Aussie Ads Bust

SYDNEY: Australia’s first serious gay magazine, William and John, has been busted by police for obscenity.

The charges the publishers face are caused by their continuing publication of gay small ads. The case appears to be similar in many ways to the International Times case, which the three defendants lost.

Here We Are Again

The occasional difficulty we have with the Here We Are Again column is how to begin it. There’s always lots of things to tell you about though, if you’re interested in how your paper is getting along. If there are ever any aspects of the paper you particularly would like to know about and see in print and we don’t cover here, all you have to do is drop us a line, addressing it to Here We Are Again. By the way, the problem getting into this piece seems to have been overcome.


Mentioned in the previous paragraph is a line about writing to us if there’s anything you want to find out about. Whilst on the subject of letters, we at GN have noticed that there has been a general falling off in the amount of correspondence you have been sending us for publication. Maybe the Christmas period had something to do with it. Remember though, the success of the letter page depends entirely on you, our readers. So if you have any comments, criticisms, complaints, information or whatever, you think should appear, don’t hesitate to write to us, stating of course if the letter is for publication or not.

W. H. Smith & Sons

The other Wednesday on BBC 2’s late-night Edition programme, a representative of W. H. Smith & Sons, the well known monopoly newsagents, distributors and moral censors, was defending the companies actions of restricting the amount of papers, magazines and books they allow the public to read. The Smith’s spokesman wriggled and avoided most of the questions put to him quite well and left viewers with no doubt as to why they don’t stock certain publications etc. The reasons obviously being that this firm have set themselves up as censors, thus deciding the amount of information, entertainment and awareness they think the British public should be able to get its hands on. Another gentleman on the programme, who squirmed delightfully and passively to the tune of Big Brother W. H. Smiths, ended the discussion with a most historically ludicrous comment — straight out of the Dark Ages – for he remarked that people in the provinces did not want or require the papers, magazines, et al that Smith’s won’t handle. What absolute rubbish. As Colin Wilson said in his recent book Order Of Assassins, ‘creative evolution’ is a must for a progressing and expanding society, and what better way is there of helping people to evolve and reach new levels of awareness than by supplying them with all available information and telling them of new ideas and theories that are currently being developed.

No News, Maybe?

Whilst a large number of our readers, and organisations, send us details and news of what is happening in their areas, there are far too many cities, towns and counties that we never receive anything from. Possibly the reason for this is that they have not yet heard of Gay News, or have been unable to get hold of copies (thanks to well known distributors who will remain anonymous). But this doesn’t explain away all the places where apparently nothing every happens. So come on people, let’s hear what’s going on in your part of the country, if you are not already keeping us informed. We are a newspaper, aren’t we? Please help us keep on being so.

Just so you don’t have to do all the work yourselves, Gay News is taking advantage of the news clippping services of Romeike & Curtice. But even they won’t be able to clear away all the gaps that appear in our news and information coverage. The rest is up to you.

Still Only 10p

Many of you when buying GN directly from a Gay News collective member remark, “Still the same price?” Cheerfully we allways chirp back, “Of course”. In this day and age, prices do not often stay static for very long, but we consider 10p to be a fair and reasonable price for GN and try and keep it the same for as long as we are able. That should be for some time we hope, even though we are intending to increase the number of pages in the not too distant future.

Personal Ads

As we said on the cover of GN14, that edition contained more personal ads than we have ever printed before. We take it to mean that you are finding the ads to be useful and judging by the amount of box number replies we send off, the ads are certainly being seen by more people than ever before. That’s great with us, but please don’t forget, if you have to be too explicit in your wording of an ad, we unfortunately will have to tone it down. The vast majority of ads are perfectly acceptable, so to the few people who can’t save certain things until answering the letters of those who reply to their ads, please don’t get too annoyed with us. As we see it, it’s better to have — for the time being at any rate – a slightly inexcessive personal ads service than to invite prosecution, which could well result in there being no paper at all.

Our ‘Gay’ Printers

F.I. Litho, our beloved printers, seem to be becoming the largest producers of gay publications. And good luck to them, they try their best for us. Originally they just printed Lunch*, then along came Gay News, and now Jeffrey* has joined the flock. We’re sure downtown Pentonville Road has never been so ‘gay’.

Legal Advisers

Whilst we are not allowed to mention them by name, it is against some sort of professional regulation, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our solicitors. The legal advice they give us is extremely helpful – many times giving us their time and ideas without us having to ask. And they always find time to listen to, and advise on, anything that is worrying us, no matter how trivial. Thanks a lot, we appreciate it.


In the next few issues of Gay News, we are planning to change and improve the basic design of the paper. We’ll let you know more about these alterations when we finalise our plans.

New Offices

Although there is a strong possibility that we will be moving to larger premises soon, until things are definitely fixed, please let us know of any offices you may know or hear about in Central London. We really have outgrown our present ‘home’ and are beginning to get a little desperate.

As usual, hope you find this issue up to our usual standard. Thanks for supporting us by buying it. Gay News No 16 will be published on and available from 7th February. See you then.

* Lunch is a monthly magazine, featuring articles, comment and interviews. It is associated with the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, although having strong independent editorial policies. Price 20p.

* Jeffrey is a commercial gay men’s entertainment magazine and is also published monthly. Price 25p.

Love Knoweth No Laws*

Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you, and us, if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

* Chaucer

Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS: when replying to a box ad please write the box number on the envelope, and send it to Gay News, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Box number replies cannot be discussed on the telephone. If you wish to send a stamp with your box. no. reply, please do not attach it to reply.

Northern guy, good personality, average looker, varied interests, soul of discretion, wants noncamp friends, 28-40. Professional types pref. Box 822.

Gay passive father figure, roomer, seeks over 21 son. North London, possible sharing, genuine friendship. Box 823.

Young couple anywhere sought for friendship and holidays by couple in mid-twenties living in suburban Essex. Contact box 824.

Cambridge guy (28) tall slim passive seeks active friends. (21-45) for uninhibited relationships etc. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 825.

Young gay over 21 offered free summer holiday Majorca in return loving companionship. Dates and place mutually agreed. Must be non-camp and keen swimmer preferably London area. Full details of interests with photo. Box 826.

Two young gays (affair) wish to meet others 21—30 for mutual friendship. Own flat near north London. All letters with photo answered. Box 827.

Nottingham gay guy, 27, own car seeks sincere companion 21-30 for lasting friendship. Photo appreciated. Box 828.

Writer (north London) young-looking, middle age, quiet, musical slim, sick of ranting racialist partner, seeks someone quite different to live with. Nice disposition more important than brains or beauty. Box 829.

Urgently wanted in Morecambe area, boy, 21 — 28, blond if possible for uninhibited relationship and loving. Interests photography. Send photo mine by return. Box 831.

Non-swimmer male age 29 seeks guy over 21 with whom to learn at suitable Inner London baths. Box 832

Man age 30, with £1,500 requires backing to open new menswear boutique in London. All replies to Box 833.

Any gay badminton players? I would like to take it up again, but don’t know where to go. Willie, 534 6911.

Is there a gay girl perhaps inexperienced with men who would like to meet this gay guy (33) who is inexperienced with women but would like to try? Box 835.

An opportunity to live and work in sunshine abroad if you are strong, willing and adaptable, non-effeminate, 20s (over 21) not afraid of hard enjoyable work, or real enjoyable friendship, of affection and sincerity. Box 836.

Gentle, active, slightly bearded, 25, seeks sincere , friend 21—23; interests music, travel, chess, stamps, mildly into giving CP, prefer slim working class or country boy. Experience not important. Photo please – returned. Box 837.

Male 36 active good looking very sincere wants partner younger (over 21). Can travel and acommodate. photo please returned with mine. ALA Box 838.

Young (masculine) male (over 21) actor and/or model wanted by television executive for occasional outings, show-biz parties, etc. Please send photo and phone. Box 839.

Lawyer/lecturer (34) slim, dynamic, non-camp and affectionate, living in delightful cottage in a beautiful part of Wales, seeks presentable young man (over 21). Photo appreciated and guaranteed return. Box 840.

Married gay girl 44 (with husband) but has own private life would like to hear from any gay girls (butch preferred) 40-50 age group. Box 841.

Gay guy 30 seeks friends in central and north west London aged 23—27. Send full details with photo. All letters answered. Box 842.

Ian. I’m 25 and need a kind sincere honest man (25-30) all ! have is the future. Box 843.

Hand-reared Narcissus, 36, 6’4″, slim, well-built, fascinated by autoeroticism seeks like-minded pen-friends over 21. Box 844.

Young man 21, slim, tall, seeks genuine relationship with masculine young man (over 21). Photo please. Box 845.

Young male 30 seeks active older male for friendship and possible partnership ladies hairstylists or gents accomodation required. London—Suffolk Box 846.
ED: Would the person who placed the above ad please contact Gay News as soon as possible. TA.

South Wales — lonely gay male late 40s sturdy build, non-effeminate, sincere, seeks like minded friend/s share weekends/holidays at secluded Carmarthenshire cottage, any age over 21, photo appreciated (returnable) with frank letters please. Box 877.

Gay, 25, bearded (lightly) seeks boyfriend 21-22, interested in receiving mild CP. I am active, gentle and like music and theatre. Write fully with photo (returned). Box 856.

Presentable, professional type, 38, south London, tall dark, dependable, kind affectionate, seeks lasting friendship with someone any age, 21-28 preferring older person. Car, willing to travel. Box 857.

Denim/leather bloke, 26, wishes to meet the same, with gear. Skinheads and rubber fans over 21 welcome. Details with photo (returned) ALA. Box 858.

Young male aged 24, good sense of humour, interested in all aspects of the arts, seeks genuine relationship with male 27-32. Box 859.

My place, non-active, passive male 40, slirp, discreet, needs gay active casual weekenders, lovers, friends (over 21). Box 860.

Life begins at 40? male 40s own flat, cultured, sympathetic, good physique is ever hopeful. Seeks friends 21-40, actively motivated non effeminate, hirsute (non-facial) welcomed. Write fully, confidence respected. Photo appreciated. ALA North London. Box 861.

Gay woman, sincere, wishes for genuine friend. Box 862.

Young 30 years in tight blue levis, seeks jeans fans over 21 with denim, surfer or leather jacket and sports shoes. West Midlands Box 863.

Gay active male 33 seeks younger friends (21-25) for fun at my flat. Photo please. Box 864.

Young London Polytec teacher who was at Speakers Corner in October, listening to woman on words, please contact. Black Velvet. Box 865.

Actor, tall, very slim, blond, 24, tired of one-night stands would like to meet demonstrative passive guy 21— 24.(London) Photo please. Box 866.

Male 32 seeks muscular, well-built partner (over 21) interested in SM and bondage. Photo please. ALA. Box 867.

25, central London, tall slim, blonde, intelligent, non-effeminate, seeks friends (21-30) My interests are reading, weather, music, the great outdoors and old Scandinavian languages. Box 868.

