East London Gay Liberation Front

East London GLF was formed a few months ago to try and get something together for gays in East London. We live in a fairly depressed area both in terms of facilities for gays and in terms of facilities for anyone. So far we have found only 3 gay pubs (if you know of more please tell us) and of all the cottages I cruised as a boy/lad less than half remain. We have the problem of getting something together that will give a really human alternative for gays here, that helps with our specific problems, and that also does not so alienate the people of East London that we find total hostility to what we are doing and doing on a minimal budget (unfortunately the David Hockney’s and Graham Chapman’s don’t want to live in Groovy EL, and who can blame them?)

So we came up with the great, nay superb, idea of starting a gay counselling service, run for and by gay people. We have written to all the councils in East London, getting no joy, to try and find a couple of rooms somewhere from which to operate. We intend to offer advice and practical help on health, legal and social/emotional problems. We will be producing a short, cheap, (about 5p) pamphlet on all forms of VD, to destroy some of the myths about it; as well as trying to build an alternative social scene for ourselves. For these things, of course, we need money (any you send we would gratefully receive) but also we need two rooms (very, very cheap rooms) in East London, near a tube station – and support – would you come to a gay dance in East London? If you can help in any of these ways, please contact us – East London GLF, c/o 248 Bethnal Green Road, London E2.

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