The Other Side

The ABZ of Pornography. Edited by Richard Michael, with illustrations by John Kent (creator of ‘Varoomshka’). Published by Panther, 50p.

The first comment I have to make about this book is that it is 10p cheaper than Lord Longford’s thick and wearisome Porn Report. Secondly it’s a good deal more informative about what is said to be pornographic and obscene than Lord L’s effort and is considerably less biased, which is another merit it has over its rival.

Whilst the official Report waffles on endlessly, this book tells you ‘Everything you wanted to know about pornography (but were scared to ask)’, to quote the blurb from the back cover. And writers and editor attempt to shed a little light on this sensitive subject in the only rational way possible – with a little humour. At the same time it answers a lot of questions put by those of you who have been wondering what all the fuss has recently been about, and also provides some historical facts about porn and its rise to fame as the present day moralists need for salvation ‘red herring’.

If the whole overblown issue of porn and its corrupting consequences hasn’t bored you to death yet, and you want the facts without an imposed halo on them, I thoroughly recommend this literary venture that tries to set the record straight without all the righteousness and ‘doom is at hand’ theatricals.

By the way, did you know that Kinsey found ‘one male in twelve seems to have used an animal for sexual gratification at some time…’