Indian bachelor, 35 tall, well built, seeks passive partner over 21 for permanent relationship. Age, nationality immaterial. Box 869.

Quit the ghetto – come to Berkshire (only 45 minutes from London) to work as personal assistant (over 21) to property man. Box 870.

Gay guy 33 6’1″ tall, bearded, hairy own flat, wishes to meet friend over 21. Colour creed, age, looks unimportant to share life and eventual flat. Box 871.

Jersey. Gay 32, passive, wishes to contact active type over 21 with view to eventual permanent lasting friendship. Nothing kinky, own flat and car. Box 872.

All I want is sincere young friends aged 21-26. I am slim, long hair, age 26. Only letters with photo answered. Box 873.

Leather lover, rubber kit, masks etc wants to meet mate with good gear. Own place central London, late 20s early 30s. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box 874.

Young man athletically inclined easy going, non materialistic (versatile) who also likes: yoga, serious music, natural goods, the occult, meditation, discussions; is interested in: people, human conditions, portraits, crafts, nature, likes to meet easy going versatile guy over 21 with an optimistic radical outlook who appreciates things physical and shares some of my other interests. My height 6ft, hair and eyes dark brown, 11 stone. ALA photographs exchanged and returned. Box 875.

Two gay guys visiting Copenhagen in July request information re accommodation, bars, clubs, shows, contacts. Also interested Holland, Tunisia, Morocco Letters acknowledged and postage refunded.Box 878.

Skinhead (friendly forty) slim, shortarsed denim type. Exchange mags, photos, letters. Where have all the skinheads gone? No bovver — just mates over 21. Write Sparky Manchester, Box 879.

Leather mid-twenties interested in motor-cycling seeks similar over 21 for friendship. Own pad. Genuine replies only. Recent photo appreciated. Box 880.

Passive male 45 is hoping to meet someone, any age over 21, who he can serve or please in any way. Box 881.

Lean, active, gay Taurus guy, 27, black/grey hair, seeks gentle leftish gay/bisexual guy 21-25. 5’6″, living London. Seaside weekends possible. Please send photo with first letter and give phone number if available. Box 882.

Will the blonde who sat next to the guy with the case in the Bio on Sat 6th Jan please write to Dave 225 Franklands Village, Haywards, Heath, Sussex.

Starved of worthwhile experience, attractive male (22) seeks warm, sensual and intelligent friends over 21, to share life with. Exchange photos. Box 883.

Mid-Essex, 23, straight gay, nothing fantastic but intelligent and fun loving, seeks masculine friends aged 21—30 for friendship etc. All letters answered but photo would be an encouragement. Box 884.

Wanted advice please for gent who is meeting a gay chap for the first time. Jim. Box 885.

Scooterist planning Continental camping (tent) holiday to Germany, S. France or Spain. Any Levi/leather person over 21 interested. Preferably with own bike but not essential. Box 886.

Attractive, Scandinavian graduate 27, good physique non eff, fed up with dolly boys with nothing to say seeks friendship with adult guy 25-40 who has reasonable looks, and body, but more important, a mind and a soul. Interests the arts, driving, good food and drink, sport. Photo. London. Box 887.

Sexy 21 year old guy attractive and well built, affectionate intelligent. I would like to meet active, tall, well-built young guys aged 21—30. Box 876.

Student, young 29 tall, good appearance, versatile, interests: art, theatre, music. I am bisexual, warm and friendly, seeks friends 21—31. Free during daytime and some evenings. Photo returnable with mine. London. Box 847.

Norwegian, 26 attractive, non-eff, good physique, very keen on all in wrestling, especially in levis or shorts, seeks friends of similar age who also like heavy wrestling but not SM. Photo, weight and height. Box 848.

Gay businessman living in west London offers free accommodation and possibility of small wage to student or similar, over 21, in return for light duties in modern flat. Box 849.

Young man, 26, lives Maidstone, friendly, affectionate, seeks compatible guy over 21 for deep, lasting relationship. Interests music, photography, travel. Photo exchanged. Box 850.

Ken, 27, 6’1″ good looking and lonely. Seeks passive friend camp or otherwise 21-25 to share flat. Permanent relationship invisaged. Newcastle upon Tyne. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 851.

Married gay guy wishes to meet similar or unmarried guys, London area. Herts. Essex. 25-40. ALA. Box 852.

Guy wants friends in or near Manchester — gay, straight or kinky (over 21) State your tastes. ALA Box 853.

Attractive young man (23) into female attire, seeks masculine males 21-30 interested. Box 854.

Anyone having gay reading material pictures of magazines they don’t want, please send to V. Jones 36A Queensborough Terrace, London W2.

Mutual security and share of comfortable flat offered by gay male (32) to small, dark, versatile type of similar age. Race and campness immaterial. Sincerity important. Photo and phone no appreciated. Box 888.

I would like to hear from intelligent slim, good looking boy over 21 who is looking for home abroad. I am slim good looking young bachelor. Photo please and all details. Box 897.

Gay Scot 40’s, active, smart, dean, sincere, lonely in London. Own home. Seeks genuine good natured chap (Scots welcome) any where, who is aching for reliable, permanent, loving relationship, aged 21-45. Write fully. Photo appreciated and returned with mine. Box 796

Lonely, inexperienced, nice looking gay guy, 21, seeks friendship with another 21-26, London area. Photo please. Box 898

Homosexual Male Nurse (Lonely) seeks pen friends and lasting relationship. North East or anywhere. Photo appreciated. Box 899

Good Looking Gay, young active 29, seeks active, longish hair boy, aged 21-25, who desires active and happy relationship. Interests: social and general. Live in Derbyshire, but am mobile. Box 900

21-year-old Blonde Athlete – interests: most sports, wishes to meet well-built similar in London area. Photo please. Box 901

Aberystwyth Gay Male, (24), slim, sincere, noneffeminate, seeks similar young male (over 21) for permanent friendship, living together. Offer and need love, tired of being alone. Box 902

Male, 28, seeks younger friends over 21 with own place in London. Photo’s exchanged. Box 903

Lonely Young Man, 27, basically passive, reasonably attractive, seeks companions aged 21-45, preferably in London and home counties. Own flat an advantage. Box 904

Dusky 22, brown hair, sea blue eyes, slim, 5’8″, seeks sensuous beautiful people of same age in London. Photo essential, returned. Box 905

Hampshire. Young goodlooking guy (29) discreet, own pad. Likes swimming, water ski-ing, music, wishes to meet non-effeminate males, similar age or younger (over 21) for friendship and pleasure. Photo appreciated. Box 906

Slim, uninhibited leather chap, 29, own London flat, seeks similar type but no strings attached. Photo for exchange ensures immediate reply with phone number. Box 907

Maeteur Photographer would like to hear from handsome young males over 21. Fee and copies of photos. Please send photograph (London) Box 908

30’s passive male seeks active friend for lasting friendship. Active males around 40-45 only reply. Photos exchanged, genuine replies only. Box 909

Chris, 31, seeks comapnionship of older educated partner, London. I’m new to this, but friendly, genuine, intelligent, interested arts. Sexually submissive to dominant personality, but genuine companionship equally important. Box 916

Novice gay guy seeks gay “Mr Universe” type for lunchtime or afternoon wrestling. Details and possibly photo to Box 910, Bob Daws, WC1. Please write. Must be within 15 mins W1.

40 yr old Queen Transvestite requires butch transvestite. Accommodation offered in return for light duties. Permanent relationship for right person. Photo. Box 911

Holiday Companion (attractive literate young man in late 20’s preferred) sought by similar for Summer Holiday Abroad. Box 913

Attractive young male graduate, intelligent, seeks similar or professional man aged 21-32. Phone number appreciated. Box 914

Drama Student (30) new to London, has almost given up hope of finding sincere young friend over 21, for warm loving relationship. Box 915

South American Guy 32, Kensington area, would like to meet young male over 21 for fun, with views to a sincere relationship. All letters answered. Box 917

Married male with kids wants to meet similar to chat over shared problems. London area. Box 918

Very attractive, intelligent graduate (27), not camp but trendy appearance. Serious, sincere. Enjoys theatre, travel, fine things of life. Seeks similar, 24-29, who believes in love for lasting, meaningful relationship. Box 919


Two young gay guys offer share of comfortable house near Tilbury to one or two others, either sex. Nominal rent. Ring 037566389.

S/D flat to let rent £15 per week for two males SW8. Box 890.

Young sensible guy 21—25 offered good home in new lux flat central area. TV, stereo, food £6 or assist in flat. 373 4604,

London pad offered weekend exchange Cornwall February. Box 891.

3rd guy needed immediately to share friendly flat in Finchley. Non-effeminate. Box 892.

Nice room available now, another available soon. Interesting job offered. Paul — 01-732 6724 evenings.

Gay Freak/Head seeks own room in flat, or something for about £6. Please write: Sutton, 93a Golborne Road, London W10.

Gay Flat Mate (not effeminate) to share newly converted house. Own bedroom No restrictions. All facilities including central heating. W3. Age between 25-35. Phone Ron – 749 3698

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01 -402 7806 or write to: 19 London Street, London W2 1HL


Male/female hair stylist required. Holborn/City area. Phone 405 7499

Active young guy wants to move from home town needs job and home anywhere or anything legal considered. Box 889.

Young amateur physique photographer seeks young models over 21 for free posing sessions privately in jeans etc. Phone Anthony 01-222 4686 evenings.

Athletic Young Man seeks genuine part-time modelling work. Some photographic experience. Acrobatic nude studies a speciality. Trained as dancer Box 912

Graduate, 24, seeks interesting responsible work in small firm. Box 894.

Employment & Classified Ads are continued at the bottom of Page 14.

COMMERCIAL ADS 5p a word. No Box Number service Available.

NON COMMERCIAL ADS. 2p a word. Box Numbers 30p

PERSONAL ADS. 2p.a word. Box Numbers 50p (Owing to lack of space, we ask users of the Personal Ads to try and not use more than 30 words.)

SEMI DISPLAY (Boxed Classified)
£1.50 extra.

All information listings are free.

All Ads must be prepaid.

Display Ad Rates

Prices quoted on request.


Your Letters

Please note that any letters received by us at Gay News are liable to be published unless you state otherwise.

Why Risk It?


Dear Sir,

I have only seen numbers 9, 11 and 12 of GN.

I advertised in numbers 11 and 12 for someone to share my home and life. There was a bigger response than I expected and I am dealing with this now in what I hope is a civilised way.

