19720901-09In this world we live in
We have got to give in
To the thoughts and feelings
That we know must be
And it’s not surprising
That we’re realising
In this world of freedom
That we, too, are free

We belong like they do
We’re not wrong – we may do
Things they’ll learn to understand
The reasons for
And our group is growing
They will soon be knowing
That each day our numbers
Build up more and more

The love that once could never speak its name
Will shout about for all the world to hear
The love that once we had to hide away
We will show with pride and build up, year by year
That ‘friend’ we had we can call lover now
The flat we ‘shared’ can now be called a home
The act of sin has let the sunshine in
We are gay and free and we are not alone

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