Sam Faces Spite On Coucil

DURHAM: The city’s councillors are being asked to buy Gay News for the Durham public libraries. But the application may be turned down by councillors who dislike the city’s Gay Lib councillor Sam Green.

Sam told Gay News that the Durham Librarian would have to refer any application for spending the municipal cash on Gay News to the Libraries Committee.

He said: “It might even be agreed to, as it is not the full council, on which I am, and where there is a lot of personal animosity towards me – but some of them might try and make political capital out of it.”

Sam became Durham’s first Liberal councillor last year after ousting the sitting councillor in Crossgate ward – after 18 years on the council. In his campaign he made a point of telling his electors he was gay (GN8).

He will be standing for the district and county elections this spring.

Library Goes Gay

NEWCASTLE: The city’s library service is now subscribing to Gay News and putting it on display — but only at the central library, and only after the paper has been vetted by “a senior librarian”.

This follows Newcastle’s GLF’s repeated demands for the library to stock GN with all its other periodicals and newspapers.

At its city’s libraries group, Councillor Mrs Marion Abrahams said it would “corrupt children” if GN were put on display in an open room.

She said: “Young boys might get hold of it, and it would not be suitable for them.”

Councillor Edward Pugh, the group’s chairman, said: “We have to come to terms with a modern community. It may be a tragic age we are living in, but these are the facts of life.

“We are beginning to pull things out from under the carpet where they were brushed by the Victorians who refused to face them.”

ED: Thanks to Newcastle GLF for the type of guerilla action needed to get people like libraries to stock GN, which is, after all, a serious newspaper.

It’s this sort of repeated request that makes libraries and bookstore owners/managers realise that Gay News is a newspaper as valid as any other. If only more people would work as hard as Newcastle GLF on WH Smiths, John Menzies and Selfridges, all of whom have refused to handle GN, even though they won’t stock GN or wholesale it while carrying the usual newsagent’s rack of soft porn, to give in. This is the sort of way where a newspaper that is already used in sociology courses will be given the shelf-space we think it deserves.

Littlehampton Urban District Council

04-197208XX 09Dear Mr. Redman,

I have received your letter of the 27th. June last, enclosing the publication you mention, and note your request that a free subscription of the same be sent to the Library for inclusion on the public reading table.

The Committee are, however, of opinion that it would not be suitable and therefore prefer not to accept your offer.

Yours sincerely,

Clerk of the Council

This letter is the reply from the Littlehampton Council with reference to having Gay News at the local library.

This decision was reached by the Library Sub-Committee of the Foreshore and Recreational Committee.

The committee members who gave this decision were: Councillors Mr J. A. Collis, (Con), Mr L. Hutchings, (Con), and Mr R.A. Tilbury, (Lab).

I am now in the process of submiting a request to the County Library Committee at Chichester. Will keep you informed.

A further request has also gone to the same Committee at Arundel. Sussex. (Home of the Earl Marshal of England. Duke of Norfolk!)