Meanwhile, one or two thoughts occur to me. I think the heading of your illegal page is excellent. Some of the ads, however, are a bit doubtful. If you want to remain in circulation, why put it at risk in this way? There is always a temptation, feeling oneself to be in a minority, resentful, a bit aggressive about it, to be daring. Resist it. You do not have the lampooning function of Private Eye, that can tell any client of the blessed Arnold Goodman to get fucked. JS recently found BS by way of your columns (it may have been the other way round!) One of them wanted a big black cock but he could well have found it by other means without exposing you to police prosecution. Stratton-Wells is justified in his complaints. I am half-guilty myself, knowing that particular appeal, though I am not passive. Still, there is a fantasised urge there. I think Antony Storr points out that many active homosexuals want a partner with a big prick, which is, may I say in passing, English vernacular as opposed to the American cock, applicable to both male and female genitalia. The fantasised urges I spoke of can’t be allowed to direct our lives. I hope that JS and BS are happy together.

But I do think that being ‘turned on’ is suspiciously mechanical.

Faults of layout and format are not worth criticising in view of the difficult conditions you have to cope with. I wish you could find a gay millionaire to smooth things out.

Another thing: whatever Messrs JS and BS may say, your business is not to do with cocks and spunk and arseholes. These are very private matters. Gay includes women. Women do not have the apparatus mentioned. Not only do you need to devote more space to women, you also need to promote more effective communication between gay women and men. I am sure you are thinking about this.

Finally, I think you could and should increase the price of GN to at least 40p. You are in a seller’s market, with the unique advantage that you are on the side of the buyer.

Peter Jackson

Second Thoughts


Dear Editorial Collective,

At your invitation I feel I must write and ask who is the self-styled Mary Whitehouse, or Little Hitler? Who has barred such innocent words as leather and denim from the personal ads ?

While I must agree some of the ads have been near the knuckle. I’m sure the situation doesn’t justify this discriminatory action.

Why, even in GN 12, Julian got all switched on when “he” visited the Wheatsheaf’s Green Room. I can’t wait to get there.

If you don’t want to continue the personal adverts for fear of prosecution, then come clean and say so, and don’t inflict this dictatorial attitude. After all. I’m sure everyone knows the idea of the ads.

I was hoping to put a personal advert in after Christmas, but for fear of this censorship, I am having second thoughts. So will many others.

Have another think about this matter, and come up with a logical answer.

Roy Bonham

PS. Have subscribed to no 23. Make it!

ED: Sorry we didn’t explain our new policy towards personal ads clearly enough in GN13. We most certainly are not “barring” words such as leather and denim. But for now we must alter or refuse adverts which explicitly refer to sexual acts, preferences or organs, ie whipping, CP, well-endowed, etc.

Love Lives Forever

London, SW8

Dear Gay News,

Your correspondent Doug Pollard approached the problem of ageing (GN 12 page 7) with as much wit as possible. Correct. Better laugh than cry, always. But I must tell you that the lads at the disco don’t tell me (as Doug does) to go and find an armchair at the Athenaem; and talking to my old school chums (all those bloody bishops). On the contrary, the lads at the disco invite me to come again, because I love them and they (bless their hearts) love me.

There’s only one solution to the problem. We must create a special Marxism for grandpas. What about joining the T.G.W.U. (Terpsichorian Grandpas of the World Unite) and then I can buy a ticket to the Yuletide National Lorrydrivers Lottery (You’ve nothing to loose but your life).

To be serious, Doug, I think that your phrase “gone for ever” is a bit defeatist in tone. Of course you are perfectly right in a way. If homosexuality is simply a question of cocks and balls and having it off, then certainly there comes an end to that.

But homosexuality isn’t that. It’s love, and love doesn’t go, it lives forever.

So let me stay on the disco circuit, where I guarantee I’ll find more courage, humility, generosity, gentleness and sheer love per square foot than anywhere else in London, possibly in the world. Oh brave new world that hath such creatures in it. Even Pale Brother Death is halted, and stands amazed.

Dai Grove.

Face It Babes

Dear Collective,

Sorry, but I’d like to inject a sour, critically appraising note into the general chorus of congratulation. Of course it is good that you exist and the paper is mildly entertaining, though not very informative. But how many other gays besides me are increasingly turned off by the prevailing giggly, simpering, juvenile tone representing all that is passé and stupid and discredited in the homosexual image.

Face it, babes, there is something tawdry about Gay News. Just not enough reality and intelligence.

It is mostly badly written, amateurish and uncritical in its comments on almost everything. I am not calling for the over-intellectualised approach, just a more balanced and broad depiction of the real variety and maturity in much of the gay world.

And how confused can your values get? That calendar has a photograph of Mae West who may be the object of a cult but has been known for years to be extremely hostile to gay men. I suppose you’re being good Christian gays (who needs them?) in turning the other — you should pardon the expression— cheek, but first rule of any revolution, no matter how minor, is know thine enemy.

Daniel James

Fem or Butch


Dear Gay News,

I’ve just returned from a gay club in London where I was asked if I was ‘fem’ or ‘butch’ — having never considered this, I just said I was a person. However it seemed that people expected to know if I was ‘fem’ or ‘butch’ in order to relate themselves to me; ie was I a good pick up. I find it equally hard to relate to fem and butch images and all their restrictions. Perhaps it’s my restriction but I suggest that these gay women are presenting the stereotypes that one can find in any straight disco/bar. They also prevent other gay women coming out by turning them off the gay scene because these gay women seek individuality rather than conformity. Anyway, I’d like to know what other people think of this.

Incidentally, we’d like more women members of GLF in Leeds, we have fluctuated to two at the moment.


Much Ado


Dear Gay News,

Whilst, probably correctly, petulantly chanting again and again your dissociation with any organisation, do you dare print this letter and admit in reply to James Knight that Roger Baker, Press Officer for CHE wrote the attack on Martin Stafford for your newspaper?

Love, B S

ED: We dared to print your letter. So what?

Bugging the Bugs


Dear Gay News,

Thanks a lot for that really interesting article on crabs in GN8! As you said we can all be a bit simple sometimes and I must qualify for simpleton of the year award. I’ve been scratching my balls for about a week or so, and it was only when re-reading some back numbers of GN that I realised what I had got. I immediately rushed round to the local chemists for the Quellada (and got an icy and disgusted look from the assistant as she gave it to me!) Got a hot (too hot) bath with about half a bottle of Dettol in it and proceeded to cover myself with the recommended lotion. Then I took everything I’d worn, the bedsheets, towels and all to the laundrette and the dry cleaners. All this as you can imagine cost me a fortune, the dry cleaning alone came to £1.50. I’m still racking my brains to think when and where I could have caught the little bastards, as I get a bath very regularly and use plenty of Femfresh – er I mean Old Spice!

What really made me uptight was that the other night I was with a really fabulous boy at a club and had to make excuses when he asked me back to his place, as I still had the Quellada lotion on my body! Thanks to the above mentioned article and its excellent advice I have got rid of the pesky things and can start to live again!

On another track. I’d like to say how fantastic I think Gay News is and give my love to Julian! Keep the gay flag flying!


Lovely Points

Dear Gay News,

That letter from ‘Queenies Castle’ really slayed us (Gay News issue number 12). “If” Sebastion is “straight”, then “call me Madam”. Perhaps He (or she) had a tiff with the Manager of the “dear old Bio” and plans to get her revenge.

Keep on writing, Julian, we love to read your points of view. We also think “Queenies Castle” should be renamed “HATTERS CASTLE”.

Martha, Michelle and Diana

Never Be Parents

London, W14.

Dear Gay News,

Few people seem to be aware of the unhappiness facing the Lesbian who loves children, but, because she cannot respond to men, despairs of ever having any children of her own.

Many gay men marry women who understand their problems and together they managed to bring up happy children. Gay women, on the other hand, have to find all their emotional satisfaction in their relationships with other women – and as they get older, with increasingly young girls who tend to become daughter substitutes.

Not all gay women may have found this, but it has been my experience. All my men friends are gay; all the straight men I ever knew lost interest not being content with a non-sexual relationship. Good riddance anyway. In retrospect they are all so hung-up on role playing that they couldn’t see the real person in me or themsleves.

Is there anyone who is really into kids and is not hung-up on sex and roles? Creative and understanding? I would like to hear about gay or bi men who also get depressed because they think they will never be parents.


Personal Ads continued from Page 15

Good looking London guy, versatile (30), good sense of humour, seeks similar mate, any nationality. Interests – pubs, cinema, music. Photos exchanged. ALA. Box 816

Manchester, lonely 38 years old, would like to meet gay friends. I live alone. Have car. Can accommodate. Anyone, anywhere interested? Box 817

Bachelor, 37, strictly gay, passive, english, 5’10”, medium build, conventional appearance. Not obvious, rich, strikingly handsome, intellectual or promiscuous but absolutely genuine, seeks genuine friend, looks/status unimportant, but sincerity etc is. This is an honest ad. One-nighters etc do not apply. Box 818

Young, good looking guy with gap inbetween front teeth or chipped front tooth required for lasting friendship etc. by good looking 22 year old. Box 819


Room to let, Blackheath, in Leather household. Good trains, 20 minutes Charing Cross/City. Available late January. Box 755

T/V and friend who meet occasionally in London seek weekend accommodation S/C or in sympathetic gay household. Box 756

Guy, 24, seeks own room in central flat, up to £7 per week. Box 757

Wanted. Own room in shared flat by young Malaysian, in Notting Hill Gate, Earls Court or Holland Park. Up to £6 per week. Contact Aziz, 01-937 3383.

Forth Guy, under 25, share house Ell. Own room. £6 per week. No camp. Write with Tel No. Box 758

Gay Flat share for 2/3 responsible young guys. £7 each. Telephone 01-603 9498 If you are under 35, non-camp, not effeminate, value sincerity and friendship, want a home in Central London on sharing basis – please write to Box 759

Double Bedsit, N11. Near Tube. £8 per week. Telephone 01-368 8456. Flat-Share Offered SE1. One mile City/West End. About £6. Any age. I’m 49. Box 763

Gentleman (Nottingham area) has accommodation for two males. Own room. Box 803
Would the person who placed the above ad please contact Gay News as soon as possible. Thank you.

Is there a lonely gay guy in the Birmingham area who would like to share home with gay bachelor in 40 age group. Terms by arrangement. Box 804

North West Gays — unfurnished flat wanted Preston area. Gay 30’s, steady job, financially sound. Write to Mike Weaver, 10 Connaught Road, Preston.

Young Gay Dance Student/Model, seeks small flat -Bedsitter – Room, in London. Willing to share. ALA. Box 806

Double Room £8. Single Room £4. Also a flat at reasonable rent. West London Box 671.

Gay Flat Mate to share luxury flat. Own room. Colour television. No restrictions, all facilities. Phone after 8 pm, 349-9988. Garage available if required. NW London.

22yrs old air steward would like to share flat with other gay guys. Cromwell Road area. Telephone Essential. Phone 0332-810989 or write G. Guy, 103 Park Lane, Castle Donington, Derbys.

Gay guy, 21, good looking, extravert, seeks pad in London. Micky. Box 820

Urgent! Quiet dependable designer, 28, needs cheap room/flat share, convenient West End. Box 821

Gay News Newsman urgently seeks room in shared house/flat. About £6 per week. Must be on telephone in inner/West London. Call Peter on 01 402 7805

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01-402 7805 or write to: 19 London Street, London W2 1HL.


