Devil Murder

READING: The London Airport murder the press dubbed as a gay killing was said to be the work of an “agent of the devil” at Reading Crown Court when the murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Douglas Geddes, aged 23, a chef from Birmingham, was found guilty of killing Paul Duval (22) whose body was found near Heathrow Airport, London, on July 5.

Geddes and Barry Woodard (28) of Walsall, had both pleaded not guilty to murdering Paul.

When Paul’s body was found the papers said that the area was a well-known trolling ground and intimated that this was just yet another gay murder.

At the time Gay News reported that even Slough Police admitted the gay-tag was rubbish. “As far as we know, only fishermen go there,” a police spokesman told GN.

During his trial, Geddes told the Crown Court jury that he might have stabbed Paul, but he couldn’t remember. “It was the two of us, I can recall it.”

He said that he and Woodard had driven down to Slough with Paul and taken him into a field where they got out of the car.

He said: “Woodard held him and I put the knife into his body once, and a second time.” The Court’s clerk then read the murder charge to him for a second time and he changed his plea to guilty.

Geddes said: “I am nocturnal. I just stay awake during darkness hours and just move about. A few days before this trial I was blessed by a priest and I was a devil worshipper.”

Woodard’s trial proceeds.