All Quiet on the Fulham Front

19721001-04FULHAM: More than 350 gays, of all sexes, turned up for the latest in the Gay Liberation Front’s series of dances at Fulham Town Hall — and all was peace and love, instead of the queer-bashing of a few weeks ago.

There were no reports of disturbances either during or after the dance, although the town hall had been the scene of ugly violence some weeks back.

Maurice of Gay Lib’s London office said:

“It was just beautiful – just how we wanted it. There was no hustle at all. Everybody enjoyed themselves and the dance was open to everybody who wanted to come”.

Even if “straights” were allowed in, the majority of the crowd at the peaceful dance were gay. In the words of the Shepherds Bush Gazette – whose prose style will never be equalled – “Wearing all kinds of conventionally outrageous costumes, including long evening dresses and black fishnet body stockings, gay young men danced with one another to the accompaniment of records to suit all tastes.

“Many of the youngsters had travelled in their gay garb on the Underground, but the police said there had been no trouble.

“It seems these gatherings are having their desired effect of dispelling many of the inhibitions that gay people have.”

Right on SBG, welcome to the world.

The next GLF dance is on October 6 at Fulham Town Hall.