Attractive Young Man wants modelling work. Anything Legal Considered. Box 760

Artists Model, male 34, good physique etc, nude posing for male/female artists, beginners, groups, clubs, or private. Anywhere between London-Newcastle. Can wrestle for private club entertainment. Would like tuition from persons 60/70 male/female in posing. Bob Dews, 41 Marchmont Street, London WC1.

Atrractive Young Well Qualified (academically) seeks nice job, nice people, nice money. Box 774

Two West Country Boys in their twenties, need £200 desperately. Absolutely anything legal considered. ALA. Will travel anywhere. Box 761

Male Secretary Required for professional office in Victoria. Responsible position, must be willing to undertake all usual general office duties, including shorthand and typing. Good Salary. Box 762

Qualified Masseur. Youth over 21 required by quiet young man, London. Good fee plus expenses. Box 800

I Need £25 per week. Absolutely anything legal considered. I’m 21. London. Box 801

Friendly 28 year old Scot desperately needs £100, so if you have any part-time legal jobs, please write soon. Box 802

Male Required (Age 27 – 45) for small Kensington Hotel. Must have a flair for domestic work. Live In – Good Wages – All Found. Telephone: 01-603 2389.

Male/female hair stylist required. Holborn/ City area. Phone 405 7499

Classified Ads

LIGHT REMOVALS – 18cwt + Working Driver. Phone 01-370 5172.

SPECIAL OFFER. For those of you who subscribed late to Gay News – a limited number of Issues 1 – 10 are available – Only £0.80p for each set including postage. First Come First Served.

“ANTINOUS OILED.” Stunning new series of highbrow professional nude figure photos. 7 for £1; sample 20p., stamps’ll do. Larry Knight, 4 Hamilton Close, London NW8 8QY.

Experienced young qualified masseur visits till midnight. Genuine service for massage only. 01-370 6506.

Leather and Fashion Wear Catalog. Send 30p P.O. Richard Stone, 15 Clifton Gardens N15.

Set of 10, 35mm. colour transparencies. Gary in cowboy and mod. gear. £2. G.C. (Mail Order), 19 Queen’s Road, Brighton, BN1 3XA.

GAY SUPERMARKET: Cheapest Nude Magazines! “Kids” £1 – “Cain Leather Boys” £1.50. Free Gay Mag!! (Lists SAE) JOHNNY: BM/FBGH, LONDON WC1V 6XX.

Gay photos of Britain’s prettiest teenage boys. SAE for lists and FREE Sample: Juniorpix, 1, Greenbank Road, Easton, Bristol 5.

Gay Films-Books-Fotos-Slides-Sex Aids-Etc. Free Ilustrated Lists S.A.E. New World Seles, 1581 London Road. Norbury, London SW16.

Ring 01-560 2865


Magnificently Masculine Magazines and Marvellously Male Movies from abroad take A LITTLE LONGER THAN USUAL – but the Difference in Variety and Quality is IMMENSE! Send us your name, address and ten 3p stamps, and in two weeks you’ll have brochures revealing Astounding Details of the Gayest, Nudest and Most Virile Boys and Men in the World, and explaining how one Action-Packed Magazine comes FREE with your first order.
PO Box 10269, Amsterdam, Holland.

Boy Studio, 44 Earl’s Court Road, London W8 Photo Sets, Leatherwear, 35mm Colour Slides Catalogue 30p.

FAG FUND It would help our petty cash situation if you could send us your ciggy coupons … ta, my dears.

WANTED. STREET SELLERS to sell, you guessed it. GAY NEWS. We can’t sell them all ourselves.

Love Knoweth No Laws*

Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut. change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you. and us. if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

* Chaucer.

Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS: when replying to a box ad please write the box number on the envelope, end send it to Geay News, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Box number replies cannot be discussed on the telephone. If you wish to send a stamp with your box. no. reply, please do not attach it to reply.

After the 18th January, Box No’s 300 to 500 will be invalid unless you send us a further 50p to cover handling and postage.

Is there any kind chap 21-40 who would help me overcome my shyness, must have patience and humour, slim build. I am 36, 5’10”, slim, affectionate, own place 20 mins London. Box 703

Versatile 50, own flat near London, seeks permanent friend, age immaterial, photo if possible. ALA. Box 704

Passive Non Effeminate 38 offers genuine young dominant guy a home in East Midlands if compatible. Photo appreciated. This is genuine. Box 705

Passive slim gay 35 wishes to meet active tall muscular West Indian to get to know you (Middlesex area) Box 706

Shift Worker, height 5’9″, age 30, would like to meet younger slim gay or bisexual living London | or Brighton. All photographs returned. Box 707

Young Man, good appearance and physique, considerate, sincere, seeks permanent friend, 21-35, London area, with good physique, view lasting friendship. Please send photo (return promised with mine). Box 708

Sincere 26 : seeks portly, hairy chested gentlemen 40-60 for warm friendship. Photo essential and returned. S.A.E. Box 709

Ex-Serviceman (26) seeks others about same age or younger for friendship etc. Also pen pals wanted. Photograph not essential, but would help. No effeminates. Box 710

Young Male Graduate, attractive, intelligent, 25, seeks similar. Photos please. All letters answered. Box 711

Bachelor graduate (48) generous, seeks for holidays abroad and occasional week-end, young, humorous, intelligent, sincere lively companion. Photo please. Box 712

Amateur Photographer would like to hear from handsome young males over 21. Fee and copies of photos. Please send photograph. (London) Box 713

Guy, late twenties, tall and lean, interested in leather and denim but not in S/M, wishes to contact others similar age and interests in London. Photo please. Box 714

Attractive graduate male (25), living in York, not camp or effeminate – seeks sincere relationship with others 21-30 age group, any area. Photo for exchange. ALA. Write Box 715

Guy 29, non-effeminate, seeks others 21-30. I am mildly masochistic and wild about leather and rubber wear, particularly boots, also enjoy water-sports. Could accomodate you near Birmingham. Box 716

American guy, lively, intelligent, youthful looking, mid 30’s, seeks attractive younger male over 21 for easy going relationship. Photos please. ALA. Box 717

Good looking blond, 29, (not camp or effeminate) seeks active muscle boy about same age for lasting friendship. Photo please (returned) Box 718

Bristol. Gay Male 25, seeks sincere, lasting friendship with nice guy 21-28. Box 719

Adventurous Londoner, early 50’s, travelling Tehran by train in spring (Simplon Express to Istanbul) would welcome Persian/English companion paying own expenses. Box 720

Author 40 would like to meet younger friend over 21, with a view to lasting relationship. Accommodation in London possible. Photo and maybe phone number appreciated. Box 721

Londoner (24) seeks accontants, articled clerks or qualified, guys interested in Yoga. Box 722

Dave, 24, lonely and unfulfilled, non-effeminate, likes music and sincere people, seeks deep relationship with similar (21-25). Exchange photos. Box 723

Continental, gay, 30, blond, passive not effeminate, gentle disposition, clean, healthy, professional, seeks active, 30 or over, masculine south European or Middle Eastern type. Photo appreciated, returnable. Box 724

Seeking Intelligent Coloured Man, 30 or over, needing true friendship with a happy social Londoner 35. Box 725

London Male 45, shy, seeks coloured friend 35/50 for sincere loving permanent relationship. ALA. Box 726

Sincere straightforward professional man (30’s), still hopes it is possible to find young attractive soul partner aged over 21, for lasting relationship, genuine replies only please, with photo. Box 727

24-year old, good looking, seeking a friend, Cassidy type 21-24, Ipswich, Suffolk (not camp) gay lad. Photos please. Box 728

Male Nurse, Irish, 24, shy, non-effeminate, needs a friend for lasting relationship, (in London). Write soon. Box 729

London Accountant (not stuffy) tall, slim, dark, 26, with wide interests (theatre, riding, pottery, water ski-ing) seeks genuine, happy and intelligent friend aged 21-24. Photo and phone no. appreciated. Box 730

Gay Girl, Glasgow, late twenties, attractive, long-haired, ex-university, wishes to meet or hear from feminine, long-haired gay girl (20-30) in Glasgow, Edinburgh or central Scotland area. Interests – music, art, cinema. Box 731

Lecturer/Writer, mid thirties, tall, slim, reasonable looks, masculine, has outgrown the pub/club scene and wants a lasting relationship with someone 21-30. Box 732

Faithful Scorpio guy 30 would like to meet a younger friend over 21 for lasting thing. Nice if you’re warm, intelligent, sincere with sense of humour and like Cats ???? Photo please. London Box 733

Active Male (40) wishes to meet males 23-35 in Midland area. Box 734

Guy, 28, recently discovered denim and leather, seeks others. Photos exchanged. Own flat. Box 735

22, dark longish hair, well built, not unattracitve, wishes to meet others of similar age (over 21), particular liking for skinhead types. London area. Photo please. ALA. Box 736

HF ( SGS 1949) please write KB. Box 737

Executive 40 tall slim active, very lonely, seeks sincere and faithful younger partner over 21, needing true love home and happiness in Bristol flat. Box 738

Young Owners of Motor Yacht, looking for others with similar interest, owners or crew, for weekends/holidays afloat. Box 739

Attractive Slim Male 21 – 5’8″ seeks similar for friendship etc. Any area. Photo ensures reply. Box 740

Birmingham Boy 23, wishes to meet similar 21-23 Likes music and cinema. Photo appreciated. Box 741

H.B. or M. of the S/M study circle. I have lost your address. Please communicate. D.J.

