Gays in High Places

A Response

Your piece on J. Edgar Hoover in GN No 6, was “reprinted with love”. That seems pretty insulting to any readers except top-drawer lovers protected by wealth, penthouses, friends in high places, and Novaesque conformity. Maybe your readers are mostly like that or wishing they were. Maybe they’re concerned only to clamber over one another’s backsides clear of the exploitation by job-managers, home-managers, school-managers and leisure-managers. Maybe they think that with a few more pushes from CHE and Gay News they can emerge hand in hand with Mr Rite into the sunny world of love and dishes, spiced with bitching and cocktails, oppressed by no-one but themselves.

J. Edgar Hoover, like many other people, politicians, writers, as well as pigs, made a career out of the great American nightmare – reds under the bed – that unholy alliance of evil-doers comprising kidnappers of millionaires’ sons, scientists who sold atom-secrets to the wrong customer this year, diplomats who thawed the cold war, factory militants who hampered the dealing of big corporations and big labour-contracting “trade unions”, teachers and writers who muddied the washed brains of the young, anyone who threatened to cut the bonds of fear and shame by which Hoover and corporate America held their victims. Update the list to your own taste.

Of course Hoover didn’t shit on fags. He didn’t need to as long as everyone else was (and still is) doing it for him. As your article says, communists were “vehement in their persecution of homosexuals”. Hoover could sit there pulling the strings of his protection racket, he himself protected by the brainwash that keeps all that energy fighting itself rather than uniting against the real enemy. Keep the commies shitting on the fags, and the fags on the commies, with little handbooks (separate editions) on how to recognise a trouble-maker. (What do you hear about Gay Lib in the Wardour Street Clubs?) Gay Lib, like Women’s Lib, had its origins in political activists who became aware that the oppression they were fighting was also happening right there inside their own movements. That awareness was a big step forward. The “unholy alliance” was beginning to be transformed from a much-plugged myth into something real and creative.

Hoover “never used his files against a gay brother … never did wrong to a fellow homosexual”! This conjures up the absurd image of thousands of lefties feeling the FBI’s hot breath on their necks, hurriedly building up a dossier for faggotry, and just scraping into sanctuary before the agent’s grope closed.

Our police are very liberal – each has his special friends – XX is a nigger-lover, YY’s for shop-stewards and ZZ has a soft spot for women or gays. Whenever the call of duty conflicts with personal feelings they always swap duties.

So J. Edgar never nailed anyone for homosexuality. That makes him top commissar of all those bosses of our homes, schools and jobs who never let themselves get nailed for nailing a gay. After all if they want to get you there’s usually something else to get you for. What do you think rules are for? So toe the line brother, or fuck off to crawl through the arsehole of some other boss brother. The shade of J. Edgar Hoover is waiting for you.

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