Advice and Consent

19721001-04GATESHEAD: The town has lost its sex-adviser because he has been sent to prison for admitting having sex with six boys aged between 12 and 14.

Robin Robert Roe, who is a state-registered nurse, had been Gateshead’s health education organiser – or sex adviser, for short.

He was sent to prison for two years for the six charges of indecent assault on boys by Newcastle Crown Court, and Judge Myrella Cohen said: “A certain degree of moral guilt should lie on Gateshead Corporation for employing someone like you in a position of trust with these boys.

“It is a shattering reflection that someone like you, who in 1958 had a conviction for a very serious offence, should have found this particular type of employment.”

Councillor William Collins, chairman of Gateshead’s health committee was the man who headed the selection committee that chose Robin Roe as the town’s sex adviser. He said that Robin had been sacked after the court hearing. Councillor Collins was praised in court for the energy he showed in carrying out his duties.

All six sex offences were committed outside working hours.

Councillor Collins said:“I am horrified that this could have happened, but how could we have known? I don’t have a crystal ball.”

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