Slim presentable 29 year old, lonely and inexperienced, would like to meet or correspond with gentle considerate male 21-35, slim and possibly also inexperienced, for genuine friendship. London or SE. Photo appreciated but not essential. Box 742

Versatile Longhaired Young Man 28, passive looking but not effeminate, wishes to meet similar or very passive male aged 21-26, for mutual pleasure and genuine friendship. Photo exchanged. Box 743

Handsome slim well built butch 27 seeks active friends. Very friendly luxury flat. Easy going. Not camp. Very well built active/versatiles only. Photo. Box 744

Passive Male (34) wishes to meet dominant, demanding man (35 to 50) Box 745

Brian from Gibraltar – please phone Michael at 01-722 4882

Two gay guys, well built, 30/35, turned on by S/M, interested in meeting similar aged 25/45. London and area. Photo appreciated. Box 746

Bachelor, 48, feels younger, needs similar for loving friendship, mainly Sundays, at your pad. There must be someone. Anywhere London. Please write, all letters answered. Box 747

Any lonely masculine, considerate man, maybe manual worker who lives in hostel who would like home with domesticated attractive male, slim, 36 year old. Please write frank letter. Photo returned with mine. London. Box 748

Anglo Indian (34) wishes to make friends – all races. Interests – sport, books, travel, music, and dancing etc. Box 749

Will Frank of Burton on Trent area, who replied to my advert Box 73 in Issue No 4, please contact John in Sussex. Box 750

Gay 25, SE London, has just got bike. Would like to hear from someone who will teach me to drive. Also would like to meet others interested in making friends. ALA. Box 751

Male (31) would like to meet young lady of similar age who likes dominant men. Box 752

Gay Couple – male – 26 and 40 – would like to meet similar – either sex, for social contact in Ealing area. Box 753

Anglo Indian (34) wishes to meet gay women for friendship. Box 749

Bachelor, late 30’s, 5′ 10″, average build, reasonable looks and figure, sincere, seeks strongly active companion, aged 21 to 45, for regular friendship, perhaps live together? Looks not of prime importance, but no fatties, effeminates or kinkies, please. Own home, London area. Photo appreciated. Box 754

Ski-ing? Apres-Ski? Virile young companion aged 21-25 required for Zermatt. Switzerland, 17-31 March. Meet London first! Share cost. Box 764

Male Male, in fact Gay, needs Love. Aged 21-24 welcome. Kensington. Box 765

Anglo Indian (34) wants a mate for mini-cruise sometime February. Box 749

Leather/Masks/etc lover, own place near Croydon, seeks big unvicious mate with kit. Mid 30’s. Photo appreciated. Box 766

Gay T.V. would like to meet similar, or anyone interested. Can be very effectionate. Likes indoor photography. Herts. Box 767

Blond Youth interested Leather, Denim. Willing to pose or explore anything out of the ordinary. Photo supplied. Box 768

Londoner, 21, seeks flatshare with guy under 30. Likes leather and denim etc. Prefer South/South-West/West London. Box 770

Lonely Gay Guy, 23, tall, good looking and well built, non-effeminate, looking for someone same age or aged over 21. Must be sincere person with view to sharing my flat. Recent photograph please. All letters answered. Many thanks – Mike, London. Box 769

Lonely London guy, 45, seeks genuine reliable companion for lasting and loving relationship, 30—45, not camp please. Would consider partnership hotel or antiques anywhere ALA. Box 633.

Bachelor, gay, 37, English, 5’10” medium build, passive. North London, not obvious or fabulously handsome but absolutely genuine, seeks genuine friend 30-45 approx, loyal, looks secondary to above qualities. Eventually seek share flat. Box 647

Live In The U.S.A.! Executive, 35, masculine, needs companion-assistant. Under 30, slim, presentable.Race education & social background unimportant if sincere adaptable, reliable, warm. Some world-wide travel involved. Modest pay and all found. Interview London before Xmas. Send full personal info and photo (returnable) in confidence, airmail to: Boxholder, P.O.Box 20621. Los Angeles 90006, USA.

British, 32, SE London, own house, seeks Asian for permanent relationship. Box 771

Gay Comedy Group forming. SAE to Box 772

Young, virile athlete seeks partners for outdoor training sessions. Genuine athletes only need reply. Box 773

Young London Guy (student), attractive, slim, tall, with long chestnut hair, seeks similarly attractive male with view to sincere relationship (Photo essential) Box 774

Young Man, 25, wishes to share his pad, view to lasting friendship in London. Also pen pals in UK and Abroad wanted. Box 775

Affectionate bachelor, young late 50’s, seeks another similar age, masculine dressed. Greased Hair. To Love and Cherish permanently if mutual. No Kinks. Close up recent photo. Own pad. Ilford, Essex. Box 776

Anyone knowing Brian Gibre-Ltarien, 28, well built, dark hair, ex-sailor, electricity engineer, now living in London. Contact urgently – J-P. Box 777

Slim Male Graduate, 31, non effeminate, interested music and arts but NOT in gay scene, seeks sincere friends with similar interests. Greater Manchester area. Box 778

Gay Male 26 (not effeminate) living Bishops Stortford area on Herts/Essex border, seeks sincere active male any age in same or other areas. Photo appreciated. All letters answered. Box 779

Lanky Leather Chap, 29, with own London flat, seeks similar type. Immediate answer with phone number to reply including photo for exchange. Box 780

Two Leather Guys going to Birmingham on 29/12/72 for New Year, given lift between East Lancs Road and Knutsford Services on M6, please write to driver who would like introduction to scene, or other friendly leather guys in London or Manchester. Box 781

“Aquarian”, Bachelor; late 40’s (Bin’s) 5’4″, good appearance, seeks sincere friend. Am very shy and inexperienced, tired of being alone, wants to be loved, (E8 London area). Photo appreciated, genuine replies only. ALA. Box 782

North Staffs (42) gay, well built, wishes to meet 25-35 active, hairy friend for weekends and holidays, photo please, ALA, Jeans, Leather, Car Owner. Box 783

Young Man, 34, London, seeks friends interested in riding macs, gumboots, and oilskins, aged 35-45; Box 784.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words. Hairy one night stands wanted by versatile, blond, slim and mid 20’s. No camps please. Letters with photo get quickest action. Box 785

Versatile, Hairy, Young (20’s) Tarzan needed to share jungle-fresh nuts with slim me (26). Letters with photo answerd
with photo answered first. Box 786

Midlander, 36, friendly and warm, with interests in music, cinema, talking, travel and walking, seeks similar 25-45, anywhere, for love and companionship. ALA. Box 787

Tom (32) seeks male. Interests – leather, jeans. Photo appreciated. Box 788

Sportsmen, Skinheads, and Leatherboys required to pose for photographer. Replies with photos answered first. Box 789

Somerset (Yeovil) gay, 43, welcomes all active genuine men over 21 to his flat. Letters answered. Phone being installed. Box 790

Young Guy (24), good looking, seeks genuine and intimate friendship with attractive, intelligent guy aged 21-24. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 795

Young Man, 29, wearing tight jeans and leather jacket wants to meet other young jeans fans, who are over 21. Photo essential. London area. Box 791

Versatile forty group Londoner seeks friend for practicing New Year resolution with, plenty of refresher courses to keep in practice. Box 792

Can any acitve gay offer horse riding facilities to single male at times, mainly holidays but according to distance. Willing to be useful Welch Border. Box 793

London, 28 yrs old, masculine, muscular, good looking guy 6ft, own business, house, car, etc, would like to contact Oriental boy aged 21-28 for steady affair, could assist with studies or employment. Box 794

Gay Scot 40’s, active, smart, clean, sincere, lonely in London. Own home. Seeks genuine good natured chap (Scots welcome) anywhere, who is aching for reliable, permanent, loving relationship, aged 21-45. Write fully. Photo appreciated and returned with mine. Box 796

Gay Young Artist, 24 long hair, living in London, warm, kind and passive, likes music etc, seeks friends. Photo please if any, all letters answered. Box 797

New Zealand Guy, 24, widely travelled, recent arrival in UK, seeks friends (preferably coloured or latin) in London/anywhere. Photo not important. ALA. Box 798

Young Northern Male 29, slim, good appearance. Interests – theatre, music, seeks active friend for sincere, lasting relationship, aged 30-40. Photo appreciated, returnable. All replies answered. Box 799

EXECUTIVE, 34, TRANSFERED TO LONDON SHORTLY seeks young social contacts, any race, maybe roommate. I’m masculine, young looking & thinking & can afford a few of the nicer things in life. Sincere only. Photo helps, will be returned Let’s correspond! MAX.PO Box 26017. Los Angeles 90026, USA.

Young Coloured Male, sincere, tall, slim, seeks tall, active friend, blond, for permanent friendship. Photo (returned), read advert carefully. Box 807

Needy Student (music especially) required as poseur. Fares and fee paid. Skin colour, hair length, face fungus unimportant but cleanliness, keeness and need essential. Send full details (photo if possible). Box 808

Isolated? Perhaps Confused? Information and advice on homosexuality. Why not talk things over informally with us or write about your problems? Confidence assured. Midland Region. Box 809

If you get your pleasure when wearing wellies, or wear them in every day work. Details in conf idence to Box 810

Tall actor, just 28, slim, talented and going places, seeks lively, young, passive friend(s) in London. Will reply to all who send photos. Box 811

Guy, 28, would like to hear from others (Lancs area). Box 812

Young very keen bodybuilder interested: meeting, corresponding with similar enthusiasts – any age/ finding keen training partner – Box 813

Active gay early 50’s – young looking and slim seeks passive friend similar age for companionship. London SW area – have car and own flat. ALA. Box 814

Happy 100th Birthday – Adolph Zukor, from all at Gay News.

Personal, Accommodation, Employment and Classified Ads are continued On Page 14. (’Cause we have more personal ads than we have ever had before.)

COMMERCIAL ADS. 5p a word. No Box Number service Available.
NON COMMERCIAL ADS. 2p a word. Box Numbers 30p.
PERSONAL ADS. 2p.a word. Box Numbers 50p. (Owing to lack of space, we ask users of the Personal Ads to try and not use more than 30 words.)
SEMI DISPLAY (Boxed Classified)
£1.50 extra.
All information listings are free.
All Ads must be prepaid.

Display Ad Rates

Prices quoted on request.

Here We Are Again

Most people are superstitious to a certain extent, and we at Gay News are no exception. With the publication date of this edition falling on the 13th December, and the last issue of GN being the twelfth, we decided not to tempt fate and have left the number off the front cover. The mistletoe that takes its place is a fair exchange we think and we hope that you all take advantage of it.

As we mentioned before, this will be the only edition of GN to appear this month. Our second publication date would have fallen in the middle of the Christmas holidays and as that wouldn’t have been much use to anybody, we are taking a holiday along with the rest of you. Consequently Gay News No 14 will be out on the 10th January, 1973.

We have tried our best to make the Monster Christmas issue as entertaining as possible and hope that it fits in well with the time of year. At first producing a Yuletide Edition of a gay newspaper seemed a fairly difficult task, but after a fair amount of discussion and planning the issue began to take shape. And what you are holding is the result. A special thanks to all the people who sent us suggestions.

Personal Ads

We have tried not to be too serious in this GN, but there is one particular problem we have to tell you about. And also explain our present course of action.

As you all must know, gay personal ads are illegal. Male homosexuals are allowed to make love in private if they are over twenty-one, women if over sixteen, but we are not allowed to encourage people to get together. And as far as we can ascertain, this goes for gay women too. This results in the ridiculous state of affairs whereby a very large section of the population is discriminated against because of their sexual preferences. And to advertise for companions or friends is, in the eyes of the law, akin to prostitution.

That, in our opinion, is a disgusting slander against gay people, but at present we are powerless to do anything about it. Gay News tries to at least ignore these archaic laws, by running a personal ads page (illegal page) but it could eventually result in us being prosecuted. This we are prepared to be, if necessary, although we would prefer not to be, as it could seriously interfere with the publication of Gay News.

