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Dear GLF-in-London,

Today 5 September 1972, I HAVE BEEN CHUCKED OUT OF THE ARMY BECAUSE I’M HOMOSEXUAL. They don’t seem to want perverts like me to corrupt their kids. Really, I hardly thought I’d be so brave as to go there and say “Look mates, I’m afraid I’m not fit for your game. I’m Titania, I live in another world. My dwelling is an orchid’s bud and I am attended by elves and imps”.

That happened in the barracks. He said “Right” and wrote abnormal personality on my dossier. Then I was sent to the military hospital, to the neuropsychiatric ward, and a doctor there asked me, “What does this abnormal personality mean, that you sleep with men.” I said “Yes, I do and I like it.”

Thinking of you all has been a tremendously great help to me, thank you very much. You see. I’ve realised that without being with GLF I wouldn’t ever ever ever do it. Now I’ll have to wait for the signed papers, as I told you, in order to have my passport renewed, which I hope won’t take me more than one month altogether and I’ll be able to see you all again, for good. I really love you all…

Ed: Thanks, Tony and GLF for passing this on to us to print. Right on, Titania, and anyone else who’s trying to get themselves out of the army.

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