Littlehampton Urban District Council

04-197208XX 09Dear Mr. Redman,

I have received your letter of the 27th. June last, enclosing the publication you mention, and note your request that a free subscription of the same be sent to the Library for inclusion on the public reading table.

The Committee are, however, of opinion that it would not be suitable and therefore prefer not to accept your offer.

Yours sincerely,

Clerk of the Council

This letter is the reply from the Littlehampton Council with reference to having Gay News at the local library.

This decision was reached by the Library Sub-Committee of the Foreshore and Recreational Committee.

The committee members who gave this decision were: Councillors Mr J. A. Collis, (Con), Mr L. Hutchings, (Con), and Mr R.A. Tilbury, (Lab).

I am now in the process of submiting a request to the County Library Committee at Chichester. Will keep you informed.

A further request has also gone to the same Committee at Arundel. Sussex. (Home of the Earl Marshal of England. Duke of Norfolk!)

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