So the present position is that we take a chance and hope that it will not be too long before we no longer have to subject ourselves to the possible wrath of the courts. But whilst being prepared to take such risks, we think it somewhat pointless to invite prosecution, so we have asked you not to place ads if you are under twenty-one and male.

We have also stipulated that explicit references to sexual acts or preferences should not appear in our ads.

We of course, don’t care a tinker’s curse what you say, but the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office and similar bodies do. And the best way to avoid unwanted attention from the law, is by keeping the ads as simple as possible, and keeping descriptions of your particular sexual preferences for when you make contact with someone who replies to your ads.

Unfortunately over the last few editions it has become increasingly apparent that many of you are going into detail and that gives possible prosecutors just the excuse they are looking for to bring us to the courts.

The area in which the ads are becoming noticeably more explicit is in the leather/S&M section. So we ask you to tone down your ads or we will have no choice but to tame them down for you.

We hate discrimination as much as we dislike censorship, and hope that any advertisers for people with similar tastes in leather and S&M will not think we are solely clamping down on them. Leather et at people have for far too long been put down by other gays, as have transvestites, transexuals, denim and rubber ‘admirers’ and all the other people who have slightly more adventurous tastes than most of us. This in our eyes is terribly wrong. The struggle of gays for social acceptance, understanding and tolerance is hard enough without discriminating against ourselves.

So will the people who find that they can’t quite say what they want to, or have their ads slightly amended by us, please not think we are adopting the same intolerant attitudes as the others who seemingly are against them. To us you are all gay, your preferences are your affair not ours, but as we have to cut out explicit references to sexual acts or organs, so must we apply such restrictions to S&M and CP enthusiasts.

We know this will not be a popular decision with some of you, but for the sake of Gay News, please bear with us until such times as all gays can say whatever they want in their ads. Incidentally, if we find it impossible to rephrase an ad without losing its entire meaning, we will return it to you so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

Your views and opinions are most welcome on this course of action of ours and we look forward to hearing from you, no matter how strong your criticisms.

Christmas Greetings

The joint editors and members of the editorial collective of Gay News would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers and contributors a very happy Christmas and an eventful New Year. GN would never have survived beyond our first few editions without your help and support, and we gratefully thank you for continually buying the paper, for being constantly critical of our mistakes and errors of judgement and for giving us the type of encouragement that makes it all worth while.

In particular we would like to send greetings and thanks to the following: Carl and the rest of the crew at our printers; Brian Dax and all the other girls and boys at Time Out; Jim Anderson and Felix Dennis plus the rest of the gang at OZ; Roger Hutchinson and the IT crowd; the managers and staff at all the friendly gay pubs and clubs that enable us to sell copies of the paper in their establishments; Graham Chapman and his gorgeous household (responsible for many a hangover); William Hamling MP; our solicitors (especially the lovely Anthony in the criminal department); the gay organisations around the country who have given us considerable support and encouragement; all the shops, newsstands and small distributors who help get GN to you; Mick’s fish and chip shop; all our friends for putting up with us during the last few months; Peter MacMillan for not hesitating to lease us an office; members of CHE, SMG and Antony Grey of the Albany Trust and NFHO for making sure enough people initially heard about us; a very special thanks and lots of love to Sandi, our amazing typesetter, and all the other beautiful people, unfortunately far too numerous to mention by name, who have given so much of their time and energy in helping to make sure Gay News has regularly happened.

Also we send a large helping of love and thanks to all the people who have given financial support to Gay News, no matter whether it was a pound note hastily thrust into the hand of a GN seller at the Coleherne (Earls Court), a cheque that arrived just at the right moment, or a very welcome donation from a gay organisation.

But the biggest kisses and thanks go to our faithful readers and those brave enough to take out a subscription in the early days. To all of you, have a really great Christmas holiday and an amazingly happy New Year. See you all in January.

Illegal page

Love Knoweth No Laws*

Owing to certain-pressures put upon us by the law. we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you. and us. if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.
* Chaucer.

Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS: when replying to a box ad please write the box number on the envelope, and send it to Gay News. 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Box number replies cannot be discussed on the telephone. If you wish to send a stamp with your box. no. reply, please do not attach it to reply.

Kumar Sorry about 2-12-72. Please write again to Box 483

Handsome 6′ guy (23) student based Cambridge/ London (Paddington). Has wide range of interests. Objects to pretentiousness and humourlessness. Seeks likeminded friends. Box 480.

Friend wanted to exchange views and interests. Looks unimportant. Humour and a civilised radical outlook is. I’m interested in history, music, museums, health foods, reading, scrabble, I like rambling in Afghanistan etc. (My height is 5’6″, weight l0st. 6lbs., brown hair, green eyes) My star sign in Aries. Non materialistic, Oxfam dressed, poor, enjoys comfort. Slightly neurotic. ALA. Photographs exchanged and returned. Box 616.

Young painter seeks body builder pal to model. £1.50 Studio Central London. Photo (returned) Box 617.

Alone for Christmas young London guy seeks other well endowed leather/denim guys (21—30) to share Christmas with him in London. Photo essential. Details. Box 618.

Young guy (24) digs soul, seeks same under 25 for sincere friendship. Any race. Photo please (return promised). Box 619.

Gay student 24, interests: French. German.Russian, Camping, hill-walking, CP, leather and denim. Invites all butch chaps to write to him. Box 620.

If you wear big rubber muddy wellies leather jacket and tight jeans then write. Box 621.

Young man 28, needs friends. Gay/straight, would like to hear from anyone interested in genuine friendship. Box 622.

Gay guy 28 currently living in Manchester, bored but not lonely wants more friends, anywhere, to add more interest to life. So drop me a line, please. Box 623.

New Malden straight gay would like to make contacts locally. Box 624.

Gay bachelor, 32, wishes meet gay lads up to 25. Box 625.

Lonely gay guy in mid 40’s from North Leeds area staying Bournemouth for Christmas period. Seeks gay companion, 21 to 40. Box 626.

Young guy, 21, new to London scene, resident NW6, loves movies theatre and Bowie. Seeks nice young fella of similar age for sincere lasting friendship, maybe share flat? Box 627.

Well educated, randy, 24, needs similar to guide me around London gay scene, Jan 15-21st ’73. I’m well-travelled, sense of humour. Interests: cinema, theatre, photography, etc. Genuine replies only. ALA. Box 628.
Will the person who placed ad with Box No 628 please contact Gay News as soon as possible.

To Box 359 GN9: Guss really does wish to correspond.

Young well built versatile guy (mid 20’s) with own flat seeks other well built young guys around London. Levis denim skinhead leather. ALA with photos. Box 629

Dark slim company director, 38, Croydon, car, reliable, affectionate, seeks someone any age under 23 for permanent unselfish relationship. Future flat share possible. Box 630.

Gay girl (20) seeks sincere feminine girl (20-30) in London or the South-east, for genuine relationship. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 631.

Sincere active male, smart mid-40’s seeks friendship younger gay chap anywhere for lasting affair. Usual interests, non-kinky, must be genuine, own home, London. Discretion assured. Details, photo please. Box 632.

Lonely London guy, 45. seeks genuine reliable companion for lasting and loving relationship. 30-45, not camp please. Would consider partnership hotel or antiques anywhere. ALA. Box 633.

Young man (29) own house in London wants to meet others up to 26 who will be alone over Christmas. Write fully (all answered) Box 634.

Active male 29 (TV director) own house, car, London wants to meet ordinary working boy looking for permanent relationship. Prefer petite type up to mid 20’s. Background/looks unimportant, as is shyness and inexperience. Box 634.

Manchester. Lonely bachelor 48 seeks sincere and genuine male companion for lasting friendship. Between 21-30. Photograph appreciated. Box 635.

Gay businessman (39) generous disposition, wishes to meet young guys for mutual pleasure, preferably Bournemouth/Southampton area but not essential. I have own flat and car. Box 651.

Young man (26) seeks friends in South-west especially or elsewhere. Box 636.

Londoner, 23, discreetly gay guy, warm and gentle, with some artistic interests. Also music, reading, sailing, travel, talking, needs similar friend to share happiness in evenings and weekends. Photo. Box 638.

A friend sought to share and explore the music and countryside of pastoral England. Impossible really? 25-35 age group. Box 639.

East Londoner (27) wishes to meet and visit gay males of similar or younger age group for mutual pleasure. Letters with photo answered. Box 640.

Male (30) wants some tough and active friends with a view to worldwide trek. Box 641.

Gay man, 40, wishes to meet same. 21-25 Oxford area. I also have London flat. Box 642.

Shy male (39) own flat SW15 seeks friend for love and companionship. ALA. Box 643.

Attractive London guy 25, interested in fashion modelling, photography etc. Seeks friends, own pad. Box 644.

Male (40) seeks pen-friends, 21-30 years of age, any nationalities. Write C. Borg, c/o 27, Cospicua Road. Pawla, Malta G-C.

Happy Birthday to John on 17th December and Fred on 12th December. Derek.

Happy Birthday to PF on 11th Dec from your little English Dutch boy.

Male 23, adaptable, living in North London, capable of sharing wide interests, seeks similar of about same age for permanent friendship. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box 645.

Goodlooking but lonely and shy, 27, South London masculine gay guy. I’m looking for that elusive lasting relationship. If the face fits, you’ll be hearing from me. All letters answered. Box 646.

Bachelor, gay, 37, English, 5’10” medium build, passive. North London, not obvious or fabulously handsome but absolutely genuine, seeks genuine friend 30-45 approx, loyal, looks secondary to above qualities. Eventually seek share flat. Box 647.

Amateur photographer would like to hear from handsome young males willing to model. Good fee. Copies of photos. Please send photograph. (London). Box 648.

Gay guy with won pad, and sound financially, but non-driver, seeks gay mate with car in exchange for free accommodation. Age immaterial. Box 649.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all my friends in the Hague. Derek.

London male, young 40, seeks friendship, same age or younger. Personable, interests cinema, theatre, German. Sincere, affectionate, photo if possible. All letters answered. Box 650.

Gay guy (23) tall, slim, educated wide interests seeks understanding friend under 25 for companionship. Photo appreciated. London/Essex/Kent. Box 652.

Gentleman, 50 young, 6’2″ slim, ruggedly handsome seeks goodlooking intelligent, not feminine friend. Interest leather shorts, jeans, for holidays, weekends. Photo please. Box 653.

Hampshire, outdoor type seeks muscle guys for training partners. PC, wrestling, friendship. Interests numerous and varied. Accommodation available. Box 654.

Guy 22 seeks mod friends with own ideas under 23. Box 655.

Active but gentle designer early fifties seeks sincere handsome cultured passive partner 21-30 to share small Kensington house. Long term relationship envisaged. Box 656.

Gay guy, 23, Leicestershire, tall goodlooking except nose busted in accident, seeks loan for nose job, repay over period. Would be grateful. Box 657.

London student, Asian descent, 24, virgin, seeks gentle, non-hairy active gay, mature outlook for friendship and initiation. Photo preferred. Box 658.

