vendetta’ against their parents.

“Nor does the older generation have a very good record of marital stability. Since there are now 357 divorces for every 1,000 marriages, it is little wonder that children do not necessarily heed their parents’ advice or consider marriage their ultimate goal. ‘There’s a healthy disrespect for the facade of respectability behind which the Albee-like emotional torrents roll on,’ says Yale Chaplain William Sloane Jnr.”