Hi Jacker Reveals Himself

04-197208XX 10“SKYJACKED” starring Charlton Heston, Yvette Mimieux, Walter Pidgeon, James Brolin. Screenplay by Stanley R. Greenberg, Directed by John Guillermin. Colour. Panavision, An M.G.M Presentation Distributed by M.G.M. — E.M.I.

“Skyjacked” is a wholly successful attempt to show the hijack of an intercontinental jet, factually, entertainingly and suspensefully. The film works magnificently on all these three levels, from the opening scenes at Los Angeles Airport, where the passengers embarkation is shown with good documentary accuracy, through the early stages of the film as the hijacker reveals himself and his plan, and how the passengers react to the situation; through to thrilling climax after thrilling climax, as the plane is forced to land in impossible weather conditions at an Alaskan airport, before being directed by the hijacker to Moscow, and en route being buzzed by Russian jets. Here as throughout the film John Guillermin’s direction creates genuine tension, and his realistic cross section of characters always behave in very much the way I suppose you or I would.

The aerial scenes are outstanding, and the film even contains several pieces of very subtle humour. I emerged from the cinema, totally satisfied, immersed in the film, excited and entertained.