Devotee ancient religions phallic worship and cult worshipping sheer penial size, now temporarily abroad, wants like-minded pen-friends. Please use air-letter form. Box 659.

Young man (24) goodlooking disciplinarian, seeks London friends up to 22, wearing athletic or soccer gear. Recent photo essential. Genuine. Tony, Box 660.

Slim 32, love to meet active black friend who appreciates serious music and is radical. Box 661.

Help! Information wanted. Where can I obtain gay books, magazines, photos etc. in London or by post, at reasonable prices? And where are the pubs, clubs and restaurants? Box 662.

Gay male 26 nice looking (not effeminate) seeks sincere active male any age. Photo appreciated All letters answered. Box 663.

Young gay guy — young enough to be admired, old enough to be wise, offered holiday/weekend space, modern flat in gay area. Permanent stay if mutual. Details. Photo for reply. Box 664.

Active companion to share expenses, London to S W France by Aston Martin car to naturist beach mid-June 1973. 2-3 weeks and back to London. Staying small hotel. Box 665.

Guy, 26, non-effeminate, co-operative, versatile, eager to learn new things, seeks friends who can appreciate and utilise these qualities. Box 668.

Wanted. Smart, educated young man share home. Active, theatre, preferably car. Good employment record, financially stable, modern, 30s. Wide interests, own business. Box 666.

Visitors required Christmas. Share expenses. Box 667.

Co Director 25 wants muscle boy for wrestling boxing into tight jeans. Photo for mine. London Box 680

(S.E.) Guy 27, goodlooking, quiet, wishes to meet same, or younger, for friendship. Photo appreciated. Box 681

35-Year-Old tall, slim American guy just arrived London, wants to meet masc. gays in London. Varied interests. Box 682

Young Man wants to meet similar 21-25 age group. Interested in classical music, travel and is active athletic type in Hampshire – London area. Photo’s please. Box 683

Frenchman, 29, would like to meet well built guys. Any race welcome. Box 684

Active Guy, Blonde, 6’1″, aged 32, seeks younger passive non camp genuine friends. All letters answered. Box 685

Australian 22 seeks friendship under 25. Send photo to Raymond Smith, c/o Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 48 Aldwych, London WC2.

Demanding Male, 46, seeks passive partner. Must be willing to accept all forms of discipline and training. Box 687

Good Looking Male, versatile 24 yr old, seeks attractive under 30, to share house (SW6) and expenses. Photo essential (returnable). Telephone number if possible. Box 688

“Are You Mr Right”, start the new year off with a bang. Are you between 22-26, under 5’11”, no beards, passive, slim, preferably blonde, and appreciate a 36 year old butch city gent, own flat, hobbies sport, theatre, good food/drink. Recent photo essential and Tel.No. in reply. ALA. Box 689

London. I am a young gay guy (24), tall, slim, goodlooking, long-hair and happy. I would like to meet similar guy for friendship. Write with photo. Box 690

Passive young looking mid forties seeks genuine active friend 30-45 yrs. All letters answered. Box 691

Chris, 24, seeks gay active friends 21-45 anywhere (especially Herts) for loving/uninhibited relationship. Interests – sport, cinema, leather, mildly masochistic. ALA. Box 693

Slim Guy, 30, interested music, opera also enjoys manual work, seeks non-effeminate friends, 21-35, London. Box 694 Guy 38 wishes to meet active friends. Box 695

Two Guys 27/38 wish to widen their circle of friends. Box 696

Live In The U.S.A. ! Executive, 35. masculine, needs companion-assistant. Under 30. slim, presentable. Race education & social background unimportant if sincere adaptable, reliable, warm. Some world-wide travel involved. Modest pay and all found. Interview London before Xmas. Send full personal info and photo (returnable) in confidence, airmail to: Boxholder, P.O.Box 20621, Los Angeles 90006, USA.

Lonely Persian 23, wishes to meet an executive type gentleman (active, masculine) of age between 40-52 for sincere friendship. I am masculine, adaptable, loyal, possess hairy body and overfilled with oriental passion for love —’hence a natural masseur. Photo if possible (returned). Genuine and understanding person please. London, USA, Canada or anywhere. Likes travelling. Could also have help in business etc. required. Box 583

Guy 23 likes coloured people! Good looking active musical non-pinstriped civil servant seeks soulmate. Age, looks less important than sincerity. Send photo, phone number if possible. Box 698

Bachelor late 40’s, 5’4″, good appearance, seeks sincere and lasting friendship; “very shy”, inexperienced; tired of being alone; needs to be loved. Seeks younger companion. Photo returnable with mine. Box 699

Dave and Jim (22) seek friends in Chatham area. Similar age or younger. Box 700

EXECUTIVE. 34. TRANSFERED TO LONDON SHORTLY seeks young social contacts, any race, maybe roommate. I’m masculine, young looking & thinking & can afford a few of the nicer things m life. Sincere only. Photo helps, will be returned. Let’S correspond! MAX.PO Box 2fc017. Los Angelas 90026. USA

Bachelor, 55, passive, seeks kind, active, masculine companion of same age group, own home for sincere, lasting friendship, Leicester area. Box 701

Northerner in Brighton has vacancy for young man requiring discipline. Box 702


3rd gay guy, 20’s to share flat off Richmond Hill with teachers. £6.75. Box 637.

Room available Peckham £6 would reduce for a few hours domestic work – also young Xmas companion wanted.01 732 6724

Pile of straw or other accommodation sought by friendly, non-effeminate male. 26. Box 668.

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01-402 7805 or write to: 19 London Street. London W2 1HL.

Wanted. Discreet male or female for pleasant Battersea bedsit. £7.50 pw (to include heating and electricity) Phone 223 0758.

Crash pad offered to gay guys under 25 years. No cargos please. Assistance given to those who are in need. Phone 01-691 0733.

Young gay girl would like to share flat in London with others. Contact Sandy, 6 Solent Close, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

Rooms to let Peckham. Also friends wanted. Any nationality. Phone 01-732 6724. Paul aged 32.

Gay flat mate to share luxury flat. Own room. Colour television. No restrictions, all facilities. Phone after 8 pm 349 9988. Garage available if requd.

Double room £8. Single room £4. Also a flat at reasonable rent. West London. Box 671.

Accommodation Ads continued on next page.

Illegal page

Love Knoweth No Laws*

Owing to certain-pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you, and us, if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

* Chaucer.

Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS: when replying to a box ad please write the box number on the envelope, and send it to Gay News, 19 London Street, London W2 1HL. Box number replies cannot be discussed on the telephone. If you wish to send a stamp with your box. no. reply, please do not attach it to reply.

Will the person who placed box no 156 please send us your address so we can send you your replies.

Will the people who placed ads box nos 159, 160, 198, 248, 331, 334 please collect their mail from the Gay News office, these replies will not be kept much longer.

After the 6th December, Box nos between 150 and 300 will be invalid unless you can send us a further 50p to cover handling and postage.

Shy lonely gay guy 22, seeks companion for friendship, same age group. (Northumberland Durham area) Box 594.

Muscular, well-endowed guy (33) give and take, would like to meet real hairy guys 25-40, Manchester-Cheshire area. Transport would help, gorillas welcome. Box 593.

Slim guy, 40, wants to meet boys interested in leather. Ex-bike owner. No freaks. Box 592.

Semi-retired bachelor, very fit, CHE member would like to join genuine active man for Xmas as P.G. Box 591.

Col – Please contact Brian who also has disability problem. Box 589

Bike owning leather guy seeks similar companions. Somerset area. Box 590.

Young strong active soccer player 23, urgently needs used football shorts and gear. Also strict trainer. Box 582.

Healthy lanky guy, 29, with own London accommodation seeks uninhibited slim hirsute type interested in leather etc. Immediate answer with phone no. to reply including photo for exchange. Box 581.

Young man, London, hoping to buy country retreat during next year wishes contact other(s) interested country weekends and willing drive reasonable distance. Box 580.

Young man, good appearance, physique, considerate, seeks similar, 21—40, London area. Lasting friendship, sincere. Please send photo (returned with mine). Box 579

Active lover of leather, denim shorts, 30, seeks non camp friends for imaginative sessions, central London. Photo please. Box 578

Gentle looking versatile guy (24) likes finer things in life, seeks similar — view to flatshare (central London) and sincere relationship. Photo appreciated. Box 576.

Lonely, 25, non-effeminate, slim, easy going seeks similar young man anywhere with view to sharing life together, photo not essesntial, sincerity more important. A.L.A. Box 574.

Gay active nice-looking male, 35, wants sincere partner younger. I can travel and accommodate. Photo please, returned with mine A.L.A. Box 575.

Young guy (23) – London, mildly masochistic, seeks friends under thirty. Photo preferred. Box 554.

In Berlin December 17th—19th? I’d like to meet you there. Any information on East/West gay scene welcome. Box 553.

Free Christmas with a family in London area is offered to a boy who would otherwise be on his own. Details to Box 552.

Masochist young lady seeks beautiful and intelligent master/mistress. Box 555.

Young man, strict disciplinarian, has vacancies for pupils interested in correction with rubber, leather and C.P. Box 556.

Coloured (34) wishes to make friends, any race, interests varied. Box 557.

Attractive, intelligent, balanced chap, 29, lives London, would like to meet someone mature under 35 for hopefully lasting relationship. Photo please. ALA. Box 558

Help. Must be someone London area about 39, looking for permanent companionship, not effeminate, preferably someone in travel business as I am. Advertiser slim, quiet, likes countryside, music, cinema, theatres. Box 559

Tall slim goodlooking student 22 wishes to meet kind man (up to 40) for genuine friendship. Write BM Box 1030 London WC1

Attractive gay male, 23, with London address seeks young person for genuine relationship. Send photo | age and interests. Box 561

Paul, 22, good looking, long haired, seeks similar boy, about same age, for sincere friendship. London area. Interests: cinema, theatre, Motown. Please send photo. Box 562

Ex Londoner 23 and slowly dying of lonely boredom in Medway, Kent. Please help revive me. Photo if you wish, but it’s your personality and what you are that matters. Box 563.

Attractive 6′ guy (27, bisexual) seeks intelligent friends, male and female, for non-exploitative relationship. Box 564.

Any young soul, Northern Disco, Tamla freaks. I’m 21, long-haired, and into most things. Box 565.

Young man (26) interested in body-building seeks friends. Box 566.

Bachelor, 40, turned on by guys with hairy chests, legs, stomachs, faces, etc. would like to meet others 21-45 for friendship and other pleasures. London area, photo appreciated. Box 567

Bachelor, late 30s, interested theatre, cinema, writing, music, vintage railways would like to meet others 25—45 for friendship etc anywhere in London, photo appreciated. Box 568

Asian student (20’s) in London would like to meet someone for lasting friendship. ALA. Box 569

Bachelor, 60, gay active, good humoured, retired, seeks friendship with similar or younger man. East Kent. ALA. Box 570.

