Anal Fixation

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went to see ‘Dracula AD 1972’ at the Columbia cinema in Shaftesbury Avenue. We were pleasantly surprised at the number of gays leaving the cinema at the end of the programme (and also waiting to get in) as we never realised that dear old Dracula had such a following amongst the gay community. You live and learn.

Of course before you see a feature film nowadays, you have to sit through long, boring dollops of advertising at almost every cinema. My fella and I carried on our conversation while the first batch of ads were being shown. But then, accompanied with trendy music, on came the Levi jean ad. And what a sodomite’s delight it was too. The screen was filled with bum after bum, all gloriously enclosed in tight fitting jeans in various colours and designs. It was impossible to tell which sex was which, but a fair estimate would be that the ‘performers’ were fifty-fifty male and female.

Not only were the beautifully shaped bottoms flashing on and off the screen at a furious pace, but every now and then there would be a little story told. For instance, one person was being searched, I guess, for ‘pot’, another scenario was about a couple just about to make love. There were people meeting, fondling, and so on.

The law outlawing sodomy is hardly ever enforced, except when involving minors, but one doesn’t often see anything relating to the subject, except in completely exploitative, fantasy pin-ups and hard-core ‘pornography’. And gracefully curved bottoms, whether you are into anal intercourse or not, turn a lot of us on.

Maybe it could be argued that they especially do so for gays, but I for one don’t really accept that. Also I suspect that many heterosexual people are somewhat inhibited about parts of the human anatomy except for the most obvious regions.

The Levi ad, to people aware enough to appreciate the delights of buttocks, whatever shape or size turns them on, will find this short commercial film to be nothing but pure pleasure. It’s a shame that this is the only way people of like mind, whether male or female, can view such cheeky happenings at the moment.

Right on, Levi’s though, your heads are in the right place for some of us. Thanks from a grateful sodomite.