Here They Come Again

05-197208xx-322 men were held for trial after a police raid on a nightclub in Tangier last Saturday (12th August). More than 80 men were originally arrested, but most of them were released, including two male dancers from the Royal Ballet. The raid occurred after complaints about men in drag, men dancing together, “nudity and obscene gestures in public”, and “debauchery of minors”. The club is called “The Blow-Up”.

Meanwhile back in dear old G.B., Newham Council have closed their “vapour baths” because someone saw two men “behaving indecently” there, called the police, and had them arrested for gross indecency. The men were subsequently fined £30 each at West Ham court. The council caused some considerable rumpus by closing the baths without any notice, until they can take steps to ‘increase supervision’.

Tangier or Newham, it’s a hard life and a short one.

Reuters. Evening Standard, and Newham Recorder …….thanks.