Would any intelligent, good-looking, nicely-dressed gay young man like to spend a weekend with me (friendly but serious graduate, 26) in London flat? Own room. Photo appreciated. Box 571.

Chinese? I’m 27, fair, good looking, friendly, noncamp, with London house, car etc, and would like a loving relationship with a Chinese boy. Box 538

Gay boy, 24, wishes to contact other gay boy living in Romsey, Southampton area. Sharing weekends in London and Southampton. Photographs please. Box 539

Platonic friend needed. I am lonely, would like someone who likes going to pubs, clubs etc. Would be a help to have car. I am 26 and honest. Please help. Box 540.

Two attractive young men, preferably an affair, wanted by young doctor involved in sexual research must be broadminded. Box 541.

Artist 21 needs love and companions. All letters answered. Box 542.

Girl companion, holiday America. Interests, Elvis, drinking etc. Miss Pan, 535 Church Road, Yardley, Birmingham 33..

Wanted: second-hand beaten-up faded (not bleached) Levi jacket, 38″ chest. Box 543

Leather guy (30) seeks others with black leather gear (21—35) approx. for mutual enjoyment. Photo appreciated. West London—Middlesex area. No S&M. Box 550.

Goodlooking gay, 25, masculine, wonders if there are any GN readers 21—30 less plastic than those who frequent London bars. Photos please. ALA. Box 551

West-Indian male, attractive, tired of insincere men, seeks gay butch tall guardsman, pop-singer stockbroker, actor, C/director/others for permanent discreet friendship. Photos. Genuine replies please. Box 573

Graduate male (25) seeks sincere friend age 22—28, preferably slim and fair, living in Nottingham area or for weekends in London. Interests – art, music, theatre, travel. Genuine request. Photo please. Box 549

Handsome, non-camp guy 29, seeks masculine mate, 25-45. Photo appreciated. All letters answered. Box 548

Gay guy seeks kindred spirit Birmingham or London area for weekend meetings and Ibiza summer holiday. Ideally about 21, usual interests, swimming, not effeminate. All replies answered. Details and photo to Box 547.

Under 27? Slim? Not camp? Like wearing soccer gear? (Mine) Ready for CP? Photo. Box 603

Gay guy 29, tall 5′ 11″ slim, passive. Seeks active guy for genuine friendship. I’m not effeminate. Photo appreciated — returnable. Box 605

Gay American guy, 22, dark, 5’11%”, 165lbs, student in W5. Seeks discreet goodlooking guy to 28 for lasting relationship. All sincere replies answered. Photo please. Box 606.

Lonely over Christmas? Then share mine and festivities, wonderful time assured, near Medway towns. Photo please. ALA. Box 607.

Farm worker, 32 Downham South London prefers straight side of life. Looking for male friend under 36. Also understanding girl for parties and dancing. Box 608.

Gibraltarian, 29, dark, well built. Just arrived England, living in hostal, would like to meet interesting person with view to sharing flat. Although active, can be passive. Brian. All letters answered. Box 609.

Are you 25-32 and passive? Are you tired of being alone, tired of trolling? I’m a professional man of 33, gay, but masculine in outlook. Have flat in West London and car. If you are looking for a permanent relationship and security, please write with photo to Box 610.

I work evenings, free daytime/Sundays. Would like to meet slim, clean guy (21-30) for regular relationship. London area. I’m 38, slim athletic body, amiable, own flat, sports car, simple lifestyle. Exchange photos. Box 611.

London gay guy (25) tired of trolling looks for meaningful relationship with similar: intelligent, liking cinema, music, literature, also politically conscious and radical. Box 612.

Soul mate wanted by 28-year-old, sincere, lonely London guy. I am masculine (could become versatile for the right guy) good-looking and interested in football, music and having fun. Straight looking/ Butch types aged 21/30 preferred. Please include photo. ALA. Mike Box 601.

Shy, lonely discreet man (38) anxious to meet others, same age or younger, with view to permanent friendship. Dislike camp. Photo appreciated. ALA Box 602

Bored at Christmas? A drink and chat with friendly Londoners (Ilford area) may enliven the holiday. Box 588

Birmingham motor-cyclist would like to contact others in Midlands, or wider areas. Not afraid to travel. Box 545.

Shame when a young dolly man of 45 has to live alone in Westcliff-on-sea, for reasons of being fastidious, sincere nad passive. Can anyone remedy? Box 544

Does any athletic type want to meet a quiet, reasonably intelligent gay who also swims and trains with weights? Box 537

Gay, non-camp guy 29, slim, 5’11”, dark hair, seeks active male for genuine friendship. Please send photo (returned with mine) all letters answered. John. Box 536.

Taurus, 30, invites photo returned with his, from slim, circumcised Londoner under 25. Box 535.

Ambitious Indian Gay 29, own home and car seeks someone sincere who would help with business ventures and enjoy good life with me. Photo appreciated — Permanent, Sussex. Box 534.

Student, 21, Liverpool-Cheshire area, would like to meet attractive young boy for genuine friendship. Sense of humour essential. Photo please. Box 533

East Sussex guy 29, seeks versatile mates up to 32. No fatties. Can accommodate weekends. Recent photo please and phone number if poss. Box 532

Londoner, 27, wishes to meet young denim/leather types for friendship etc, own flat. Need turning on. Photo welcomed. Box 531.

Gay girl (25) seeks sincere feminine girl (under 5′) in Portsmouth area. Photo appreciated and returned. Box 530.

Young man 25 wishes to meet Turkish, Persian or Arab in London area. You won’t regret it. Box 529.

Two Yorkshire young gay guys would like to meet singles or another two guys for mutual pleasure. Photos appreciated. Box 528.

Young attractive guy (24) seeks same or younger for friendship. Please write with photo. Sincere, happy, honest! Box 527

Bachelor late 40s, height 5’4″, good appearance, seeks sincere lasting friendship, very shy, inexperienced. E. London area. Seeks younger companion. Photo returnable with mine. Box 526.

Alone this Christmas? Gay guy willing share simple festivities with one or two similar loners at his secluded Welsh cottage. Write box 525.

Bachelor 32, requires companions for car touring holiday 2/3 weeks Tunisia or Morocco next year. Also pen pals – Peter Huntington, 19 Newport Court, Leicester Square, London WC2.

38, passive, tall, slim, living Yorkshire, own house, seeks hirsute active view to life together. ALA. Tired of being alone. Box 524.

Youth, 23, wants contact with others under 25. (skinheads, smoothies, etc) Photo please, box 523.

Lonely Persian 23, wishes to meet an executive type gentleman (active, masculine) of age between 40-52 for sincere friendship. I am masculine, adaptable, loyal, possess hairy body and overfilled with oriental passion for love — hence a natural masseur. Photo if possible (returned). Genuine and understanding person please. London or anywhe anywhere. ALA. Box 583

For sale, seventeen copies of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. Offers to — Raymond Bray — Wrangle House, Wrangle, Boston, Lincolnshire.

Male graduate (23) seeks similar aged multi-racial versatile communal gatherings. Box 584.

Seeking boyish featured slim male needing true love, home and happiness with a gentle, generous, understanding guy of very slim, youthful shapely figure. Box 585.

Free Holiday accommodation in modern sea-front flat (90 minutes London) offered one or two young males wanting to do their own thing. No conditions or restrictions. Photo (returnable) essential. Advertiser, 46. Box 586

Young looking 50 year old bachelor (new to the scene) living 30 miles NW London dreads thought of Xmas alone. Would welcome advice or suggestions from gay friends. Age or race unimportant. I am smart, quiet, country lover. Own car and home, but very shy. Telephone number if possible. Box 587.

25-year-old Edinburgh guy needs a friend to share music and other interests with. Please be kind, good-humoured and genuine. Write very soon to Tony Parry, 21 Robert Smillie Avenue, Mayfield nr. Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland.

Slim gay TV would like to meet or correspond with similar or anyone who is interested. Likes indoor photography, photo please, if poss. for mine. Box 546

Executive, 44, personable, active but inhibited, nothing to brag about, tastes literary, domestic, needs intelligent, understanding, completely faithful, resident partner in steady work. Detached house, dull suburb ½ hour tube to Oxford Circus. Reasonable, share expenses, negotiable. No orgies, no oncers etc. Good home for right person. Box 500.

Live In The U.S.A. ! Executive, 35, masculine, needs companion-assistant. Under 30, slim, presentable.Race education & social background unimportant if sincere adaptable, reliable, warm. Some world-wide travel involved. Modest pay and all found. Interview London before Xmas. Send full personal info and photo (returnable) in confidence, airmail to: Boxholder, P.O.Box 20621, Los Angeles 90006, USA.

Non British Male, 26, Tall, slim, dark, curly hair, brown eyed, masculine type, speaks French, English, Hebrew, seeks genuine relationship. ALA. Box 435

EXECUTIVE, 34. TRANSFERED TO LONDON SHORTLY seeks young social contacts, any race, maybe roommate. I’m masculine, young looking & thinking & can afford a few of the nicer things m life. Sincere only. Photo helps, will be returned. Let’s correspond! MAX, PO Box 26017, Los Angeles 90026. USA.

Cornwall. Young 40 wishes to meet other males 21-40. Keen water sports, wide interests. Box 491


Coloured man (34) needs accommodation, will consider sharing. Box 557

Gay executive, 30, seeks someone to part-share flat. Must be normal looking, quiet and cultured. Prefer piano player to play duets. Close to Islington. Box 596

Graduate 23, teaching in NW1 seeks civilised room £5—6 urgently. Box 597

Guy, 21, would like to share flat with one other same age or younger. Box 598

Slim gay male (22) seeks to share flat/room with young gay male. London/Midlands. Offers please to Box 599

Gay News typesetter (non-gay girl) urgently requires clean, furnished s/c flat or large bedsit in Bayswater-Notting Hill area. Not too expensive please. Ring Sandi 727-1475 (office hours).

Catford London, modern furnished flat available (centrally heated) £48 per month. Also masculine guy (34) offers share of clean flat to similar. Box 604.

OFFICES. Gay News needs offices now. They’ve got to be central, and they’ve got to be cheap. Two rooms, with a phone installed, preferably West End. Contact Gay News at 01-402 7805 or write to: 19 London Street, London W2 1HL.

Gay Guy 26 (Israeli) seeks accommodation in London. Like to share with Guy(s), any age. Box 435

Gay News Newsman urgently seeks room in shared house/flat. About £6 per week. Must be on telephone in inner/West London. Call Peter on 01 402 7805


Gay guy forty group offers his services for house cleaning, washing, ironing, light cooking and decorating also undertaken. In fact all your wants catered for. Very versatile. Write for service, phone no given. ALA Box 613

Bournemouth business man (50) requires young man as companion/help for Christmas/New Year period. Able to cook and speak English. Suit student or similar. Good pay and fare paid. Box 614

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