Caine Mutinies

19720914-10PULP starring Micheal Caine, Mickey Rooney, Lionel Stander, Lizabeth Scott and Dennis Price. A Klinger-Caine Hodges Production in colour, written and directed by Mike Hodges. Released by United Artists.

To cut a long short story short this is a funny film, a very funny film, in which Caine in company with Rooney and other old time actors and actresses demolishes sarcastically all the butch thrillers he’s ever made, and the books they were taken from. Along the way farce and satire is created out of everything from taxi drivers to cheap crime fiction (Pulp) to package holidays to Humphrey Bogart, and after this film Caine must surely be considered one of Britain’s top comedy actors. No kidding!

Mickey King (Caine), a cheap thriller writer, is assigned to write the life story of Preston Gilbert (Mickey Rooney), a former Hollywood star who retired 15 years earlier, just as Rooney did, and this is the delight of the film: everyone seems to be playing themselves. Gilbert is a notorious practical joker, leading to riotous scenes in restaurants etc., which are made up of a mixture of old style slapstick and biting satirical dialogue, a new style of humour which really works successfully. So for a cynical night out, folks, Pulp is your film.