Calender Boys

WELLINGTON: New Zealanders are getting a little hot under the collar because of a cover-the-naughty-parts all male nude calendar being published in Wellington.

According to the NZ press the calendar, which will be sold by mail order-will have “six full-colour pages of naked young men.” One paper said: “Some show the models in a full frontal position.”

The company that’s publishing the calendar says it’s doing it because of the calendar’s artistic merits.

A spokesman for the calendar’s publishers said: “There is nothing indecent about our calendar. All the models are shown in natural poses.”

One interesting feature of the calendars is that they come equipped with strips of sticky paper to obliterate the models’ genitalia or any other parts of the body one might find offensive.

What the NZ papers are up in arms about is that the models on the country’s first male pin-up calendar are New Zealanders.

It is a spin-off from the New Zealand male nude book Sons Of The Southern Seas, which it’s said has sold well in Europe.

The publishers’ spokesman said: “We believe that women are getting over-exposed. Men have beautiful bodies too.”

NEW YORK: The usually staid Ladies Home Companion has entered the battle of the male calendars with its own tasteful, sepia variation on the theme.

The majority of the models in the LHC calendar look bored and some appear far from the husky masculine image the calendar strives for.

The LHC calendar may be full and nude but the last thing it is is frontal. Most of the models have found some way of turning away from the camera, giving an overall impression of coyness.

The American calendar is being imported and sold by Walton Street Stationers of London for £2.50

Premier Meets Gay Opposition

WELLINGTON: New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Mr Jack Marshall, is meeting with unusual opposition in his Karori constituency in the forthcoming general election. Mr Marshall’s opponent is standing as a Gay Liberation candidate.

He’s David Johnstone, a 32-year-old former female impersonator, who came to New Zealand from his native Australia to work as a stripper in a Wellington nightclub.

Later David opened New Zealand’s first restaurant with topless waitresses. After that he started a club featuring drag shows in Auckland.

Now working as a cafeteria steward, he will campaign on increasing all types of sexual freedom. Part of his platform will be homosexual law reform and freedom for nudity and pornography.

David had started his electoral aspirations by planning to oppose the National Party’s Ken Comber in Wellington Central ward – Mr Comber is the son-in-law of ex-premier Sir Keith Holyoake.

But, David said, the electors of Wellington Central were “fairly up with the play”. The electors of Karori would be more likely to benefit from his message.

He told pressmen he was sincere in his candidacy in the election.

He said: “There is so much suffering caused by sexual repression that I feel it my duty to do everything possible to bring enlightenment.”

Wellington GLF has almost 300 members.

Premier Marshall may be up against a candidate who is standing for liberation but all he can do is laugh. “We live in a democracy” he chortled meaninglessly.

If David is elected in Mr Marshall’s place his seat in the Parliament buildings will be just a few yards from the topless restaurant he ran.